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Bullets and Black Roses : Chapter 8

April 19, 2010

A/N: I do not own Twilight. All the characters belongs to beautiful and talented Stephanie Meyer, who I blame for my twilight insanity.

Now everything I want from life are either illegal, impossible, or in love with Kristen Stewert 😦

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Bullets and Black Roses:

Chapter 8: Ashes


No longer mourn for me when I’m dead

Then you shall hear the surly sullen bell

Give warning to the word that I’m fled

From this vile world to the vilest worms to dwell;”

I sat there in Isabella’s car stutter-shook and bad-tempered. How I let this happen, how she got away seemed like a wild dream perceived in an unbearable cessation to me. I don’t know what happened to me. Why I acted like that, why I acted like such a weakling. Why I caved into my desire to experience something that I knew wasn’t existent. Well not for me anyway. I still couldn’t make myself believe that she had fled, I just couldn’t. Not even when I saw her beautiful face smiling and mocking me, warning me of her flight.

I still couldn’t make myself believe the soft thuds of her footsteps, running across the street barefooted as she almost threw herself in front a speeding Taxi and just jumped in. I caught a glimpse of her chocolate brown eyes as another car overtook her Cab and its headlights flooded her face with silver light. She was still looking at me, with a glaze of undeniable triumph in her eyes.

Both of my hands curled into fists and my head seemed to finally recover from the initial shock that almost had me cerebrally handicapped. Isabella Swan had fled. That stupid girl, did she think I won’t be able to find her? I took in a deep breath, her Audi’s engine was still purring silently. My eyes kept darting over to the passenger seat subconsciously as if they were still hoping to see her sitting there. But there’s nothing here but her metallic silver shoes pumps and her iPod. I felt like the sole reason of their presence in this car was to mock me, silently screaming “You’ve underestimated me!” I had half an urge to just chuck them out of the window, leave the car here and just walk home. Cullen mansion was not very far anyway. Or maybe I should just torch it like Isabella had suggested. Leave no evidence. Not of a murder but the evidence of my weakness, prove of how pathetic it was for me to fall for her trick. And what did I fall into exactly? “What were you thinking Cullen? That she’s really your fiancée. That she wanted to be with an executioner like you? That she will overlook the deeds you have been carrying out since you came of age. You are a fucking murderer Cullen! Don’t forget that! You should have killed her the moment you got out of that place and discard her body in a random dumpster from some shady ally for dogs to eat. The first time in your life, you let your futile heart control your fucking emotions instead of your brains. And the result is right in front of you, you lose when you think with that thing, a heart is worth no good when it belongs to a monster” I screamed internally,

I got out of the stupid car, left the keys in ignition. Isabella is alive and well so there’s no need to destroy her car now. But I will hunt her down if it’s the last thing I do. I will find her, and I will make her pay. No one fucks around with Edward Cullen and gets away with it. So what if she took one of my pawns down, my dark knight is still waiting to pounce and finish her white queen off. This is just the beginning not a game over. Just you wait and watch Isabella, I will fuck you so bad, and all the whites in this game of chess will be drenched in blood red. That’s a promise I will die to keep.

The cold gust of the night outside sharply marred my face with another rap of insult, as if the whole nature was trying to convey their revulsion through the wind and dust salt in my open wound. I buttoned up and started to walk with my head held high, I am not going to surrender to an insignificant young women. Who was she to tell me I had lost the battle, when the war was still going on.

I took my cellphone out and called Esme. It was ringing but she didn’t pick up, it switched to voice mail_

Hey Esme, it’s Edward. I need to talk to you. Do not let anybody out of the house tonight; get Carlisle to set the alarm and whatever you do, DO NOT say anything to Hale about this. I’ll be coming in, in a few. And call me ASAP!” I left a message for her.

I don’t know if Jasper’s there yet but If he is and if he’s involved with tonight’s fiasco in any way then his body will be buried along with his tenacious sister before sunrise.

The murder of Wes McMordie was planned in high confidentiality even in our world. No one was supposed to know what was going to happen tonight. No one outside our family. There’s got to be valid reason for NYPD’s little showdown tonight. They knew something was going on; otherwise there was no chance that the cops should just drop in to say ‘Hello’ to a convicted criminal, an infamous drug dealer out of the blue, and that too on the same night, around the same time of our operation No one’s deduction is that good. Someone must have tipped them off. Not necessarily the details but the time and the date. And the funny thing is, not even everyone in the Cullen Family knew all the details. I mean, sure they knew the Wes had betrayed Aro to save his own ass so Aro wished for him to be killed as soon as possible and Jasper and I had been chosen to give his wish fulfillment. That’s all they knew, even we didn’t know when we’re going carry that deed out until this morning. Esme had called Jasper and me into Carlisle’s study and went through the whole plan. So, only the three of us knew the intricate specifics along with the absolute basics. So if there’s a rat in sight, it has to be either Jasper himself or his vain ass sister because I’m assuming he had told Rosalie all about it. Maybe she was the one who leaked the information, if it wasn’t Jasper. Or maybe both of them are working together.

I thought Jasper was smart, fast and reliable and because he was involved in bare knuckle boxing a couple of years ago, (and I heard he was pretty good too) he reminded me of an old revolver, heavy but very dependable. If you’re out of bullets you can always hit them on the head with it and in Jasper’s case knock’em out cold with a single punch. But I had no idea; he would do something as stupid as this. This was my first OP with him and it’s real ironic that my first OP with Jasper went down as the one that the cops “Accidently” got to know about and I almost got busted for the first time in my life.

Jasper Fucking Hale. He’s not going to go away with it either. I’m going to kill that motherfucker with my bare hands he’s proven guilty behind this fuckery. So, I made a mental note to put down the names of the Hale twins on my “People to kill before I die” list. I am going to hell anyway so why not take as many as I can with me. Death is going to find me one way or another. And to tell the truth I’ve long given up the hope of passing away peacefully in a warm bed somewhere as an old. I lost count of just how many people lost a parent, spouse, sibling or a friend because of me. I not a foul mouth*, I try to cause them as less pain as possible when I deliver them demise, but that doesn’t matter. A life is a life and rule is supposed to be ‘A life for a life’, I don’t believe in karma. If I had just dropped dead every time I took someone’s life away I’d be a fucking therapeutic wonder, wouldn’t I?

I was real thirsty, my throat hurt every time I gulped. I haven’t had anything, food or water since breakfast and all this hard work and the tragedy that followed was wearing off on me. I could have given away every last dime I have in my bank account just for a chilled bottle of mineral water and a soft, warm bed so that I could go to sleep and never wake up to see this forbidding world again. Isabella was right “When you live a life like that, you just can’t help but to hope that you’d die in your sleep someday”

How I hated her! How I hated myself even more for thinking about that bitch again as if she was still following my footsteps. She didn’t speak but it felt like I heard her. She didn’t show herself but it felt like I saw her, she wasn’t there but I did feel her and I never got to know her but I still wanted her.


I kept walking with my eyes on the ground and hands in my pockets. Hunger and thirst mixed with anxiety must be getting to my head severely because I could swear I just heard Bella’s voice again.

“HEY! Wait the fuck up! “She cried again. This time heard quick footsteps against concrete followed by insignificant blow to my spine and two slender hands crept up my torso from behind as Bella locked them around my waist. I grabbed them both with my own – to see if I was still awake and yes, I could feel her there, so this can’t be just a figment of my imagination- I freed myself and turned around to face her. She smiled up to me.

“What took you so long? I am freezing out here!” she complained as she looked around for something “And where the hell is my car?”

I was still staring at her, at a complete loss for words.

“Edward, I swear if something happens to my Audi before me I’m going to fucking kill you!” She threatened me. Bella was threatening to kill me!

“Hello! I’m not talking to the tree behind you! What’s wrong with you, Edward?” asked Bella, her lips twisting into an impish grin. I could just make out her eyes and teeth in the dark. Tonight the sky was as dim was a canvas splattered with pitch black.

“Bella!” I finally found my voice back. But it sounded so frail; today’s drama just took it all out of me. My battery was almost dead.

“Who else?” she laughed so freely that It made my arteries burn up with the foulest kind of venom there is. I took my gun out, took care of the fucking safety catch and pointed it at her chest. She looked from me to the gun and took one step forward and her hand readjusted the muzzle and she made me place it against her forehead.

“There you go, Edward. You can pull the trigger now” she stood still, with her eyes closed and hands behind her back. My finger inched towards the trigger and suddenly the planet whirled so fast everything around me blurred and faded into black and I knew no more.

I was lying awake in my bed with the brightest patch of sunshine I’ve ever seen in my life over my chest. My mother’s arms were around me. I looked at her face; she had this softest pink complexion, just crimson rose petals mixed with fresh milk, her long cool blond hair sprawled all over my sky blue pillows like unrestricted sea weeds made of silk. She smelled like sweet flowers, I took in her scent. How familiar it was to me, I felt like I’ve lived surrounded by her perfume in the air I had been inhaling since the day I was born. Whenever my mom used to leave me home alone for a few hours her scent threatened to leave me too and I would arise to feel sacred. But she always returned before her aroma was completely gone and I would feel secured again.

I remembered last night, it was sixth my birthday. I remembered her promise to me that she would never drink again. I remembered my wish –”I wish mommy wouldn’t drink any of that stuff ever again. We had such a great time today; from now on I always want her to be with me like this. Happy and loving, not passed out drunk, I wish she’d keep her promise till she dies”- and I blew the candle. I was so happy, yesterday was the happiest day of my life. My stomach growled, I didn’t know how late I was but I could tell that it was noon or almost noon anyway. Normally mom woke me up before eight before leaving for work. But why isn’t she getting up today to make breakfast yet?

Mommy, wake up its noon and I’m starving!” I sat up in the bed and her hands fell off my torso, limp and cold. Why was she so cold? I touched her cheeks and she felt like ice under my little digits. I poked her shoulders with my finger, she didn’t respond. I brushed hair off her beautiful face and her bright green eyes were open and fixed at me.

Mommy?” She didn’t blink or move. I shook her again and again but she just kept staring at me, glossy eyes and lifeless. I got off the bed and tried to make her sit up with every inch of strength I had but as soon as I let go of her shoulders her head hung, and her wilted body rolled off the bed and onto the floor.

No! Mommy, wake up! Please mommy wake up” I was pleading kneeling on ground beside her.

Mommy wake up!”

“Edawrd! Wake up!” I slowly opened my eyes and Bella was kneeling beside my body. I tried to sit up and she helped me. She looked frightened, her face was almost as white as a sheet. “Oh my god! Are you ok?”

“Yes. What happened?”

“I don’t know. I was waiting for you to pull the trigger and you fainted” she whispered hoarsely.

“How long?” I got up to my feet. I felt so tired, Bella tried to help me again by putting her hand around my waist and pulling my hand over her shoulders. But I shook her off and pulled away from her and went to stand a good 5 feet away.

“I don’t know exactly, a minute and a half maybe, Could be two. You honestly scared the living fuck out of me!” her voice was anxious. I don’t know what happened and I seriously didn’t know what to do with Bella now. I couldn’t finish her off; I just don’t have the energy left in me tonight. Maybe I should just take her home and one of the others can do me a favor and take care of her for me.

I looked back at her face and caught her staring at me.

“Why did you come back?”

“Come back where?”

“To me. Why did you come back after you’d managed to get away?”

“I never left Edward. I got on that cab and told the driver to drop me off here. I didn’t know where you were taking me so I figured that I’d just wait for you to drive by but you were taking time and…” she trailed off, biting down her bottom lip “and it’s not like I could have escaped from you for good even if I tried to, you would have hunted me down later today or by tomorrow anyway. I know I can’t run away from this whole thing, run away from you” she shifted her weight, uneasily.

“Why bolt in the first place when you knew you’d return to the person you’ve just escaped from?” I demanded, through my teeth.

“Because you wouldn’t believe me! You said that I have lost. I wanted to show you that you were wrong and prove that I did really want what I had said before; I did know what I was getting myself into when I came along with you tonight. Just because I didn’t put up a fight doesn’t mean that I can’t” she whispered roughly again, her voice shook with the chilly weather. And I just noticed that she was still unshod and without a coat, just in her off-shouldered blue dress that seemed black in the dark.

“You are mental!” I gaped at her open mouthed.

“So I have been told before” She laughed and my anger was begging to display its obnoxious dome above the surface again. I should take her there before I do something unwise.

“Come on” I sighed and beckoned her to follow me but she didn’t move.

“What now?” I asked, drained and exasperated.

“I can’t walk without shoes anymore and ….” She shuddered as another spine-chilling gust of wind caught her hair “I’m hurt”

“Where?” my stomach gave a sick flip.

“I kneeled down on glass or something” she said “It’s no big deal, but it aches when I walk” she showed me the fresh cut on her knee; I couldn’t see the wound because it was covered in blood.

“That happened when you were kneeling beside me?” I asked, horrified. I have killed so many people in my life and a few of them were complete and utter bloodbaths but just the sight of fresh blood running down her calf in a thick dark line and saturating the ground under her feet was making me sick.

She didn’t answer my question so I assumed that as a ‘Yes’. I sighed and started walk.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Where does it look like I’m going? I’m going back to get your car”

“I’m coming with you” she started towards me “No! You don’t need to come. It will take five minutes so just stay put please, I really don’t have the patience to deal with your games anymore tonight”

“I can come…” she tried again but I held up a hand and silenced her.

“If you don’t want to stay than go to hell, just get off from my face” I scathed.

“Fine” she snapped.

I don’t know how I did it, but I went back and got her car. It was right where I left it. I drove it back to her and she got in silently. Five more minutes later, I pulled into the Cullen driveway. All the lights were still on so I guessed Esme had done what I asked her to do already. I got out and went to hold the door open for her.

“You are one awfully pretentions bastard, aren’t you?” she shook her head in amazement “You act like some gentleman from 18th century Verona, Always so polite and shit. Please for the love of god, give it a rest man; I’ve just about had it with your bullshit courtesy”

“A bastard? Yeah maybe. But pretentious ? No. I am what I am Bella. I don’t need a mask to conceal my face or a charade to hide my actions. I am a criminal, a murderer, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t raised to behave myself well. My mo- I mean, Esme would still murder me if I ever disrespect a woman in front of her” I said. “But that doesn’t erase the fact that she had raised me to be an assassin. So, No Bella, I’m not feigning anything” I laughed bitterly “Unlike you…” I referred to the stunt she had pulled in the car earlier, trying to get away.

“Oh yeah, that” she recalled with a smug smile on her face. “I’m not sorry for what I did. You deserved it. You called me a liar!”

“Do you have risk addiction?” I asked her as she slowly got out, having to clutch the door frame for support. I instinctively put a hand around her waist for help but she glared at me savagely.

“Humph! Maybe I do” she picked her shoes up but didn’t bother to wear them again and to tell the truth they didn’t look comfortable at all. “And I can take care of myself” he shook my hand off and began to walk.

“Fine with me” I shrugged. I wonder what the others are going to say when I take her inside with me.

“I never heard you once complaining about exactly how I managed to get away from you” she was still scowling “Or did you like it?”

“Didn’t you?” I flung it back to her because I could still vividly remember the way her nails dug into my shoulders, her body begging me to hold her closer to me. The way she groaned when I ran my hands down her uncovered thighs, how she gasped when I started kissing her back.

“Cause the way I recall it, you responded quite convincingly to my touch” I looked back at her and found her blushing thirteen shades crimson at my words.

“I’m not going to lie but I’m not going to answer either” she kept frowning at me and I grimaced back.

“We better go inside, Esme is waiting” I said when I was sure that if we keep up this scowling completion will go on till sunrise cause neither of us seemed keen to back down first.

“Esme. The woman who you said had raised you, her own son, to be a “well-mannered” murderer?” She seemed lost in some unimaginable thought “Hmm, let’s go” she mused and took a few steps forward as I held the huge wooden double doors open for her, she walked in with her silver pumps dangling from the tip of her fingers. She sauntered slowly to the bottom of the staircase; I could tell her knee was definitely hurting like hell by now. But as proud as she was, Bella wouldn’t ask for assistance.

“I could carry you” I offered. After all she got hurt because of me and that’s the least I could do for her. She didn’t need to suffer a few minutes before someone kills her anyway.

“Thanks but no thanks. I believe I can manage on my own” she snapped.

“Bella, I know that you’re hurting and you’ve already established that you are stupidly uncontrolled, there’s no need to display that you are stupidly irrational too. You can’t climb up these stairs without injuring your feet even worse, there could still be a glass splinter stuck inside the wound. Let me carry you, please”

“I said I can manage” she repeated stubbornly and took in a deep breath, setting her mind up but I wasn’t having that. I scooped her up in easily my arms; she shrieked in surprise as she instinctively locked her arms around my neck to prevent herself from slipping off. But it was unnecessary; I had her in a secured hold regardless.

“I hate you” she was glaring bloody daggers at my chest.

“You are welcome” I ignored her comment. Like it even matters what the thought of me. Hate is good. If you they can’t love you, make sure they hate you. I climbed up the stairs carrying Bella and found the first floor empty. Where the hell was everybody?

“Emmett?” I bellowed.

“Edward! We are up in here” A male voice answered from the second floor and it wasn’t Emmett.

“Jasper!” I hissed quietly under my breath and Bella shrieked at the same second looking down at the stair steps, startled “I know, He is already here!” I muttered in a low voice but she shook her head violently and pointed towards the upper staircase.

“What?” I asked her and suddenly I got what she was trying to tell me, there were vast splotches of blood all over the steps it looked as if somebody had been dragged up those steps, bleeding blatantly.

“Shit!” I set Bella slowly down on her feet and she stood silently holing the wall for support, trying to gauge logic from my activities.

“You wait here” I hissed as I took my gun out, ready to fire Jasper’s brains out if he tries something funny and she nodded silently, her beautiful face anxious. And unless I was mistaking greatly, that anxiety was for my sake. She was afraid that something would happen to me. And the first time tonight I wished I didn’t have to kill her. For a wild moment, I wanted her to stay alive and with me.

I closed the distance between our bodies, and slightly raised her chin with my hand as she was shoeless and about a good 8 inches shorter than my 6 feet 2 inches.

“What is this Bella, concern? I am a big boy” I smiled down at her despite myself “I can manage on my own too

“I know. Big enough and ugly enough” she whispered irritated, “But I’m not feigning this time” she tried to stand on her tiptoe to kiss me but she failed with a sharp intake of breath as her knee ached at that movement.

“Allow me…” I said as I took her face in my hands and bent my head so our lips could meet, she kissed me softly once and then once again with more vigor and intensity, fisting the fabric of my already badly ruined shirt and pulled away slowly, breathing heavily.

“You were right” she whispered, taking my free hand in hers “About me, wanting the dangerous things for all the wrong reasons”

“You are a risk-addict” I groaned through my own labored breathing.

“I know” she smiled timidly “Go. I will wait for you here” she nudged me on.

I nodded in agreement and finally let go of her hand and deja-voo hit; it strangely felt like letting go of something that was priceless to me.

I ignored my bizarre notions and slowly climbed up to second floor and saw jasper siting in an armchair by the electric fireplace. Rosalie was sitting on the arms of his chair, pressing a cloth tightly against her brother’s left arm which was completely drenched in blood.

“Edward” jasper said meekly “thank god you are ok. I thought something had happened to you too. I’ve been hit ”

“Don’t move so much, you idiot!” Rosalie scolded him as she took another piece of slow white sheet of cloth, stepped on its corner with one foot and ripped a long, narrow patch from it with one hand, while still keeping the pressure on Jasper’s wound with the other. Then she added the newly torn pile of fabric over jaspers arm which instantly began to turn blood red.

“How?” that’s all I could manage to say at that moment.

“Does that matter now?” Rosalie growled with so much venom in her voice that was enough to turn the garden of heaven into an emaciated desert.

“Rose please” jasper looked at her with pleading eyes and she focused back on his arm again.

“Why is she doing that? Why haven’t you been to Carlisle? He could have fixed you up in no time…” I wondered why Rosalie was playing the paramedic when Carlisle has all the necessities in the house for this kind of emergencies. “Where is he anyway? And where is Esme or Emmett?”

“I don’t know. I just got in a few minutes ago, both of them are gone and Rose had been trying them since evening, none of them are picking up theirs cells or responding to messages” jasper said in a tired voice, his face was gradually turning a pale shade of blue, that looked peculiar against his honey blond hair.

“Let me take a look at the wound…” I offered as I finally shrugged the dark blazer off and rolled the sleeves of my shirt up but as soon as took one step in jasper’s direction, Rosalie stood with her back to him, facing me “Touch him and I swear I will blow your fucking head off, Cullen!”

She was pointing tiny revolver at me “Did you think we are really this stupid? Did you think we wouldn’t be able to tell? Or did you people think that we won’t even be alive till now? Was that your plan?” She spat, ferociously.

“What the hell are you talking about? I thought I was the one who should be asking you two the same questions, the date was leaked…” but she finished my sentence “And the only one who knew the whole thing apart from Jasper was YOU!” she screamed.

“You think I leaked the information? Disclosed the date and time of the murder that I was supposed to commit? Why you are not very smart, are you? Not that I even thought that you were, you stupid blonde!” I spat back at her.

“That’s it motherfucker! The joke is on fucking YOU this time, Cullen” she screeched, and her finger crept towards the trigger. I should have been able to finish her off in a second, but there’s no time left now. But I kept glaring at her; it’s too late to do anything now I thought but two things happened simultaneously at the same moment, a shiny silver boomerang went whooshing right above my ear and hit Rosalie in the hand and loud bang echoed through the whole room, trembling the chandelier above us hard. Rosalie’s gun flew out of her hand and landed somewhere near the staircase behind me, she had missed any part of my body by a wide margin and the bullet hit one of Esme’s paintings on the back wall. Now Esme’s copy of “A Girl in green” had a hole in her one of her emerald green eyes.

“Edward!” someone cried, I looked at my left and saw Bella with Rosalie’s revolver in one hand and a metallic pump dangling from the other. She was pointing the gun at Rosalie, who was gaping at her open mouthed; Bella’s other shoe that was now as flat as flip-flops was laying wrecked on the floor in front of Rosalie. I couldn’t believe it; she threw a shoe at Rosalie Hale! Oh lord! I think I almost fell in love!

“Are you out of your fucking mind again?” I yelled at Bella. Things could have gone seriously wrong, she could have missed Rosalie’s hand and I could be… “You are welcome. You’d be dead by now if I hadn’t stepped in and you owe me 579$ for the shoes” she yelled back at me still pointing the gun at Rosalie.

“What is that thing, Cullen? Your guard bitch?” Rosalie looked at her like she was some kind of slime stuck to the back of her shoes.

“I’m no guard, But do mind when I say this, my bite is a lot tougher than my bark” Bella answered coldly as I walk over to her and took the revolver from her hand, she didn’t protest. But she didn’t back off either, she kept eyeing Rosalie darkly.

I stood in front of her like a shield and faced Rosalie, she was looking murderous, her teeth were bare and she made a sound that almost sounded like a fucking hiss. If she had laser vision they would have penetrated my torso and blasted Bella to smithereens by now.

“OH! Edward I think something is happening to him!” Bella suddenly wailed from behind me, pointing at Jasper. All of our heads snapped in that direction, he had been so quiet for the past few minutes that I almost forgot about him. His eyes were closed and his head was immobile on the armrest, his face was still blue but now he had a thin line of warm blood running down the corner of his mouth. Jasper was dying.

“Jazz!” Rosalie ran to kneel beside her twin “Jazz! Don’t let go Jazz, stay with me! You are going to be fine” She tried to soothe him as she checked his pulse and judging from the renewed reassurance burning in her eyes… “He’s still struggling, we have to move him Edward, but he has lost a lot of blood!” Bella sounded so washed up as she started to move towards him, but I grabbed her hand to stop her. Rosalie isn’t in a right state of mind at the moment, she can do anything.

Bella looked up at me with prominent disgust, “He is dying!” she whispered hoarsely.

“HE IS NOT DYING!!! Jazz is not going to die! FUCK YOU!” Rosalie let out a spine chilling scream, without even bothering to look at us. Bella shuddered, and knees had had enough, they gave out and I wrapped my arm around her waist protectively because I could tell she’s going to fall any second.

“Yeah, that’s why I stopped you. She wouldn’t let anybody near him. She thinks we’re are bad guys, remember?” I muttered under my breath, loud enough for only Bella to hear.

“We have got to help…” she let out a silent sob, burying her face in my chest.

“We can’t. Not unless she lets us” I said, my own fatigue draining the last bits of strength out of me.

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    Are you still alive? Carlie? Sabrina?

  12. beby456 permalink
    July 3, 2010 3:04 am

    Ummm…. Are you still writing??

  13. Aylin permalink
    August 12, 2010 11:49 am


    is this site dead now? I soo loved this site:(

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