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Bullets and Black Roses: Chapter 6

March 4, 2010

A/N : I do not own twilight. Yeah, like I need to say that again… Duh! All charecters belong to Stephenie meyer.

Hey all, how are you guys? Things are just crazy busy for me nowadays. But all the Cliffhanger comments made me realize that I was being unfair. So, this the 2nd cahpter in a week. I hope you like it.

And for all who hasn’t yet heard the song “One last breath” performed by Creed. I recomend you listen to that song before reading this chapter coz it’s just fucking awesome!!!!

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Bullets and Black Roses

Chapter 6: Sky Teal confusion


“My name is Edward Cullen and you….?” He asked me under his breath as he smiled down at me angelic in every way, pretending to tuck a stray lock of hair behind my ears.

“Isabella” I muttered.

“Well Isabella, if you disobey a word I say tonight, you’ll be dead before sunrise” He smiled again, just like a lover smiles at his soul mate.

“Did you understand what I’m trying to say?” He whispered softly in my ear and I felt something hard touching my ribcage. I peeked down and saw the muzzle of a gun pressed against me. I gulped and nodded.

“Good” he kissed my forehead lightly and tucked the gun back in his Blazer. I looked up at him and he stared back, I realized I still had my arms around his neck and one of his was still around my waist. I let go of him and turned, his hand glided from my waist to my stomach. He brushed my hair off my shoulders and planted another light kiss there from behind, whispering “Just sit down and act normal” My knees felt weak but not from fear. Whatever the fuck I was feeling right then was not terror. That much I was sure of.

I did as he told me. I was going to sit down on my previous seat but I heard Edward clearing his throat loudly


I glanced back and he inclined his head to the seat facing mine. He wanted me to sit there. I nodded slightly and took that seat as Edward took mine. As soon as I sat down, I spotted at least a dozen cops swarming the whole place; they were checking all the tables. They kept sweeping their eyes at all the males like hawks searching the surface of the water for their pray, ready to strike.

How long has this been going on? Where the fuck was my head?

Obviously whoever they were looking for was sitting at my opposite at the moment. I returned my gaze back to him and saw he was looking at me too. But not at my face, his gaze was locked on my breasts. “Fucking criminal pervert!” I muttered for his sake.

His eyes snapped back at my face again and he smiled crookedly.

“I apologize, but I was wondering if you are wearing a bra…” he whispered, reaching across the table to put his hand over mine. My fingers curled into a fist. What the fuck is wrong with him? He was still staring at me with his bright green eyes. Is this some kind of a sick fucking joke?

“Why do you need to know?” I seethed through my teeth, irritation and hatred slowly poisoning the vessels of my heart.

“Ah ah! We don’t want to raise our voice, do we?” he warned me politely but the hint was clear. “Look at me” he asked, again in a gracious voice. Is he for real? A hundred thoughts were going through my head at that moment but he was making it hard for me to separate them. “I said, look at me!” He whispered furiously this time, the foulest kind of venom draining all the courtesy from his voice as he tightened his fist around mine, His fingers almost crushing my bones there. I whimpered slightly in pain and he loosened his grip again.

“Look at me, please Isabella” his bloody politeness was back again. I looked up at him.

“Are you wearing a bra?” he asked, without darting his gaze.

“Yes” I answered bitterly.

“Oh it’s just that you are wearing an off shoulders dress so I got confused” He smiled his angelic smile again “But you do look pretty in it” he added, staring at my breasts again.

Pretty?!? I was wearing one of Armani’s finest spring-summer coral collections. Alice would have fainted if someone had called me anything less then ‘stunning’ in this dress in front of her. And this dress is worth more than what an average person would earn in a month. And speaking of Alice, where the fuck is she?

“The people who make the garter belts you see on the whores you usually fuck also make something called a ‘strapless bra'” I said just as politely. Two can play at this game.

“Really now! I had no Idea!” He expressed in mock surprise. “Maybe that’s because I usually like my whores without any article of clothing on them” He snickered.

“Good for them” I seethed back.

“Now, be a sweetheart and hide my gun in your bra, wont you?” He smiled again as he tried to pass me his gun under the table.

“Are you fucking out of your fucking mind?” I whispered back at him. Excuse me? Hide his fucking gun in my what? God, kill me fucking now! How can he even… how can I …ok Even if I tried I couldn’t hide a gun of that size in my size 34 strapless bra. I mean, come on! what part of a skimpy strapless lingerie does he not understand?!? Fucking men!!!

“Why would you say that?” he asked courteously. This fucking politeness of his was irritating me to death.

“Because this thing won’t fit in there” I tried to reason with him. He was still holding his gun under the table for me to receive.

“Just slip it right under the hooks against your back, it isn’t that bulky. Come on do it now. We don’t have much time” I took his gun and from his hand and did what he told me, quick and subtle. I was just hoping no one had noticed my awkward hand movements. And it worked too. His gun was now completely concealed inside the back of my dress. I just about died from shock. I leaned back into my chair a little. Just in case, some one spotted the outer line of a gun on my back.

“You feeling ok?” he asked as if he really didn’t know the reason of my discomfort and was sincerely concerned about my well-being. Fucking bastard!

“Never been better” I replied sarcastically.

“Good for you” He smiled, squeezing my hand lightly still staring at my eyes.

“Bella Swan?” I heard a husky voice calling my name. I looked up from Edwards face and saw another cop, His NYPD badge gleaming in the dimming chandelier light. He was huge and taller than any man I’ve ever seen before. But his face was too familiar. I could recognize that smile anywhere.

“Jake!” I beamed. Jacob black used to be my best friend when we were at high school. He was my dad’s best friend Billy’s son. He’s couple of years older than me. He has changed so much. Back then he used to be this lanky native kid with smooth russet skin and long black hair that he used to keep tied up with a lather cord. Now he’s all big and muscular. And his hair is cropped brutally short. But his smile is still the same; this kid could light up the whole fucking world with it.

“Goodness fuck! I don’t believe my own eyes!” I squealed. “Jake is that really you?”

“Aai Aai, ‘Bella the sailor girl'” Jake beamed back. Back at school, people used to call me ‘Bella the sailor girl’ because I swore like one. My bad mood vanished, I always felt elated when Jake was around. He was like my own personal sun.

“What are you doing in New York? You are a cop now?”

“Duh” He pointed out his NYPD badge “Way to state the obvious, Bella” he rolled his eyes. I wanted to go and hug him.

“Oh Jake I’m just so happy to see y….” I couldn’t finish as Edward fucking Cullen cleared his throat loudly with another “Ahem” I was so happy to see Jake again I almost forgot about my current state of affairs.

“Introductons…” Edward trailed off with another fake angelic smile of his. I looked at him and he seemed completely at ease, waiting for me to introduce him to Jacob. Arrrrgh! The nerve of this man! This gorgeous Greek god like man, looking at whom once made me forget all about Jacob.

“Since Bella is too overwhelmed to remember her manners… I’m Edward Cullen. Bella’s boyfriend” he said politely, standing up and shaking hands with Jake.

“Officer Jacob Black. Bella’s childhood friend” Jacob said as politely.

“It’s funny. Bella has never mentioned you before” Edward said, looking straight at me. He fucking didn’t ….!!!! Jacob looked a bit hurt by his comment. How dare he! Now Jake was looking at me too.

“I’m sorry. I…. It’s been a while and I …” I was apologizing through my greeted teeth but Jake cut me off “its ok Bella. You are a celebrity now and it’s natural for people like you to forget about unimportant friends from the past” He said looking down at his feet.

“Hey Black. Everything fine over there?” Another cop shouted across the room.

“Yeah. Just ran into an old frie… someone I once knew” Jake corrected himself.

“Jake, I’m sorry” I was genuinely feeling like shit right then but Jacob ignored me and turned to Edward “there’s been a murder nearby and we are suspecting one of them is still in this restaurant, so we are checking the place”

“Didn’t you see his face or what he was wearing?” Edward asked him, deeply concerned. This fucking man deserves an Oscar for his acting.

“No we couldn’t see his face. His other companion kept us a little busy but we are pretty sure he was wearing something grey” Jacob explained as he eyed Edward’s smooth black blazer and his crisp white dress shirt.

“Oh that’s terrible! Is there anyway we can co-operate?” He asked gently.

“Yeah, we are searching every one. So….” Jake trailed off.

“Of course, anyway we can help” he stood up and another cop pulled out a metal detector. They searched Edward and the beeper went off once.

“Sir I’m gonna have to need you to empty all your pockets” he said. Edward shrugged out of his blazer and handed it to Jacob and the cop searched all the pants pockets and mouthed “clear”

Now Jacob searched the blazer and found a keychain and a small heart shaped box covered in sky teal velvet. He pressed the lead with his thumb and a ring with a visibly decent diamond sparkled in the lights.

I’m so fucked!

Jacob looked from me to Edward, who looked like he was in a dilemma. He was staring at the ring in Jake’s hand. Jacob eyed Edward questioningly and he nodded in silent agreement with a meek smile.

“Man, I’m so sorry. I had no Idea” Jacob muttered as he handed the box back to Edward.

“Its ok, Officer Black” Edward found his politeness back again as he shrugged back into his blazer once more. I was sitting there like a statue, feeling so numb that the world didn’t matter anymore.

“Bella, I’m sorry things turned out this way tonight but I was just waiting for the right moment and now that you already know…” Edward trailed off as he slipped onto one knee in front of me. Oh Fuck NO! Just when I thought this couldn’t get any worse the clouds opened up and God said, ‘I hate you, Bella’

“Isabella swan? It’s true, we haven’t known each other for very long nevertheless every time It feels like I’m seeing your beauty for the first time but I have seen your soul and I fall in love with it over and over again every time I see you and I need you to know that I want to fall in love again everyday for the rest of my life. Will you give me that chance? Will you marry me, Isabella?”

Fuck you, Edward Cullen. How can you lie so convincingly? I was screaming in my mind. He wants me to marry him? I know this is all a pretence and Edward would happily like to murder me before tomorrow morning but this? This is ridiculous. Why am I feeling hurt that this is all a pretence? Why should my insides shatter because every word coming out Edwards’s mouth were nothing but lies?

“Yes, I will” I said, angry tears stinging my eyes. Edward’s gaze was locked with mine, and I could tell he was confused at my reaction as he took my left hand and slipped the ring on my third finger.

Both of us stood up and he kissed me full on my mouth again but I could feel his hands, busy on my back. He slyly fished his gun out my dress and slipped it back inside his blazer. I truly admired his nerves this time, how smoothly he took care of everything with two cops standing less then 6 feet away from us.

“You are so fucked” he whispered sadly for only me to hear as he kissed me softly once again.

He broke the kiss but his arms were still around me “Tell your friend that we need to get out of this place” he whispered in my ear, still embracing me.

“You are going to kill me anyway, aren’t you?” I asked him quietly. It didn’t matter anymore. I don’t think I could even tell if a bullet pierced my body right now. I wanted him to kill me. Maybe six feet ain’t so far down.

“Bella Please, tell him we need to go” he urged me again, letting go of me. My mouth felt so dry and my heart was crippled by unimaginable pain.

Jacob was searching another man from the table right to ours. I walked over to where he was standing “Jake, can I have a word?”

“Sure, Bells” he smiled forcefully “I’m so sorry that I blew the surprise for you” He apologized.

“It’s ok. I’m sorry that I never told him about you. And it’s not because I forgot, some people just don’t understand… me, even I don’t understand me” I uttered the first words that came to my mind.

“Then why are you marrying someone who doesn’t understand you?” Jacob asked.

“Because I love him” I lied. I don’t know why I was doing this. Why I was saving this… this… Murderer. I could just tell Jake the truth now and Edward will be arrested. All I have to do was tell him to check Edward’s blazer again. All I had to do was to say the words. But why am I lying when I can save myself with the truth. Why the fuck am I trying to save Edward Cullen?

“He’s a real lucky man. I’m truly happy for you” he hugged me.

“Yeah, I wish I could say the same” I muttered under my breath.


“Nothing. Listen Jake, I don’t want to stay here anymore. I want to celebrate this night with Edward, just him and me. Could you please excuse us? I mean. We had already been searched and all…so, could you ask them let us go?” I requested.

“Sure, sure. You two can leave now if you want to. I’ll take care of it” Jake assured me.

“Thank you so much, Jacob” Edward’s voice tuned in from behind me and I jumped.

“JesusFuckEdward! You scared the living fuck out of me” I glared at him but he ignored me and put his arm around my waist from behind and pecked me lightly on cheek.

“I’m sorry. I love you” He whispered in my ear loud for both Jake and I to hear clearly “I just can’t believe you are mine now” he added.

I turned my head to look at his face; he was smiling looking at me like I’ve given him the greatest happiness in his life.

“But I always felt like I belonged with you” I muttered back. While I’m still playing and losing at the mortal combat, why not let him win the easy way? His arms stiffened around me at my words and I heard him sigh.

“Bye Jake” I went and hugged him for the last time.

“See you around, Bella” he smiled meekly “you too, man and congratulations to both of you” he looked at Edward.

“Thanks” Edward mouthed politely as he handed me my white trench coat. I shrugged into it and Edward led me out of the door, his hand resting on the small of my back. I was thinking about where and how I was getting killed tonight. I thought about Alice. Its ironic, the day I bought this dress I was wearing, she had said “Oh my god! Don’t you just want to die in this dress! It’s so beautiful!” I laughed.

“Do I get to hear the joke?” Edward was looking down at me.

“No” I smiled up at him.

“You are irrational and volatile. I don’t get you” He said softly. I laughed again recalling my internet chats with Alice.

“What now?”


“Where are we going?” He asked me.

“I thought it was upto you. Where do you want to kill me?” I asked him, still smiling.

“Where did you park your car?” he ignored my question again.

“We are standing in front it” I pointed out my Audi.

“Give me the keys” he demanded. I fished the Doughnut keychain out of my coat pocked and dropped it on his extended palm.

“Cops like me better?” he read it aloud.

“It’s a gift and the conclusion of a long ass story” I answered simply.

“Get in. I’m driving” he held out the passenger door open for me. I got in.

“There’s nothing I can do to save you. You know too much now” he finally let me know without an ounce of regret in his voice.

“Tell me something I don’t already know about” I scoffed as I turned the radio on and they were playing Creed’s ‘One last breath’

~` I cried out “Heaven save me”

But I’m down to last breath

And with it let me say, let me say…

Hold me now; I’m six from the edge

And I’m thinking, maybe six feet

ain’t so far down ~`

I hummed along with the song. I knew all the words. This used to be one of my favorites.

`~sad eyes follow me, but I still believe

There’s something left for me

So, please come stay with me

Cause I still believe there’s something left for

You and me

For you and me

For you…” Edward turned the radio off.

“Hey, what’s your problem? I was listening to that” I cried out.

“I don’t like that song” he said harshly.

“OooOOooh! I’m so scared of you, Edward. I think I just pissed my panties” I trembled in mock terror, reaching for the stereo again but he caught my hand and closed his fingers around my wrist so tightly that it hurt.

“I said I didn’t like that song” he scathed in a venomous voice, not taking his eyes off the road.

“I heard you the first time. Edward, you are hurting me” I tried to free myself from his vice grip but his fingers didn’t budge.

“Good. I don’t like to repeat myself” he let go off my wrist.

“You fucking bustard! This is my car! I can do whatever I want to” I yelled, rubbing my roughly bruised wrist.

“Don’t test my patience, Isabella. I’m not very good at it” He seethed his through gritted teeth.

“Fuck you. You bloody murderer!” I screamed and he hit me with the back of his hand. My whole face felt hot and I could taste blood on my lips.

“You are a pathetic little coward” I spat at him, spraying his white dress shirt with blood and spit. He drifted left and pulled over into a dark alleyway. As soon as the engine stopped, he turned to face me. His bright green eyes almost black with rage and hatred.

“You know what? You are right. About me and about that song.” His fingers closed around my throat “I am a bloody murderer and you are down to your one last breath”

I closed my eyes and said my goodbye to this world. Creed’s ‘one last breath’ was still stuck in my head.

`~please come now, I think I’m falling holding onto all I think is safe~`

Edwards was going to throttle me to death. All ten of his fingers curled around my throat like a spider. I tried to shove him off with my left hand but it was unnecessary because he put no pressure on my throat. That’s wired! I have never tried to suffocate anyone before but I knew you had to exercise brutal force in order to do so. But he wasn’t doing anything; I could still inhale the cold Manhattan breeze and exhale just as easily.

I took in another deep breath and peeked through my lashes. Edward’s fingers were still loosely curled around my neck but his head was bent lower, he was looking down at his own chest. My defensive left hand still fisted the fabric of his shirt there. At first I thought he just got distracted because I was ruining his shirt but then I realized he was staring at the diamond ring on my third finger. I loosened my grip but I left my hand there. I could feel a slight beating against my palm. I lowered my hand and positioned it exactly over his heart. I could feel his apparent heartbeats; it was pounding fast and hard against his chest. I pressed my palm persuasively against his gradually violent heart. He slowly released my throat and I found his right hand over my left one, his thumb lightly brushing the diamond he had given me earlier tonight.

He looked up at me and I stared back at him. His green eyes back to their natural brightness but there was something else in his eyes. Confusion, curiosity, exploration and if I hadn’t known who he was I would have guessed, Pain. An unfathomable scar that was beyond and above the kind of abrasion that repairs with time.

“Bella?” he whispered my name in a smooth velvety voice.


“You don’t feel anything when you look into my eyes?” he asked softly, without taking his eyes off mine.

“Feel something, as in?” I couldn’t obtain what he was trying to ask me. I was too taken back by his bizarre mood swings.

“Uncomfortable or edgy? Like I’m reading your mind or seeing right into your soul?”

“No. Why the fuck would I feel ‘uncomfortable’ looking into the eyes of an assassin?” I said flatly. Read my mind? As if! No one’s that good. But eyes his were compelling in a sense.

“But there’s something about your eyes. They are mesmerizing in an inimitable way. They reflect what’s on the inside” I blurted out the truth.

“They reflect?” he laughed, “Reflect what? Cruelty?” he shook his head in bitter amusement.

“They reflect the wounds that run too deep to heal within yourself. And that, too” I referred to his vindictiveness.

Edward’s crooked smile vanished from his face as he processed my words. He fingers clasped around mine firmly but not painfully. He glided our entwined hands down his abdomen and let them rest on his lap.

“You know nothing about me” he stated, looking down at our hands.

“Like I give a damn! You don’t know fuck about me either” Now it was my turn to laugh bitterly at his words “But at the end of the day, I’m the one who’s wearing this fucking ring on my finger. Why am I your fucking fiancée, Edward?” I asked him, my anger raising its ugly head slowly on the surface again.

“Its funny you should ask that… but I have a question I need to ask you before I answer mine” he said softly.

“What-the fuck-ever” I tried to look and sound uninterested. Edward said nothing but his fingers trembled slightly in anger “What? Are you waiting to hit me a few more times again before you ask your damn question?” I snapped.

“I’m sorry I hurt you. You didn’t deserve that …. I couldn’t give you what you deserved and what you deserved was bullet in your thick skull. I would have shot your ass point blank long ago if you were someone else but I still apologize for hitting you regardless” he admitted and his bloody politeness was back again.

“Seriously Edward?” I almost lost my ability to speak from astonishment “Your fucking “Sorry” has changed everything. I’m so touched by your apology; I think I just might shed a few tears now if you don’t mind”

“I think you’re going a bit overboard with the sarcasm thing” he smiled his crooked smile again which just set my already kerosene filled vessels on fire.

“Oh really! Now I’m sarcastic when every fucking work coming out of your worthless mouth is dripping with absolute disdain?” I threw back at him.

“Which brings us back to my question…” he trailed off and took my left hand in his again “Why did you say ‘yes’ to a murderer when he asked you to marry him, hmm?”

“Because he’s a fucking murderer, isn’t he? He’d fucking murder you if you’d said ‘No’ to his face” I spat back at him.

“Silly, Bella. Your friend slash admirer slash policeman was standing two feet away from you. Why didn’t you tell him the truth there and then? I was on my knees and you had my gun. I was unarmed and vulnerable. Why didn’t you hand me over then, Bella?” he was looking straight into my eyes and I got it then what he had meant by ‘Uncomfortable’.

“Moreover, why didn’t you tell him everything when you were talking to him alone? I wasn’t there to stop you. I couldn’t have stopped you even if I had tried to. You could have gotten me arrested then. I was so sure of what was coming but you staggered me when you lied to your friend for a man who is an assassin, a man whom you were counting on to take your life away from you”

“Why did you save me when you it knew so well that my life equals to your death?” he asked again. “Why do you want to die so badly, Bella?”

“I thought you only needed me to answer the first question for you to answer mine?” I asked through gritted teeth.

“Oh yes, Why you are my fucking fiancée?” he smiled his crooked smile again.

This blazer is not mine. I forced some bald guy to exchange jackets with me at gunpoint. And this ring was supposed to be in his pocket for someone he was going to propose. Not me but when your cop friend fished that box out I was pretty perplexed myself and I did the first thing that came to my mind in order to tackle the situation smoothly without raising suspicions” He recalled the incident from his point of view “But I never imagined that you’d say ‘Yes’ I just about died from shock when you did”

“You mean to say that you proposed me marriage with a hijacked ring?” I was so appalled; I couldn’t find words to describe my apparent feelings.

“Yes” he closed his eyes “But you don’t need to worry about that cause it wasn’t a real proposal and I am already engaged till death” He flipped his middle finger on my face and I saw a ‘XI’ tattooed around his finger in bold black ink.

“Eleven? What does that marking mean?” I was confused beyond words.

“It means that, I’m the one startling sign that indicates fate has finally decided to fuck you”

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