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Bullets and Black Roses : Chapter 7

April 13, 2010

A/N : I do not own twilight. Yeah, like I need to say that again… Duh! All charecters belong to Stephenie meyer.

Hey guys thanks so much for waiting! As you might not know I’m attending my semester finals at college that’s soaking up all my time. Yeah, that’s what happens when you don’t study on time and leave todays work for tomorrow or rather the nights before the actual tests. So this is the 7th chapter. I had already wrote the whole chapter once before from EPOV but my hard disk crashed L then I started again but couldn’t continue writing so I figured this chapter from EPOV was jinxed or something so I’m giving you both BPOV and EPOV in one. Enjoy reading!

P.S: Thanks to KJate95 for her ideas. Love you girly! and MoonXAngel for her love for B&BR.

P.P.S: Thanks for understanding and sticking with me all this way and putting up with my cliff-hangers. I’m seriously considering changing my Penname to “Her Evil cliffyness” or something like that.


Bullets and Black Roses:

Chapter 7: Coffee black and Egg white


“You’re the displeasing sign that fate had finally fucked me?” I snorted with quiet laughter “How I wish that was true, Edward. Fate had fucked me ages ago you are just another one of fate’s fucking games” I stared out the window, into the tempting emptiness of the dark outside. This man knew nothing about me. Nothing at all. No one knows the truth about me. They don’t know my secrets, my regrets or my indignities. They just believe what they see and what they see is what I reveal. What I want them to see, what I let them see.

“And how is that?” Edward asked, deeply intrigued. I didn’t even bother to look at him, like I needed to discuss my past with a murderer. My To-be Murderer. My past is part of me that will live and die deep within me and decay with my mortal body. And a murderer like Edward Cullen is the last person I’d want to share this part of me with.

“That’s personal” I voiced coldly.

“I see” He once again had this ‘I agree with everything you’ve just said and I hope you will grant them as my own feelings’ tone. I wish I could tell him how this ‘courteous and considerate’ façade of his irritated me to no bounds. By keeping this fucking refined behavior on display he was making it really hard for me to grasp the depth of this great ‘Fucked up on another whole level’ situation I was currently in. I wanted to yell “You are a bloody murderer so just act like one, why don’t you?!?” but I calmed myself, thinking of what he had stored for me ahead.

“You see nothing. You are blinded by your own …” I wanted to say he was too short-sighted because of his need to please himself but I decided against it. It wasn’t worth it to get slapped by him or something again. “Never mind” I muttered darkly.

“No, go on please. Tell me…My own what?” His green eyes bored into mine again and I darted my gaze away swiftly, under the pretense of brushing a loose strand of hair off my face. God! Is he for real! Why my stupid heart does a vehement summersault every time he looks down at me like that was so above and beyond me at the moment. It just didn’t make any sense! Did I like him looking at me like that… this was getting absurd past words “Nothing. I said ‘Never mind’, didn’t I?” I turned my head and kept looking out the window; something told me having him dissect me visually wasn’t going to help my case much. I really wanted get this whole thing over with as soon as possible. Just another few hours, or another few minutes if I get lucky.

Every time I think about that night makes me feel like chilled water is rising in my chest, cutting my insides. Every time I hear a woman scream… I find myself back in that room again.

And then the scene changed abruptly and I was standing in the corridor of forks hospital. A doctor came out taking his gloves off; putting on his sad, sympathetic face that he reserved for his patient’s family or loved there’s a bad news. Yeah right like it actually mattered to them who lived or died as long as they get to go home at nights and come back to find a piping hot cup of fresh coffee at work next morning.

“We are sorry Mr. Swan. We tried our best but it was too late. She is with us no more” I had to grip the doorframe to keep myself from falling and Charlie… well Charlie went immobile as a stone sculpture.

And then another change of scene and I was standing back inside our house facing a Charlie who was maddened with grief…

“What did you do to her! You killed her…

You killed her…

It’s entirely your fault! She died because of you! You killed her!”

“Dad I’m sorry. I couldn’t do anything to help her. I wish I were dead”

“Me too” Charlie had said in a hollow and dead sort of voice. His emotionless statement sounded so much worse than a heated fight. And since that day, I didn’t really want to live anymore. It didn’t really matter if I had lived or died. It didn’t. So now, Edward Cullen can make it happen. Fate had sent him to me so that I can ditch the mundane independence that life offers us and finally embrace the true freedom that only god can provide.

And now I can’t believe this is actually happening to me. I am going to cross over to the other side-the better side- tonight. All these years I wanted to finish myself off but I just wasn’t brave enough to try and commit suicide. But I have thought about it many times, Hell! I still think about it everyday, everynight. I think about why it hadn’t been me instead of my mother. Now I can finally see her again soon. Too soon maybe. I’m sure she would have wanted me to live and cherish life for a bit longer than just nineteen insufferable years but that’s the beauty of this whole ‘fuck up’ and because this is a ‘Fuck up’, I didn’t have to plan it. Fate had prearranged this for me.

Edward kept driving silently. I looked up at him and he opened his mouth to say something but snapped it shut, darting his eyes back to the road again. Grrr! I hate him!

“What?” I snapped.

“Nothing” said Edward. He tried to concentrate on driving again but I could tell he was tense. He was gripping the steering wheel so firmly, his knuckles were turning white.

“Do you want to say something, Cullen?”

“No, I figured I wanted to but I just realized that would be too personal” He said thoughtfully and turned his head to smile crookedly. Oh so this is how he’s going to play? Pulling on the “Personal” string, get something fucking original!

“Being scratched by my own cat, Am I? Fucking funny” I scathed back.

“Am I supposed to be the ‘Cat’ in this scenario?” Edward laughed despite himself.

“Not if you don’t want to be. You can be my ‘Bitch’, bitch” I guess, I’d like that. Making a devastatingly handsome man like him my Bitch. But judging by the sudden feral look on his face, Edward didn’t like that concept very much. He looked ready to strangle me again.

“Just shut up Bella, just… please” he half warned-half pleaded, critically exasperated. “I would have liked you so much better if you were born mute” he pursed his lips.

“Like me better? So, how much do you like me now, exactly?” I tried to sound deeply annoyed and mocking but the slight hint of anticipation in my voice almost gave me away. And I had a mad urge to hear him admit that he did actually like me to some extent, no matter how small.

“I told you before not to test my patience Isabella, I’m not good at being tolerant. So please for the love of god! Would you just shut the fuck up?”

“I shall not!” I screamed. “Let me….” I was interrupted by a cellphone that started to buzz fiercely in the glove compartment. I quickly pulled it open and took my slim scarlet cellphone out and saw Alice’s name flashing on the screen. Of course, it is Alice. The fact that she didn’t manage to hunt me down by now was an unbelievable miracle by itself. I was contemplating either or not to answer but Edwards’s hands were faster than my mind. He snatched the cell away from my hand.

“You are not answering anybody’s call tonight. Sorry Bella” my phone still kept buzzing.

“But, it’s my friend Alice. I was supposed to meet her tonight. She never showed up. I need to talk to her. You know, to check if she is all right” I made up my mind. I would talk to her, If I don’t get to say a proper goodbye than the least I can do for her is to comfort her for the last time in my life. Her life could have been so much easier and she would have been so less anxious all this time if I wasn’t in it. Seriously, when I think about it, I never had been more than just a troublemaker, just a fucking pain in the ass.

“Yeah, like I’m buying that bullshit. I let you answer it and you tell her to call 911! Am I supposed to believe that you are concerned about your friend but not your own death?” He smiled grimly.

“Just give me the fucking phone, Edward!” I aimed for it but he pressed the reject button and I missed his hand.

“NO” his tone was firm and cold.

“You asshole! What do you want from me? I’m already letting you take me, aren’t I? What more do you want?” no sooner had I finished my sentence my cell started to vibrate in his hand again.

“Give it to me!” I tried to take it from him but he shifted it to his other hand-“NO!” – Edward stuck my phone out of the window- “Sorry Bella. I can’t let you. I’m going to have to dispose it now”

“NOO! Just let me talk to Alice first. I swear, I won’t tell her anything about you… or where I am …Just let me talk to her for the last time, Edward. She is the only one I have and I don’t want to die without saying goodbye to her but as I can’t do that, at least let me hear her voice for the last time. Please, Edward” I begged.

“No” he repeated again and moved to let go of my cell. Any second it will smash into a few scarlet pieces of wasted metal. I had to talk to her. I just had to. So as a desperate move to prevent him from destroying it, I unfastened my seat-belt in a flash and turned around in my seat.

“Please..?” I made him face me and put my hand over his heart again. I could feel its gradual thumping against my palm. He looked down at his chest and then at me. I leaned in closer- as close I could get without leaving my seat- without breaking eye contact “Aren’t you even going to grant me my last wish?” I whispered, with his face inches from mine, his green eyes went wild with thoughts that occurred with our unexpected intimacy. I was sure a thousand things were badgering him at my sudden stunt – I slowly ran my fingers through his tousled auburn hair and let my thumb rest on his cheek “Please Edward?” his lips were so close to my own that they slightly brushed his when they moved along with my words. His body temperature went up a couple degrees and I could feel his heart, literally slamming against his ribcage viciously under my touch -He gasped, shocked as hell and handed me the cell quietly- In some ways men are so weak in front of a woman, it’s quite pathetic. But I was happy that he fell for it, regardless. “Thank you” I finally pressed my lips softly against his once and pulled away immediately. He recoiled from my interaction and slowly pushed me back to my seat with one hand while muttering something that sounded like “You are lucky that I’m a very good driver”

I decided to get on with it before the charm breaks Edward changes his mind. I hit the speed dial quickly and Alice picked up after the first ring.

“Hello Alice…”


“Are you ok? What happened, why didn’t you show up?”

“I’m fine Bella. I have been calling you since eleven thirty. Why weren’t you answering?” Alice sounded pissed. Good. Pissy is good now.

“I forgot my cell in my car”

“Oh. I thought you went back so I called you at home but the answering machine was picking up”

“Oh yeah. Umm.. I was busy”

“Doing what?”

“Why do you need to know? I thought you were the one who needed to do all the explaining. What happened to you tonight?”

“Oh Bella. There was an accident. You know a guy had been murdered earlier tonight and the police were chasing the people who did it and I parked my car farther from the restaurant because they were not letting anybody through there so I thought I’d just take the alley and come around the back. So I was walking and he came running with a gun the size of my legs and knocked me down. Can you believe it? My stilettos snapped -That fool ruined my brand new Jimmy chooes- And I sprained my left ankle” Alice explained in a rush.

“Who is this “He“?” I asked confused, I thought Edward was the murderer. But Alice said there were more of them.

“I don’t know” Alice said in a strange voice. So was it Edward who knocked her down or someone else?

“Oh that’s terrible Alice. I’m glad you’re not hurt” – then I remembered her ankle- “or hurt worse, I mean. You are lucky he hadn’t shot at you” I said and Edward’s head snapped up to my direction. So it was Edward.

“I know, at first I thought he was going to. But when I fell down, he tried to help me onto my feet just like a gentleman. I nearly died from shock” Alice whispered slowly as she was confessing to some horrible sin.

“What has gotten into you Alice? Seems like you are still in shock”

“Yes, maybe. Umm.. No…well, it is just that he didn’t look like a bad guy. If you just would have seen his eyes Bella…they were just so intense, I have never seen gold so pure and he… umm… seemed seriously concerned that he had hurt me. One minute he was kneeling down beside me -his guns laid forgotten on both sides of us- and the next minute he was gone”

“Golden eyes, huh?” so that wasn’t Edward after all “I don’t know what he was thinking and I don’t even want to. I’m just glad that you are alive”

“Yeah. Well let’s just drop it. So how long did you wait for me? Did you manage to get out of there in time because I heard the police had blocked the whole street?

“Well, I met an old friend from La push. He was with the Cops so they let me go”

“Ok. That’s good. Where are you now anyway? Is it the Audi’s engine I hear? Bella?


“Can I have the divine liberty to ask where the hell you are driving off to at…at …–wait, what time is it?- yes, at one o’ clock in the morning?”

“I told you I’m busy Alice. I need to be somewhere in exactly half an hour”

“And where would that be?”

“It is personal” I bit my tongue as soon as I said that “but I promise to explain things later…if.. I mean, when I see you again”

“OK” she seemed hurt. It’s miraculous how I’m still somehow managing to cause her pain even now “You sure you are okay Bella?” She asked in a worried but skeptical voice.

“Yes, I’m fine Alice don’t worry”

“If you say so. See you on Monday then”

“I love you, Alice”

“I love you too, Bella. Take care of yourself please”

“I’ll try” I promised with a meek smile.

“Bye Bella”

I disconnected the line.

“Goodbye Alice” I muttered under my breath, my eyes locked on the windshield. A Single drop of tear escaped from the corner of my eye. I let it run down my cheek. One teardrop, so I’d better make it a good one. And if Alice wasn’t worthy of that I don’t know what was.

“Good friend?” Edward asked, hesitating a little. I don’t know what startled him the most the fact that I’d just let my last chance at life slip so easily from my fingers or that I kept my word to him.

“Best friend” I corrected him “and the best sister” It was true. Although Alice was never a part of my family I was always a part of hers.

“I’m sorry”

“I bet you are” I wanted to laugh at his fake thoughtfulness this time. What would a murderer know about how it feels to lose someone when all his life he just snatched them away from others? I bet he never had to stand on the other side of the river himself.

“I’m not a monster Bella. I know how it feels. I had to leave my sister too”

“That’s so sad” I said in a hollow, exceptionally lifeless voice.

“I know” he sounded strangely empty too. I looked down at my lap and I felt another fat teardrop cascading down the length of my face. It landed directly on the ring and gave the huge diamond a clear salty bath. My engagement ring. The biggest joke of my life.

“Whoa. I forgot to tell Alice I got engaged” I laughed bitterly through my tears. Edward didn’t make a comment but I saw his hand leave the steering wheel, reaching slowly for my face. He lightly brushed my tears away with the back of his fingers but I recoiled instinctively. I thought he was going to hit me again.

“Sorry” his fingers curled into a tight fist again and he pulled his hand away and a strange silence hovered in the cold night. I didn’t understand him. At all. Why does it feel like he is something more than he shows? Just like me.

And I couldn’t help myself from wondering why a man who’d make Michael Angelo’s “David” look like an ogre next to him chose to be what he was. I wanted to know him better. I wanted some answers but I don’t think I have enough time left on my hands to play “Twenty-Questions” with him. I don’t exactly know how many seconds will come to pass before I die. I checked the time on my phone screen. O1:05 A.M. it had been almost 45 minutes since we left the restaurant. It seemed as though everything raced ahead like a blur, I could hardly remember my life before tonight. And where the hell was he taking me exactly? I was tired of waiting it to end already. I wanted it to happen fast so that I could be gone before I start to regain some of my incentive behind life in this world.

“Where are we going?” I finally broke the silence.

“Home” Home? He has a home?

“Why don’t you just shoot me right now and leave my body in this car? That would save both of us a lot of trouble. The police would think I’d committed suicide or something… Or even better. Torch the car after you’re done with me. Finish off all the evidence you know” I suggested awkwardly and he made a face that reminded me of a kid biting into an extremely sour plum with a worm in it.

“Huh! You really have got to stop watching bad action movies. First of all, this is New York, Not Mojave desert. People will notice if I torched a car in the middle of the street and I will get busted within five minutes. And secondly, NYPD aren’t as stupid as they make them look on TV. They can tell the difference between a suicide and a homicide in a heartbeat”

“Well, will it really matter to me once I’m dead? You lot can fuck each other up and die for all I care” I complained bitterly and Edward smiled “Oh and by the way, who was your golden eyed friend? I think Alice fell in love with him or something”

“At first sight?” Edward asked.

“I can’t be sure. But she was acting weird. Weird for Alice” I thought about how ironic this whole deal was.

“You and your friend are both brainless idiots. Wanting the dangerous things for all the wrong reasons. And, FYI Jasper Cullen is not my friend”

“Another Cullen? your brother?” I asked, seriously dumbfounded “What is this, a family pastime? -Oh come on Jasper, I’m bored. Let’s go out and shoot some people dead tonight. It will be all in good fun!- Drinks on me if you can get the bullet through his head!” I scorned despite feeling rather horrible at this point.

“Funny. No, he is not my brother either but you’re right this is kinda like a family thing” he nodded his head, smiling darkly while recalling some private joke I didn’t get.

“Well, your ‘Family‘ injured my bestfriend tonight”

“I know. Small world, right? I was there. Her heels snapped. She is lucky he didn’t kill her” he seemed lost in another train of thought again.

“She was, wasn’t she? Looks like only I got the worse end of the deal tonight”

“Not likely Isabella. If Jasper fucking Cullen had anything to do with what I think he had then you just might not die alone tonight” his voice got his vindictive tint back and I slightly shuddered seeing his face. He didn’t miss it but decided to ignore me.

“What do you mean?” What the fuck was he going on about? I thought he said they were family…

“It’s complicated and…” he smiled meekly “also a secret”

“Really? Do you really think telling some dying woman a stupid secret is gonna change anything?”

“You are not dead yet”

“I thought that was only a matter of time now”

“It is. Tell you what, I’ll tell the secret once you are dead”

“HaHa. Fucking hilarious” I said, acerbically “why can’t you tell me now?”

“Because If I do, they’ll have to kill me too” this is getting crazier by the seconds. Now who the fuck were “They”? And why would they kill Edward if he told me about what Jasper had done.

“Oh please, spare me the crap for just this once”

“You know too much already Bella. You know that the murder that was committed tonight was by us. You saw my face and your friend saw Jasper’s. You know our names. My fingerprints are all over your car and yourself” he eyed my body in a way that made me feel naked “So basically, if you live then I die. And that’s what I’m trying to do here, preserve myself. Above all, Survival is the most basic instinct, you know”

“More like animal instincts” I scoffed.

“That’s silly Isabella. Animals don’t kill each-other unless they absolutely have to. But we don’t prey on human flesh so why do we slay? We kill men because it’s how we chose to live; we kill because we want to, not because we need to”

“But you don’t seem any less dangerous than a predator yourself” I looked right into his eyes, trying to understand this matchless creature of god sitting beside me. He seemed kind of smug that I finally admitted that he was frightening in a way. He smiled crookedly again and I felt my heartbeats pace up with a start “Thank you Isabella. You are too kind” he snorted with laughter.

“Oh shut up” I said, annoyed. But I couldn’t help but smile myself. How easy it was to be with him…”So can I ask you something now? “asked Edward. OK, looks like I spoke too soon. It wasn’t that easy.

“I don’t see why you can’t”

“Why do you want to die so bad?” he had asked this question before and I don’t think he’d let it go until I’ve answered it.

“I don’t see why I have to answer that”

“Why?” He repeated again in a tone so cold it sent chills down my spine.

“My life doesn’t matter to me as much. I guess you can say, survival is not my most important instinct. And when you live a life like me you can’t help but hope you’d just die in your sleep someday and…” but he cut me off “Wait, what?!? So you mean to say thats why you are coming along so willingly?”

“Why not? I need a hit and you can give it to me” I said softly. Edward can free me in the truest sense and that’s what I want.

Edward hands trembled slightly “I don’t believe you. You are a liar. Nobody wants to die… you are just saying this cause you know you’ve lost” his voice shook with anger. This is the thing that irritated and amazed me at the same time with Edward, his bizarre mood swings. One second he is laughing his fucking ass off and the next, he is ready to skin someone alive. I wonder if he has multiple-personality disorder.

“I thought you had to at least try and fight before you could anticipate a win. I never fought”

“You are lying to me” he scathed at me. I don’t get it why people would easily gulp down lies but choke on the simplest of truths. Lately this world has become an unheeded garden, where the wholesome flowers shriveled up and only the weeds succeed to thrive.

“You know what your biggest mistake is Cullen?” I didn’t know why he was so confident that I was lying. But it didn’t matter to me what he thought as long as I’m getting what I want.


“It’s a secret” I swung his own line back at him. Yeah, take that Cullen! Now how do you feel, getting scratched by own cat? “But I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours first” my lips twisted into a smile.

“Go to hell!” He flipped me off and I caught a glimpse of the “XI” stamp around his middle finger again.

“Oh I’d love to. But you and your criminal family already lives there and I don’t want to have to see your faces everyday”


“Don’t you dare shout at me! You asked me a fucking question and I just gave you my answer. Why ask when you don’t want to be told? I’m going with you because I chose to. Not because you made me. Nobody can make me do something I don’t want to and it’s the truth no matter how much you hate it”

“Oh really Bella? You see this…” he took his gun out again “this can make nun pole dance in a strip club and a monkey stick its pinky up while drinking tea” he sneered and his eyes went wild with madness “So tell me what shall I make you do?”


I r was getting really hard for me to concentrate on the road when Isabella was sitting so close to me at touching distance. And the fact that she wasn’t effected by me the way others were was no matter for celebration for me either when already a thousand things were going through my mind already. It’s like every train of thought started with an unalike string, differing from strength to color but all of them just forgot their differences on half way and transformed into one great sophisticated cord of nature and brought my mind back to the one person I was trying my best to not think about. And she was Isabella.

No one can deny the fact that she was exceptionally beautiful, she was crafted so perfectly and her essence was so pleasing that it was enough to drive the angels of heaven mad with the gravitational need to be near her. Her splendor was something you can’t forget once you’ve laid your eyes on her. But it was just her magnificence that moved me, it was her persona. It was her unpredictability, her wildness that was making me want to know about her more.

Yet eyes this cunning want to grace their art,

They draw but what they see, know not the heart”

I was quoting Shakespeare in my head. Truly I didn’t know anything about her. I just saw what she showed me and nothing more. But I did believe there was so much more to Isabella swan than what she was letting on. And the information she has confirmed, that she wanted death just made it that much certain. This flawless Barbie on the outside was damaged beyond repair on the inside. And I loved that, I loved it that she was damaged. Lately I have become this bloodsucker that feeds on other people’s misery. It made me feel good to be aware of the fact that I’m not the only one who had been fucked up royally by fate.

But I couldn’t help myself from wondering what made Isabella so ready, so prepared for death. Whatever it was must have been dark. Could the reason of her desperation be the same as other forty women we see on the streets? No, didn’t think that was it. She was smart, beautiful and judging by her clothes and this car she was fucking rich as sin too, then what could have wounded her like that … Maybe a bad break-up or could it be a bad divorce… I mean she didn’t look that old but then again, I didn’t know shit about her.

“Umm, not that you have to answer if you don’t want to but I’m just curious… How old are you?” I asked, without looking at her.

“Not that it’s any of your fucking business, but I’m going to turn 20 in September” said Bella. Ok, she was very young.

“Ever been married or engaged?”

“Nope, not till now” She looked down at her ring. Shit! I had almost forgotten about earlier tonight. The stunts I’ve pulled to save my ass tonight were playing themselves in fast-forward in my mind as I drove without another word. Running inside that wretched place, seeing Bella for the first time and kissing her. The first time we kissed as two strangers who have never laid their eyes on each other, and the last time it was a kiss between a man and his wife to be. His fiancée. My fiancée.

No matter how you put it, I proposed her marriage and she had accepted me. Regardless of whatever circumstances we were in at that time, that was the rule of engagement among all the cast and creed of all the religions in the world. So to say, she was now my fiancée and I, her to be husband until one of us breaks this engagement willingly.

I guess that won’t matter. I’m going to have to kill her soon anyway and what better way to say “I’m breaking up with you” than to discharge a bullet right in her heart.

But was quite disturbing to think that I’d never get a chance to see her blush again, too see the dainty little crease on her forehead when she got mad or the way she bites down on her bottom lips when she thought about something silently without voicing it. But everything was irrelevant. Her death scene is coming ashore any moment.

She was listening to music with her eyes closed. After the stereo drama she didn’t dare to touch it again, instead she took an iPod out of the glove compartment and has been listening to music quietly for the last 20 minutes. And though I told her that I liked it better when she kept her mouth shut her silence seemed ominous to me somehow. Maybe I shouldn’t have silenced her at gun point like that.

I wanted to hear her voice more but I didn’t know what to say to her. I looked at her found her humming along with the music so quietly that I couldn’t make out her words. But it didn’t matter. All my senses just dimmed themselves at the moment to give my vision a resilient reign to admire her features thoroughly. Her dark brown hair cascading down her back like a soft, silky waterfall that instantly had me wishing to burry my face in her hair. When she silently mouthed the lyrics to the song couldn’t hear, her soft pink lips were parting themselves ever so slightly. I wanted to kiss her again; I wanted to know how they would feel when moving against mine like that. Then she swayed her head with the rhythm slowly and a strand of dark brown escaped from behind her ear and I had a violent struggle against myself to prevent my hand from touching her. All I wanted to do was to brush that stand lightly off her face and take as much time as wanted to careless her creamy pale, radiant skin under that little pretense.

I had a mad urge to bank my head on the steering wheel. Wait is this fucking thing bedazzled? It is. I slowly took in the Audi’s extremely feminine interior as I brushed me finger across the Cristal studded horn. I never really got women’s need to accessorize everything they touched. It’s like some kind of disease.

“Edward?” Bella’s voice tuned in from what it seemed like miles away.


“There has to be another way. I don’t want to…. You just can’t….I’m your fiancée!” she blurted out incoherently, she sounded anxious.

“What the hell are you going on about?” I asked, confused as fuck. And before I could say or do anything else she started her kicking her silver shoes off and before I could even make sense of what was happening I found her perched on top of me while I was still driving! I hit the brakes hard with a start and the Audi’s tires made a horrible screech in protest. Luckily we were off the highway and near the Cullen mansion or there would have been hell to pay. And still to my dismay another car passed us –the driver yelled angrily, shaking his fist at our direction “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?”

ARE you?” I asked Bella, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yes” she whispered as she settled herself on me, her legs opening up to grip my waist. I looked down and saw the skirt of her coral blue dress riding up her thighs as she inched closer and closer.

“Yes, I am” she threw herself into my arms, her slender weight crashing into my chest. And strangely enough I found myself comforting her back with a not so gentle embrace. Her hair smelled like strawberries and her smooth skin felt like silk under my fingers. Then suddenly I felt her lips on my throat, she planted one swift tender but deep kiss there and looked at me through her lashes. Fuck! I’m so fucked!

“Bella…don’t” tried to refrain myself but she didn’t let me finish “Shhh… you don’t” she whispered and her lips brushed against mine. All my nerves were on fire and felt my temperature rise, blood rushed to my groin and I and my eyes snapped open. I sat still as she slowly took my bottom lip between her luscious ones and tugged lightly just once and pulled away, she was looking at me through hooded eyes and my heart hammered viciously. She lowered her beautiful chin and angled her head to kiss me again, another soft, wet one. Her hands were locked around me elegantly.

Slid one of her hands back to my chest again and pressed her palm against my heart.

“I can feel you” she whispered in a voice that tugged at my soul and something happened to me. I tightened my hold around her waist and groaned. Her nails clawed my shoulders, causing me to howl her closer to my hardening frame. Letting her feel my own burgeoning desire and it seemed as though my physical response only managed to encourage her more as she firmly pressed herself against me, inflaming me even further.

She kissed me again and her lips parted this time, I wasted no time to plunge my tongue inside her mouth. And we kissed ravenously, straining to consume each other’s lips and our tongues glided against each other’s. Our life forces thrashing through our blood vessels as I inhaled her mouth-watering scent that overwhelmed my senses.

I was with in the closest heaven I will ever be but suddenly her arms stiffened and she pulled away, gasping for air and as soon as I let her go she opened the car door and slipped off my lap.

“Now I’m going to let you know what your biggest mistake was….You underestimated me!” she smiled and kissed my lips swiftly for one last time and vanished into the dark of night.

Do leave some love and reviews for me to get through this crappy as fuck time period. And comments, notes,ideas and takes on the storyline are always appreciated. So, knock yourselves out J

Take care till I catch up with you guys again. Love ya.


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Sabrina (RobstenWish)

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  1. MoonXAngel permalink
    April 13, 2010 7:42 am

    OMG Im supposed to be at work right now, and i stayed and read this…im so fucked, but i love it! ITS AMAZING! Well worth the wait! I beg of you not to leave us like this! I have to know what will happen next! OMG its incredible!!!!.x

    • MoonXAngel permalink
      April 13, 2010 2:07 pm

      haha why do i sound so much like a groupie? lol, and thanks for the sentence about me at the top…i forgot to read that bit first.x PS what does the bit about ‘you dont y’ mean?

  2. April 13, 2010 5:47 pm

    OMG,this is SO GOOD.
    U’re amazing.
    Don’t let us wait too long this time,please.
    I’d really love to know what is coming up next?

  3. MoonXAngel permalink
    April 13, 2010 5:54 pm

    im very sorry if i sound obsessed as this is my third comment, but something about the storyline and a character has just clicked in my head and i wondered if im right…a certain something they have in common? if that makes any sense, i hope i am right cause that would make it really *hit you in the face*, and slightly ironic…?

  4. beby456 permalink
    April 14, 2010 9:48 pm

    OMG I can’t wait for the Next chapter!!!
    Here’s my story It’s not done but i’ve been getting good reveiws and messages about it so If tyou could look at It that would be cool.

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