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Bullets and Black Roses: Chapter 5

February 28, 2010

A/N: I DO NOT own Twilight. Stephenie Meyer owns the saga and its characters.

Hey guys ! How was your week? I had a fucking long one!!!!

sorry for not posting last week. Studying for an upcoming exam is fucking me up worse than Edward!!!!

Bullets and Black Roses

Chapter 5: Coral blue carnage


The night was as dark as the angel of death’s heart. It looked like someone deliberately sprayed the sky with pitch black ink and did a very good job at it. I was leaning over the balcony railing. I checked the time on my Rolex as I lit another cigarette. This was my sixth one in the last half an hour. I was hiding out in the balcony to speak the truth. We’re at Carlisle and Esme’s place tonight and Esme has a strict rule ‘No one smokes in my fucking house’. Its ironic actually, people are allowed to carry geared up revolvers, shotguns and anti-aircraft firearms into this place but not a lit cigarette. It’s been almost 45 minutes since I took refuge in the third floor guest room. Carlisle sneaked me the key behind her back. And I was contemplating climbing down the pipes and getting the hell out of here. This house sickens me. is ok but enduring an hour with Esme is always bound to invoke unwanted memories. The same memories I worked very hard forget in the past five years. After Aro took me under his wing I became a cullen. Cullen is a kind of like a region code, named after Dr. Carlisle cullen. In our underworld, we divided the USA in 29 criminal states which include a few parts of Canada as well. And the Cullens run New York City. NYC criminals, starting from muggers and car stealers to the spies selling national “Top secret” information to foreign countries can’t do fuck with out getting an ok from the Cullens first. It’s like metropolitan area network. Criminals as individuals, groups, gangs and whatever other kinds of illegal gathering exists out there all have one thing in common.

A leader.

And the Cullens are the superior to them on the hierarchy. All the leaders have to answer to get a percentage of their money. And invest the money on restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and casinos to make the black money white. In short, everywhere and anywhere illegal activities take place. We make the connections. Our people supply drugs in exchange of firearms, Swap cash for stolen gold and diamonds, Provide young pussy for filthy rich bastards and a few more heinous things that even I don’t know about yet.

And sometimes it’s healthier not to know. Some things are better unknown.

And when you live a life carrying out these monstrosities, bloodbaths are inevitable.

I lost count of how many people I’ve killed, we’ve killed. How many families lost a daughter or a son or a sibling, how many children lost a parent, how many lost a spouse. At least I can console myself by recalling none of them were innocent. We don’t kill another human being just because they are there. That’s not our job. We kill people because they are stupid. Each, their own brand of stupid.

Some display stupidity by trying to steal from us, some by trying to hoodwink us, some by making an attempt to flee without clearing their debts. And another grand group of stupid fuckers get executed for trying to double cross or backstab us. Sometimes it makes me laugh, how easily they fall into their own traps. How they never realize the fact that we taught the principal of the school they learnt these foolish tricks from.


Stupidity is a untrustworthy tendency because you can always predict what a smart person would or could do in any given situation but a stupid person can do anything because they are stupid and that’s why you should never misjudge the odds of absolute stupidity.

Lucky for me and unlucky for some, in my world there’s no place for idiocy.

And as I said before the consequence of stupidity is death and often I, myself am the one to deliver death to them.

I finished my eleventh cigarette. Eleven is a very powerful number. It is a prime number. Eleven is unique. It can’t be divided by anything but eleven itself. Eleven people can built an army, make a soccer team. Eleven nations can conquer the world.

Eleven is the last number on the clock before a new day. A new start. Hence the saying “The Eleventh hour”

Eleventh hour is the last period to make something right, the last chance to change your decisions. The last opportunity to realize who you’re now and choose who you really want to be.

I eyed my middle finger, there was a ‘XI’ tattooed on it like a band stamp. All the cullens have roman numberings on their middle fingers. It’s a mark of our identity. All people have to do, is to look at the birdy and realize who they are dealing with.

I tossed my last cigarette out in the air. The burning tip vanished into the darkness below. I really hoped it didn’t land on any of Esme’s flower beds. She’d fucking shoot my ass for setting her precious orchids on fire. And that’s no joke my friends. She was the one who trained me. Esme cullen is the one who taught me ‘You must learn to kill before you can feel safe’

Fifteen years ago, after I killed James. Aro handed me over to Carlisle and Esme cullen.

I still remember it like it was yesterday…

I was looking down at James’s inert corpse resting peacefully on the carpeted floor with a small hole in his skull, with a smoking gun gripped firmly in my hand. I had never even touched a gun before that night, let alone shoot someone. Shoot someone dead.

Just after I heard James exhaling his last breath I was sure I was down to my own last breath too. I laid the gun down on the floor and closed my eyes, waiting to get killed. I was wondering how it would feel like when dozens of bullets will pierce my body. I was waiting to fall back in darkness that’ll swallow me up. For good.

I heard chairs toppling over and the unlocking clicks of safety catches around me.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Three minutes…

Nothing happened. I was still breathing. Still standing. Still alive.

I slowly opened my eyes, hoping to see firearms pointing at me. But my view was obstructed by a tall figure. A man with long jet black hair was standing in front of me like a shield. Aro was protecting me. I couldn’t see his face but I could observe the others. They had ‘confused as fuck’ written all over their mugs. After a few more seconds, they lowered their guns and hurried to huddle around James’s corpse.

Now Aro turned around, facing me. I thought maybe he wanted kill me himself but his expression was far from raged or upset. He silently picked up the gun from the dirty carpeted floor. And I could swear I saw a smile.

When you asked James where he shot Stefan….” He trailed off. Curiosity dominant in his eyes.

I wanted him to suffer exactly the way he made Stefan suffer” I said politely.

Hmm… That seems only fair. But I have to say you were in luck that James hadn’t shot Stefan in the heart or you’d have never been able find it” he said “I have a doubt he even had a heart” He mused to himself.

And you’ve never held a gun in your hand before tonight?” he asked.

Aro, I am eight years old. I have never even laid my eyes on a real gun before. I saw how you shoot someone on TV and James might have mentioned the mechanics of it” I smiled up at him. I was both pleased and horrified at myself. I was glad I punished the scum who killed Stefan. But I was disgusted at myself for the killing a walking, breathing human being without feeling an ounce of regret about it.

Aaha… A natural. You are a gifted child, Edward. I can already see the potential. You are going to do extraordinary things in our world. Appalling but extraordinary” he added.

I don’t want to be a part of your world” I said firmly.

Ahh…But surely no one wants to …they just have to” He said politely but making clear that was not a request but a command.

What happens if I don’t feel the need of having to?” I asked, thinking about my new family. My dad, Elizabeth, Alicia.

Let me tell you something Edward, over 2ooo children get kidnapped all over the world everyday. And only 20 of them survive to see another day and only 10 of those 20 children get to go back home. And that too, only if the kidnappers get busted. Now you tell me some thing, do you consider yourself among those 10?” he stared at me intently.

No I don’t, Aro” I realized that there was no way the cops are coming to rescue me. Aro was not kidding and if I disagree my body will be buried along with James’s tonight.

You are an intelligent child, Edward. I value intelligence” Aro stated but his hint was clear. Join or die. I remembered the promise I made to Alicia, to Elizabeth. That I would take care of my father for them. Then I thought if there was any way out of this vice grip of malevolence. Even if I said that I wanted to go back home and even if they make the call for ransom there’s no possibility of me still being alive tomorrow. They’d just take the money, trick my father and kill me regardless. They didn’t blindfold me or use code words. I could recognize all of their names and features in a heartbeat so it was evident they were planning to murder me anyway.

I will do whatever you tell me to do Aro but under just one condition” I thought of my father. I was sure he wouldn’t be stupid enough to involve cops in this matter and when he does come alone with the cash there’s a huge probability of him getting killed because of me. And that, I wouldn’t let happen. I shall not break my promise.

You don’t make a ransom call to my father; you don’t bother him with any kind of information. You make it certain that I, Edward Masen Jr. vanish off from the face of this earth just like that” I snapped my fingers “And I shall obey your every command” I stated, looking him in the eyes.

Wonderful! You truly are one of a kind, Edward. Consider your prerequisites fulfilled” he chimed.

Now, you are a natural shooter” he said shifting his gun from one hand to another.

And to shoot you need a gun. You see this..” he showed me his gun.

Is a Desert Eagle .50. This gun is a bit heavier than others. But heavy is fine. Heavy is dependable. If you are out of bullets you can always hit someone in the head with it” He said walking over to his couch. I followed him quietly and reclaimed my previous position beside him.

This gun is my gift to you” he laid it on my lap. “But you’ll only be able use it when you become 18. As for now, your temporary guardian is going to hold onto it for you”

My What?” I asked, confused. I thought Aro was just thinking about including me in the lot that survives to see another day. This man was insane.

Your transitory guardian, Edward. You are just a child. You can’t look after yourself. So I’m going to have to hand you over to someone who can” he explained. I was getting more agitated by every passing second but I struggled to keep a calm face. The fact that I was never going to see my father or my half sister again was killing me. But I had no other option.

What ever you wish, Aro” I gave in.

Don’t worry child. You are a treasure to me. You will be in good hands. Your guardian is going to be the most practical and kind hearted person working for me. Esme cullen is going take great care of you and train you. She is one of our best shooters. And her husband Dr. Carlisle Cullen is going to teach you everything you need to know about our world. They are a pair of the best people I have. You will be a part of their family. After a year they are legally adopting you. You will stay with them as their son”

But my father is still…” I started but Aro hushed me “you don’t need to worry about that. You won’t exist as a Masen anymore. They’ll make all the arrangements. It’s easy and has been done before many times. They already have another adopted son, Emmett McCartney. Well, now he is Emmett cullen. And likewise, you are going to be Edward cullen”

And an hour and a half later a woman with a heart shaped face and soft caramel brown hair was summoned there. She was voluptuous and looked no more than 27-28. She had the kind of face and persona that no one could ever distrust. She was wearing a loose-fitting violet turtleneck that came down to her thighs over a pair of stone washed denims. Judging by the way she glanced at me, I could tell she was Esme Cullen.

After discussing a long while with Aro she turned around and faced me. I stared at her. She winced and looked away, caressing a mark on her middle finger. At first I thought it was a scar but when I looked properly, I saw there was ‘IX’ inked around her finger. She glanced nervously at Aro once more and Aro nodded in agreement.

Then the woman came over to where I was standing and offered me her hand. I took it and she led me out of that place. When we were walking I heard Aro mutter something that sounded like “we’ll meet again soon, Edward cullen”

The woman never let go of my hand as we climbed up a narrow staircase and walked through rooms full of cardboard boxes till we reached a white jeep. I was curios about what was in those boxes but I was contemplating either or not it was a good idea to ask her that question. But because I, was me; I decided to go for it. Surely, she’s not going to shoot me just for asking a simple question.

What is in those boxes, Esme?” She haltered to a stop when I called her by her name and looked down at me. I stared back at her. She let go of my hand and said “Ammunitions” I kept my gaze locked with hers.

I was confused. What the hell is’Ammunition’? She understood and smiled.

Firearms, Every thing starting from revolvers and shotguns to missiles and anti aircraft weapons”

All I could say was “OK” this was not a good sign. These people are criminals and their crimes are destructive, that I was sure about. Esme was still looking down at me, trying to read my face. She sensed my agitation and laughed quietly.

Does that scare you? From what I’ve been told you have earned a Desert Eagle .50 yourself and even got to use it. Aro told me to hold onto it for you till you come of age”

I won’t be needing it anymore, thank you” I stated firmly.

Oh! You’ll need it alright. In our world a dog is not a man’s best friend, a gun is”

Still” I tried to stand my ground.

Guns don’t kill people, Edward. People kill people” she rubbed her tattooed finger again.

But they sure help” I looked up at her and she laughed again.

Aro was right about you. You have a gift” She said as she held the jeep’s passenger door open and I saw a handsome man with back brushed blonde hair was already sitting in the driver’s seat. He leaned forward and kissed Esme lightly on the lips.

Edward, this is my husband Carlisle Cullen” He smiled, offering me his hand so that he could pull me into the jeep. And I noticed he had the same kind of inking around his middle finger. His was a ‘VIII’.

Edward” He greeted me, fastening my seat belts on. It was obvious he had already been told my name.

Thank you Dr. Cullen” I thanked him as Esme crammed in beside me.

You are welcome, my boy. And call me Carlisle. You are a part of our family now, too…” He started to drive through a deserted road.

The eleventh Cullen” Esme finished her husband’s sentence.


See this” she flipped her middle finger at me, if I hadn’t seen the marking before I would have thought of it as a rude gesture “this is a mark of a Cullen. We all have them. I am the ninth cullen. Carlisle is the eighth” She pointed at her husband’s finger.

Emmett is the tenth although he hasn’t got his numbers marked yet. You need to be at least sixteen before we mark you permanently. It’s like an identity Card so that others recognize you and show you the respect that comes with the cullen name in our world” she explained slowly and Carlisle leaned over a bit and ruffled my hair.

But how can names or guns buy other’s respect? Don’t you have to earn it?” I asked, bewildered.

Carlisle looked at me and then at her. His eyes searching Esme’s. Esme nodded in silent agreement and Carlisle shrugged.

Well, when you are a Cullen and you’re able to make it alive till your eighteenth birthday to possess a gun legally, then you can rest assured that the respect you’re being granted is earned and in some cases less than you actually deserve” Esme muttered bitterly.

So, Am I a Cullen now?”

It will take a few months get the paper works done for adoption and a few more months to get the other paperwork done which will prove that you are eligible for adoption. But other than that, as soon as you take your first step inside the Cullen residence you’ll become a Cullen” Carlisle explained as we hit the highway.

Welcome to the family, Edward Cullen” Both of them whispered at the same time.

“Edward? Edward? Edward, are you in there? EDWARD!!!” Emmett’s voice boomed, followed by heavy banging on the door.

“What?” I yelled back at him, irritated by his banging. “And who the fuck taught how to knock? I thought you were trying to bring the door down”

“Button your piehole and get your vain ass downstairs before Esme comes up here to find you. They are here, the Hale Twins” he toed me downstairs.

“Who are they?” Hale…hale… I was positive I’ve heard the name before.

“Jasper and Rosalie Hale. Jasper is the best con artist in our business And Rosalie… well Rosalie…” Emmett’s cheeks flushed thirteen shades of red. Emmett is my adopted big brother. And he is big alright. He is huge and strong like a grizzly bear and has muscles like a serious body builder. His jet black hair is always cropped short like the U.S army.

People generally give Emmett a wide berth just in case. But he is actually the least hostile Cullen after Dr. Cullen himself of course. He is habitually friendly, all smiles and dimples that light up the whole fucking world. And judging by the still visible pink flush on his face whoever Rosalie Hale was, has tugged him in someplace others don’t believe we possess. A heart.

“Okay let’s just go downstairs and find out what kind of divine ‘Pussy’ has caught your tongue” I smiled and ducked as Emmett tried to smack me in the head “Fuck you Edward Cullen”

“You don’t need to do that. Leading life as a Cullen has already fucked me up hard enough” I threw back at him simply.

“I guess nobody dies virgin in the Cullen family cause in the end life fucks us all” Emmett laughed bitterly.

“Fucking life fucking us before we fuck…..”I was going to say something but Esme’s voice tuned in from the bottom of the stairs “… And if I hear the word ‘fuck’ one more time, I’m seriously gonna fuck both of your asses up. Emmett, Edward, I raised you two better than this” Esme gritted her teeth and the both us snickered.

“Yes, Mom” Emmett put on his best guilty face. He knew Esme was a sucker for that face. Fucking bastard.

Esme was waiting for us at bottom of the stairs. She’s my mother for all intense and purposes. She and Carlisle had adopted me when I was almost nine. And I had lived with them in this house till I became eighteen. Emmett and I moved out on the day after my eighteenth birthday and got our own place in Brooklyn. But Emmett likes to stay here more often than our place. He says it feels like the home he never really had. In a sense, that was true for me too. But this house sickens me. It’s bad enough that I have to show my ass up here every time we have to confer an operation. And as our ops are never anything less heinous than torturing someone or plotting a murder, our conferences are not always civil. And, tonight we are recruiting two more people. We are here to welcome two more Cullens into our so called family.

“Where the hell did you vanish off to? You were smoking, yeah? I can smell it. Carlisle sneaked you the keys, didn’t he?” She turned to glare at him and Carlisle suddenly became very busy with setting the knives and forks just right for tonight’s dinner.

“Sorry, Esme” I kept my gaze locked with hers. Emmett calls her mom, I never did. She tried to encourage me when I was younger, but I told her ‘I know my mother is dead’ after that she gave up trying. But I can still see it in her eyes that she never actually gave up hoping that maybe someday I will call her my mother. I am a selfish person, I don’t love or care for anyone beside myself. But sometimes, I can’t help myself caring for Esme.

“Come, let’s go. They are waiting in the living space and we can’t start the initiation without you” she said, looking away and grabbing my hand. We walked into the living space with Carlisle tailing us. The first thing that caught my eyes was their hair; both of them had the same shades of honey blond hair. I saw Emmett laughing about something with the male blond and the female, who must be Rosalie, was sitting on Esme’s lather couch wearing low cut black dress and black pearls. The first thought that comes to your mind when you see her is ‘She has to be the most beautiful woman in the world’ because of her long toned legs and gorgeous face but after the few seconds of charm gets over, you start to process the vain look on her face, the bitterness on the set of her lips, the fire in her amber eyes and the invisible walls all around her and she won’t seem as beautiful anymore.

Esme led me forward to where the blond male was standing with Emmett. He had the same ocher eyes and was exceptionally handsome too. And unlike his sister he had an uncommon charm about him that’ll make you curious, you’d want to know more about him and decipher his deepest and darkest secrets.

“Edward this is Jasper hale and Jasper, this is my other son Edward” Esme introduced us.

We shook hands and I noticed a thin strip of bandage wrapped around his middle finger.

“Already marked, huh?” I asked, smiling.

“Yep, unlucky thirteen” Jasper smiled back at me.

“So it’s official then. Figures, Aro doesn’t do anything half way through, does he?” I said.

“You tell me” an unfamiliar voice chimed in from behind with an obvious hint of sarcasm. I turned around and found Rosalie Hale standing a foot from me.

“Edward” she shook my hand and let go quickly. And judging from the thick band-aid around her middle finger, she has already been marked as the 12th Cullen.

“Rosalie” I greeted her. “It’s a pleasure to meet both of you. And you’re right Rosalie; Aro truly doesn’t do anything without thinking it thoroughly. If he has asked Carlisle to include you two in our family than there’s must be something special about you guys” I said politely.

“Special!” Rosalie scoffed and Jasper smiled.

“Well, As far as I have been told your brother is one of the best conman there is and you….” I trailed off curiously.

“Only a woman can make men talk with kisses” She smiled mischievously.

“I see. Nice. Making some people talk without pointing a gun at their faces is a hard job for us. Most of them, we have to kill after we get the information we need and the other few gets killed anyway for divulging secrets they weren’t allowed to share” I mused “You are going make life easier for me and Emmett, and now for Jasper too” I looked at him and saw him eying my piano curiously.

Emmett turned and muttered something that sounded like “Speak only for yourself. She has made my life harder from the moment she stepped inside this house”

“Okay, now every one has met everyone. Lets get on with dinner and we shall discuss the next op afterwards” Esme declared and every one followed her into the dining area.

It has been a week after the initiation. Jasper and Rosalie Hales are now Jasper Cullen and Rosalie Hale Cullen (Rosalie absolutely refused to give up her own last name so we had to compromise on her part).

Tonight’s op is to murder a silly fucker who dared to double-cross us. The Target’s name is Wes McMordie. He is a highly secured drug dealer who made the mistake of co- operating with the NYPD and Aro wants him dead before he gets a chance to give us away. Emmett and Rosalie are sitting this one out. As planned, Jasper had wormed his way into his privet circle as a foreign client, he displayed himself as one of the haves in the Drug business and that idiot fucker swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Mcmordie has invited Jasper and his intrigued friend (that is me) to his deluxe Manhattan villa in order to finalize a deal. If only he knew he had invited us to finalize his death!

Again as planned, once we were inside the villa we didn’t waste time and three minutes into his grand study, that old bastard was lying immobile on the expensive marble floor with a bullet in his heart.

As soon as we got the briefcase we were told to bring back, we emptied all the contents into the messenger bag Jasper was carrying and we were out of there. We managed to hoodwink the security but only for a short while, which gave us just about enough time to get in a car and step on it.

That was my first op partnering Jasper and by the looks of things, both of us thought that we had nailed it. But half way to the Cullen mansion, I was forced to turn around and drive risking life and limb.

I was counting … One… two … police cruisers tailing us and another pair closing the distance from both sides. Jasper shot at the one on our left and their windshield shattered into a thousand pieces. I drifted to my left and Jasper shot a few more rounds at the few that were still chasing us.

“Edward, I can’t hold them off much longer! We have to get out of this car!” he shouted as he reclined back the passenger seat and rolled onto the back. He picked up a much heavier gun from the back of the seats and shot at them nonstop.

I have to say I was dazed to see him come as prepared when the plan was so simple. Too simple actually. I had a feeling something was just not right. The NYPD were not supposed to know fuck about it tonight. I smelled a rat but this was hardly the time to contemplate on that.

All I needed to do was save my own ass. I had to think fast, I drifted to my right and hit another car that collided with a minivan on its left. Those two vehicles created a barrier between our car and the cop cruisers. But that bought us only a few minutes, I saw Jasper kicking the back door open and making a run for it. I got out myself and ran through a narrow alleyway. I could still hear Jasper and the cops firing randomly at each other. I took out my Desert Eagle and landed on another neighborhood street. I intended to get myself mixed with the crowd but I heard someone yell “The other one went this way!” from behind. I stopped slowly and found out that “the other one” wasn’t me, I saw Jasper running and shooting backwards at them simultaneously, he still had the bag. One of the cops caught a bullet in his right arm and his gun flew out of his hand and Jasper caught it. Now he was firing with both hands, vanishing into another alley. He knocked a woman down in his haste, she fell down awkwardly and her heel snapped. But I couldn’t believe my eyes when that idiot Jasper offered her a hand, she took it but her leg was too hurt for her to stand up. So he mouthed her hurried apologies and sprinted over to a building and started to climb the fire escape ladder.

The moment his feet disappeared into an open window another team of armed cops bustled down the narrow alley. I don’t know why I was still standing there but it felt like my legs were iced up.

I half-ran half-walked into a random restaurant, ‘This is bad. This is really bad’ I thought.

If I didn’t think of some way out of this quickly, my ass would be on the line.

I hurried to find the restroom. I knew that was not an ideal place to hide because that’s the first place they’d search when they suspect something and this is the only restaurant on this street and there’s a fifty-fifty chance they had seen me.

Just as I entered the restroom another man was finishing drying his hands. He was tall, skinny and bald. He was wearing a back blazer over a ‘forget me not’ blue T-shirt that said ‘I’m too sexy for my hair, that’s why it isn’t there’. I looked down at myself, I was wearing a grey jacket over a white dress shirt.

I fished my gun out again and pointed it at his bald head “Ok Sexy boy, exchange your blazer with my jacket and get he fuck out of this place if you love your sexy self even a little bit”

He shrugged out of his blazer and handed it to me with trembling hands. I shrugged into it, it was just about snug, but otherwise fitted me perfectly. I splashed my face with cold water and smoothed my hair and got out of the restroom, kicking myself mentally for walking inside this trap.

And not so much to my surprise, the cops were swarming the place already. I walked slowly, keeping a calm face. Almost every table was full except for one. Only a girl was sitting on that one with her back turned to me. It was weird because all the people in that place were either eyeing the cops or talking in raised voices. The NYPD had raised hell but that girl was sitting quietly, concentrating really heard on something. At first I thought she was deaf. But then I saw she was sitting glossy eyed, with a single black rose in front of her.

I was just about to ask her if I could sit down with her because the cops were checking each table when she turned around and noticed me. It felt like time started pass before I knew it and I was frozen. She was beautiful and her chocolate brown eyes sparkled when she saw me. And before I could say or do anything, she flung herself at me asking what I was doing there and I found myself embracing her back. She was wearing a coral blue dress and that color looked striking against her pale luminescent skin tone. Her dark brown hair smelled like strawberries. She inhaled my chest and tried to break free but I tightened my grip around her waist.

She managed to look up at me and I could see pure horror on her face as realization hit her. She tried to say something but the cops were too near to risk a drama right then so I tried to shut her up with a kiss…. That kiss…was like being born again, that kiss was like seeing the moon for the first time, that kiss was like kissing an angel, kissing her.

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