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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer

March 11, 2010

so this is the real trailer now all of my commets r the same as yesterday except i really do love that this one is longer 🙂

it looks really really good and I like it alot I can’t wait to see it and it is gonna be effing amazing looks like the best summer movie ever we must break some reacords with this opening and yeah once again if u haven’t already make sure u get ur tickets for RM go see it it comes out 2mrw and go again on sat. 🙂

ok so I’m sure u have already seen it by now but who doesn’t want to see it again I haven’t read any comments or thoughts abt it yet so this is just my own personal take on what I saw I love it of course it is awesome Im surprised that it is good for some reason I was under the impression that we had messed up eclipse and it was going to suck but the look of it is amzing it is clear and perfect and maybe DS knew what the hell he was doing so w have 2 lines of  dialogue I know that consequence of the choice u r making and I will fight for u until ur herat stops beating and they both work fine i hadn’t noticed the 1st one when I read the leaked script but i’m sure I like it better than anything i had read in there b/c i was dissapointed and thought that it wasn’t very good I’m glad they revised so the look of it is really nice as I said b4 I really love it honestly i had forgotten how much I loved “forks” it is a beautiful setting truly its been so long I forgot that I love the basic feeling of twilight we’ve been all wraped up in our twi-trinity’s other outside projects that we forgot why the hell we even care abt these ppl other than the fact that we love them dearly and that they have become a part of our lives both the characters and the actors but the point is that they are amazing and eclipse is gonna be even more kick ass lol so I thought that the wig was gonna look horrible but i didn’t even notice it that much it just looks as tho she has been out in the rain and as a forks girl she would have been so it so works and our robward looks amazing and even tho I love our sweet baby tay tay yes I still call him that  even tho he is 18 now like my self  he looks abit lost and yeah he is hott but we’ve seen it all b4 and i’m kinda over him and his act is kinda old the whole bella yada yada I know that is all that eclipse is abt so whatever it just feels like we have seen it b4 but it is eclipse and I’m excited anyway so watch multiple times enjoy and commet

I love the opening shot it is amazing and beautiful and should be our 1st offical poster that we haven’t gotten yet 😦 and I love how kris acts with her eyes she takes my breath away does anyone else notice that edward still doesn’t have his “glow” back he still looks like how he did in NM all deprressed and shit yeah  know he is suposed to be serious but I don’t like my edward unhappy also i love how i had forgotten that I love rob as our edward i’ve seen him so out of character as tyler and art that yeah we love rob as our edward he is perfect they r both so beautiful it just needs to be said also the senery is beyond beautiful 🙂 tay’s acting is good and so is kristens and just watch

posted by_Carlie

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  1. Felix permalink
    March 11, 2010 1:50 am

    Its So Short!!! T_T *Thats What She Said*

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