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Bullets and Black Roses: Chapter 4

February 12, 2010

A/N: I DO NOT own Twilight. Stephenie Meyer owns the saga and its characters.

Hey guys ! How was your week? I had a fucking long one!!!! Moving your ass across country is tough ass job! Anyway here is chapter 4 and 5 is coming up next week!!

Bullets and Black Roses

Chapter 4: Scarlet lust


It was a warm and peaceful Saturday morning in Manhattan. The sun shone brightly in the sky. Patches of penetrating sunrays leaking into the room through the gaps between snowy white curtains danced playfully over the foot of the bed. I wiggled my toes a bit. My perfectly pedicured nails glistened in the light coming through the extended French doors. French doors……French doors! Wait just fucking minute there… I don’t have French doors in my bedroom.

My eyes snapped open and quickly sat up, looking around frantically. My head hurt and stomach gave a twist. Where the fuck was I?

I was in a huge room with white furniture’s. There were a lot of magazines, books and a laptop lying haphazardly on a coffee table a few feet away from me. The floor was almost invisible under the layers of empty M&M wrappers, coffee cups, beer cans, water bottles and cigarette packets. A LOT of empty cigarette packets. And clothes. There were clothes everywhere. T shirts and jeans lying on the floor, on the couch, and there were two huge cardboard boxes full of dirty cloths in the corner of the room. I was just hoping whoever boxed those stuff would burn them when I saw my scarlet dress lying on the floor next to pair of dark jeans and black and white Nike snickers.

I looked down at myself. I was wearing a grey stoli shirt that was a lot bigger size than me. It just came down to my ass. Whoever this shirt belonged to must have some deep emotional attachments to it because the logo was badly faded and bits of it that were coming off were carelessly sewed back with blue thread. Oooh… if only Alice was here to see what I was wearing! There would have been a fucking carnage.

Then my eyes fell on the owner of this horrible shirt. He was laying flat on his stomach, his head was turned the other way only his bare back and tousled chestnut hair was visible to me.

What the fuck happened last night?

I remembered flickers from last night. I remembered being in my Audi with alice… I remembered Zafrina dressed in a far top and lather shorts…. I remembered her showing us around and we saw a…. horse? Yes it was a horse; in fact there were four of them. I remembered patting the pretty white one….. I remembered fire …. Flaming glasses…. I remembered Alice on the bar top ….. Alice doing tequila shots one by one from another person’s body who was lying flat on the bartop? I remembered myself dancing with someone but I can’t remember who… I think I might have elbowed some hard because he touched my back. Touch me….

Suddenly I recalled my own voice begging someone to touch me. And rest came flooding back to me. Him kissing me… the way his tongue glided with mine… the feel of his arms around me… his lips on my throat, my shoulders, my stomach, his hands cupping my tits, his long fingers tangling with my hair… his bluish gray eyes snapping open with pure lust and boring into mine as I gripped fingers around him …. My fists reclaiming his hair as he thrust inside me, deep and hard. I remembered my nails digging into his shoulders as my mind muddled in unimaginable pleasure.

I slowly leaned in closer to his sleeping body, squinting my eyes for some kind of proof that last night really existed and those moments of ecstasy were not just a part of my alcohol induced dreams. And surely enough there were scratch marks on his back and shoulders. I gasped at the sight. Fuck! That had to hurt… but I was sure I didn’t recall him complaining when he received them.

I slowly reached out and brushed my hand against his back, my fingers running through his hair and resting on his spine. A slight shudder passed through his body when I touched him again. I left my hand on his back and he stirred, rolling onto his side and facing me… and his visage knocked me fucking off. His gray eyes were a few shades brighter than list night; his lips were the natural shade of pink for which Alice would’ve swam across any ocean to get it in lip-gloss. He had slight stubble from last night and his jaw…. All my thoughts messed up again as I eyed his jaw.

“Oh… hey… good morning, Isabella” he yawned loudly.

“Good morning! Errr…” I was kicking myself for not being able to remember his name.

“Ouch! That hurt, Isabella. You can’t even remember me?” he asked in a sexy British accent.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have much recollection of last night” I hung my head in shame, my cheeks blushing thirteen shades of red.

He popped up on one elbow and took my hand is his. “You don’t remember anything?”

“Well, I do remember some things….” I trailed off suggestively as I brushed fingers cross his chest and another shudder ran through his body. He had a little chest hair but not in a gross way. I liked it. He was definitely no body builder but his abs were firm and toned. He looked sexy. Really sexy.

“Oh you remember this, do you?” He smirked as he caught my hand in his and pulled closer so that his arousal was pressed up against my stomach.

“Fuck! Rob” I gasped “yes I do” I whispered as his name came screaming back to me. Or rather I remembered myself screaming his name repeatedly when I told him to make me cum last night. His name is Robert pattinson. He is an actor.

“Good girl, she remembers my name” his hand disappeared into the stoli shirt I was wearing “Now, tell me Isabella, what else do you remember?” his fingers glided across my stomach, the heat from his hand burning my skin and raising other senses that originated from the most feminine parts of my body as his other hand grabbed my ass lightly.

“Do you remember this?” he asked playfully as he his nose glided against my jaw and he brushed a few stands of my hair back so he could take my earlobe in his mouth. “Fuck” I gasped throatily as his bit me softly once and leaned away to look down at me questioningly.

“I …I …I…” I struggled for words. His presence was greatly obstructing my though process “I….I need to take this call” I broke free from his erotic embrace and bolted from the bed as Alice’s ‘Supermassive Blackhole’ rang loudly through out the room.

“Where the fuck is my phone?” I looked around hysterically. I saw him wrapping a white bed sheet around his waist as he stood up to help me look for my phone. I looked under the bed and there was a shirt along with my shoes but no cell phone.

“I got it” he called suddenly and I bumped my head on the corner of his bed frame. He handed me my scarlet phone and kissed me on the sore spot lightly.

“Hello Alice” I said as I rubbed my forehead.

“Bella! Where. The. Fuck. Are. You?” she seethed in a voice colder that ice.

“Calm the fuck down, Alice. I’m alright” I whispered as I watched Rob slip into a pair of faded blue jeans and walk over to a telephone set on the bed side table.

“Bella, I’m still waiting for an answer” Alice said bitterly.

“I’m with some one” I told her.

“Are you talking about that British actor who was wearing a great dirty stoli shirt and a black beanie?” her tone softened a bit and I could almost hear a smile in her voice.

“Yes, I am at his hotel” I confirmed.

“Uhh… Isabella?” Rob called with his hand covering the telephone mouthpiece “Sorry but I’m ordering room service. Do you want anything?” he asked politely.

“Yes, Get me a toothbrush, a bathrobe, a few extra towels and anything edible with a lots of chocolate in it” I smiled back at him.

“Was that him? Whoa! Sounds like beanie boy has a very very very sexy accent” Alice sneered into the phone.

“Yes he does. And now if you don’t mind I’m going to go and take a shower” I said as I eyed the dirty T shirt I was currently in.

“Bien sûr and I’m sorry for disturbing you guys. Bella, I just get worried you know. I woke up this morning on Zafrina’s couch sporting a terrible headache and you were gone. No one could tell where you were and you weren’t answering your phone. So kept trying and I thought…. ” Alice blurted out under her breath.

“You worry too much Alice, I’m OK ‘sain et sauf” I said “More than fine actually” I smiled as I saw Rob put the phone down and look up at me. He had such a cute smile.

“I’ll talk to you later Bella; clearly your attention is occupied with somethi….Someone else” Alice laughed as she corrected herself jokingly.

“Yeah, Later”

“Bye” I cut the line.

“Sain et sauf, huh?” he cocked an eyebrow at me.

“You speak French?” I asked him as he reached out and grasped my hand again.

“Oui, Hardly. I’m very bad at it” he admitted sheepishly as he pulled me closer so that I could sit on his lap.

“You are very bad at cleaning too” I teased him, my eyes darting across his place.

“I know” He smiled “I’m just a dirty old lad”.

“What is in those boxes?” I asked, pointing at them.

“I never wash anything. I just buy new cloths when I’m out of clean things to wear. So, those are my dirty laundry from last couple of months and I’m waiting to send them to my mum in London” He laughed.

“I hope that was a joke” I stared at the boxes, bewildered.

“Its not” He said a matter of factly and we heard a knock followed someone calling “Room service!”

“Ahh…Excuse me, Isabella” He said sweetly and I got from his lap. I watched him as he quickly picked up a shirt from the floor and went to answer the door. The guy who brought the trolley in looked around Rob’s room and his smile faltered as he took in the unbelievable mess.

“Will you be needing anything else, Sir?” he asked Rob, trying his best to be polite. But he looked like as if he was about cry after witnessing the state of the room.

“No thank you” Rob slammed the door behind him.

“That’s why I don’t like ordering room service. I wake up every morning and my room is too messy to let another human being in. So I end up eating M&M’s for breakfast and it takes me about five hours to find them. That’s how I spend the first five hours of my day, by the way” he explained as he handed me the toiletries and pushed the trolley towards the bed.

“That explains the M&M wrappers. And judging from all the coffee cups and cigarette packets, you lead a very stressful life” I smiled as I heard him gasp when I pulled out of his stoli shirt and shrugged into the soft bathrobe. I never understood the deal with people and nudity. I mean It’s just skin. Every woman looks the same when naked. And its not even like he hadn’t seen me a lot more naked than this last night.

“That I do” he whispered slowly, licking his lips. I gulped, recognizing desire in his voice again.

“Ok then, what is for breakfast?” I asked quickly, trying to change the topic.

“Umm… Eggs and Bacon for me …and …. I don’t know… I told them to bring up everything they had with chocolate in or on it” He eyed the trolley full of chocolate delicacies.

“What… are you…” I began but couldn’t continue as I saw the embarrassment on his face. What a goofball! What an adorable, sexy as fuck British goofball….

“Thank you, Robert” I said sweetly and he smiled back.

“Now, I’m going to take a shower before we have a very chocolaty breakfast. I don’t think I would fit into what I wore last night anymore” I joked.

“Rubbish, Isabella” he said “What you wore last night killed half of my brain cells along with my self-control. All I could think about was you and your red dress. All I wanted to do was discover the few parts of you that this dress of yours did manage to conceal” he recalled as he shook is head in realization. “But let me be the one to admit, you looked irresistible in that thing. Breath-taking, heart stopping, flawlessly beautiful”

“Its nice to know you had a good time” I looked up at him blushing eighty four shades of scarlet

“Would I ever get to see you again after today?” he asked innocently.

“No, I don’t think so Rob. And I don’t think Kris would like it very much if you did” I said as more of last nights memories came screaming back to me.

“Wha…Wait do you…how do you know Kristen?”

“I don’t. But you called me by her name more than once when we were… you know you called me kris last night” I explained, blushing slightly. Is it weird that I didn’t feel any resentment towards him for calling my by another women’s name during fucking me? I don’t know. But I just didn’t or couldn’t find it in myself to be envious of whoever Kristen was. His love for this woman was as clear as daylight in his brilliant grey eyes.

And people don’t just love people easily just as they don’t forget the person they love or once had loved easily. I know that’s a bit rich coming from me…. The angel of death.

But I’m not stupid and nor is Robert. Fucking someone you are just attracted to don’t make you love him/her or leave the one you love.

“I’m sorry, Isabella. She does look a lot like you” he took my hand and gave it light squeeze, looking down at his feet.

I pressed my palm against his right cheek and he leaned into my hand instinctively.

“You really love her, don’t you?” I smiled.

“It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t know. She doesn’t feel the same way about me. She never did” he said without meeting my eyes.

“Well, have you told her?”

“Yes, I even asked her to marry me like four times, not seriously. But, I did confess my love to her, and you can’t be any more serious than that. I guess she couldn’t find enough earnestness in my words or whatever. And, She has a boyfriend anyway” he hung his head.

I let my hands lay against his cheek and my other hand curved around his neck slowly so that I could make him look at me.

“The day when she’ll seriously take your feelings into account will be the day that’ll change her life forever. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to be with you… to love you” I touched his lips tenderly with mine “She is truly a very lucky woman” I whispered and his lips moved with mine.

“But you don’t want to be with me” he stated firmly, pulling away from me and holding me at his arms length. His eyes sparkled silver-gray in the brilliant daylight that brightened the room.

“I don’t” I admitted. There was just no other way to explain what I was feeling right at that moment. Its not like I wasn’t attracted to him and it would be a huge lie if I said that my spirit wasn’t impaired by the truth. But I’ll be damned if kept him away from his destiny. It was almost inevitable that he and Kristen would find their soul mates in each other eventually. It’s just a matter of time now. This kind of love can not be buried under layers of ashy lava rocks beneath the surface of this earth or a colossal frozen substantiation of a raged avalanche. This kind of love breaks out of all the imaginable barriers people put between them and their hearts. I know that Rob would never be able to want me the way he wants her. And that’s not good enough for me. I might not be much when it comes to relationships or love I want to be somebody’s Kristen too.

“I don’t date, Robert” I smiled apologetically “and you and I are very different people, regardless. You are like a glass filled with aged white wine, purity and maturity that you can see from outside. And I am like a cube of ice, you can pick me up and hold me in your hands for a while, you can close your fist around me. It will hurt but in vain. I will turn into water and escape from your hold” I said.

“And when that happens, you will have no one else but yourself to blame for trying to make the impossible possible” I added.

“Then I should tell you that you should not underestimate the probability of sheer stupidity” he laughed.

“I wouldn’t want to think you are stupid, would I?” I smiled back at him.

“I guess this is goodbye then” his voice was sad.

I freed myself from his grip and took a few step forwards to the bathroom door and turned around, slipping out of my bathrobe.

“No, it’ll be goodbye when I say goodbye. For now, I’m just going to take a shower in your bathroom. You mind?” I mocked him. His mouth was hanging open.

“Do you mind if I join you in the shower?” Rob asked tentatively.

“If you want some, come get some” I quoted John Cena. And don’t ask me why.

“If I what?” he asked omitting the distance between our bodies in long strides.

“Oh just shut up and kiss me already” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around his neck and lips met for the last time.

I was sitting in La maison’s waiting for Alice. She was being late, which is a first for her. Alice is as fucking punctual as an omega wrist watch. I was sitting with a black rose in front of me. That was a first time too. When I got back home from Rob’s hotel this afternoon, I found a parcel waiting for me in the lobby. The sender address said


Rose black.

Forks. Washington.’

I asked the receptionist who had left it there but she said FedEx delivered it. I took the box back into my room and surely enough there was a single black rose inside. This was getting insane.

I was just thinking about what Alice would say when I show her this rose tonight when I heard foot steps an inch behind me. I turned around and saw Rob. He was dressed in a white dress shirt and a black blazer.

“Oh my god! What are you doing here” I squealed as I got up and flung myself at him. He put his arms around me too but there was something different about the set of his arms. He smelled different too. I mean, not in a bad way. Just different from this morning or last night. I tried to pull away but his arms were firm around my waist. I readjusted myself so I could look at his face. My stomach gave a sick flip and my suddenly violent heart wanted to come out of my orifice.


Though he looked a lot like him, he was taller and hunkier. His eyes were the most brilliant set of green I’ve ever seen against his pale complexion. His hair was a tousled disarray of reddish-brown. And his skin sent flames up my nerves wherever he was touching mine.

“Who are….” My words never managed to leave my throat because he pulled my face upto his and kissed me full on the mouth. My mind became muddied and I couldn’t find it in me to protest. We kissed till we were both breathless and he whispered in my ear as soon as our lips parted.

“Don’t move. Don’t look behind you. Don’t try and do anything funny” he hushed me with his hoarse undertone.

“My name is Edward Cullen and you…?” He asked me under his breath as he smiled angelically and pretended to tuck a stray lock of hair behind my ears.


“Well, Isabella. If you disobey a word I say tonight, you’ll be dead before sunrise” I smiled again, just like a lover smiles at his soul mate.

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