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Bullets and Black Roses: Chapter 2

January 31, 2010

  A/N: I DO NOT own Twilight. Stephenie Meyer owns the saga and its characters. As Edward is 23 and Bella just turned 19, It’s  Rated: M  for language and  Inevitable lemon in future chapters.



Hey all, Sabrina here. How was your day?  We doing well?

Now about ‘Bullets and Black Roses’ the chapters will be coming along once a week so don’t expect them to be 30 pages long or something like that. But the good thing is the time span between fanfic updates will be short. And the thing you should know about me that I don’t like to beat about the bush so my fiction is going to be a bit more straight forward then others. I know how you guys hate Bella and Edward separated …. Don’t worry; they will meet in the next chapter.


Also, there will be a once in lifetime special appearance from someone really really special in the next chapter. So please, for the love of all that’s stonecold and sparkly, STAY WITH ME!

I’m telling you now; this is fanfiction in a way you have never experienced before.

Love you all, sempre.

Sabrina (RobstenWish)


P.S: I know a lot of you are missing the old Robsten fanfics. But I seriously can’t write freely with having to mind about a bunch of violation rules hovering over my ass. I hope you guys understand and look forward. I promise you Robsten Fans wont be disappointed.


P.P.S: Guys, I’m seriously hurt by the lack of response and reviews. But to the ones who followed all this way. I just want to say, Thank you so much.



Bullets and Black Roses

Chapter 2: Pink perfection


“Oh… Come fucking on, Alice! I can’t take it any more!” I groaned loudly.

“Shut up, Bella. It’s not my fault you were late and what did I tell you about not using expletives when we’re working? Alice was frowning, trying to get me in the 13th dress so far.

“Grow up, Bella. You are not a child anymore. You can’t just say ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ in front of our clients and the media. And don’t think I didn’t see your interview from the ‘Dior sleek and chic collection’ after party. You said ‘Fuck’ in every sentence. That interviewer from E! was having a field day. I am your agent, Bella and no one wants to work with a potty mouth. It’s bad for your carrier and mine” Alice stopped rattling and zipped up the dress.

“Go on, have a look” she walked over and stood beside the mirror, pouting her lips (which is never a good sign) and it probably meant ‘Get your ass prepared for the 14th dress’. Grrr! I hate my fucking life!

 I let out a defeated sigh and stood in front of the mirror. I was in a floor length silver dress. Two huge narrow leaves made out of some kinda glittery semi see through fabric crisscrossed my torso, barely covering my breasts and leaving a diamond shaped patch, exposing most of my flat stomach and vanished into a long silk skirt. This is going to be a nightmare, I could tell just by looking at the dress.

“So?” Alice asked, assessing me. As if daring me to say no.

“So fucking what, Alice? Like anything I say is gonna make a difference. Do what have to do and just me know when it’s fucking over”

“Aww… I love you, Bella” she jumped up and down, clapping her hands.

“Wait till I get you in the one I thought was the best” she chimed happily.

“MIKE!” Alice bellowed and a few seconds later a guy with spiky blond hair came bustling through the trial room door.

“What do you think about this one?” she asked him. “Although Bella and I think it’s a definite reject” she added her decision quickly. Mike just gaped at my boobs with his mouth hanging open before he snapped it shut and nodded “Definite reject” though he look as if he is about to cry because he wont get another chance to see me in this dress.

“Good. Now be a sweetheart, stop eye-fucking Bella and bring me the Valentino gown I showed you earlier. You know the soft pink one I thought was perfect for today’s shoot” she waved Mike off.

“Alice? If you already knew that one was the best then why bully me into trying on random fuck-ups since noon?” I was gritting my teeth at that point.

“Oh cheer up, Angel of death. Every second was worth it. And anyway, how can be you sure about which ones the best without trying on the bad ones first?”

“Un-fucking-believable!”  I screamed and Mike appeared with a white garment bag at that same moment.

“Yay… Its here!” Alice let out a yelp of thrill.

She snatched the bag away from Mike, almost knocking him down in her excitement.

We both stared at her with amazement as she took the dress out of the bag and held it in front of her. The dress looked beautiful even when no one was wearing it. It was like looking at a soft pink waterfall.

”Oh Alice… Its perfect” I gasped.

“You are going to be breath-taking in it” She said, teary eyed.

Only Alice could cry, dressing somebody up. I quickly unfastened the silver leaves around my neck and slipped out of the dress. I heard a sharp intake of breath and turned to see Mike’s feet running out of the room. I looked down at myself; I was still wearing nipple-covers and my underwear. Its just skin for fucksake.

“You know Alice, Its getting really hard for me to believe that Mike is gay. I mean, Did you just see the way he looked at me?”  I said, irritated.

“Well, I know this for a fact that he dates men. I’ve even met his boyfriend Eric once” she said as she helped me get into the pink gown.

“Sure, even I saw that Japanese bitch” I scoffed, remembering Mike Newton’s boyfriend. He is this short, lanky Asian guy with perfectly flat ironed jet black hair, who loves to wear skinny jeans and vests with matching bow ties.

“I bet, Mike is Bisexual” There is no fucking way a guy would gawk at a woman if he only preferred cocks.

“Honey, it’s possible for a gay man to admire beauty when he witnesses it” Alice suggested, not so sure anymore. “And you are beautiful”

“That’s bullshit, Alice. If that was the case then why the hell did he just run for his fucking life when I stripped? I wasn’t even fucking naked” I challenged.

Maybe, that’s because the last time he stayed in a room where you undressed, you threatened him if he looked at your breasts one more time, you’d gouge his fucking eyeballs out and play fetch with your fucking dog with them” Alice laughed “OR maybe because the day before that, you told him that you’ll rip his arm off and bitch-slap his own fucking ass with it”

 “Oh, I forgot about that. But in my defense, He palmed my ass while pretending to fix my skirt”

“It doesn’t matter Bella, Gay or not, he is my assistant. And he is the best. And when it comes to fashion, I want the best to be mine. Just like you” She cupped my chin.

“And, it’s neither here not there. You can’t expect everyone backstage to be gay, can you? You should know better than that. You cant be so sensitive about showing skin when you are model. I mean, how many men helped you get dressed for runways, backstage? They have all seen you ¾ nude. And the f…..”Alice broke off in mid sentence as we heard a knock and a sweet voice asked “May I come in?”

“It’s open, Angela” Alice chimed.

“Hey! Alice, Bella! Oh my God! This dress…. You look beautiful. I can’t wait to get my hands on you” Angela is my hair and make-up artist.

“Fuck off Bitch” I wrapped my arms around me protectively in mock horror.

“Why are we so cheerful this afternoon?” Angela laughed, setting her huge make-up kit in front me.

“Newton” Alice told her, as her head poked out of a shoe closet.

“Why Bella? I didn’t know you didn’t like gay people” Angela said, putting adhesive on a pair of fake eye-lashes.

“Whoa! Stop the fuck right there. I have nothing against gay people; I just don’t think Mike is one of them” I shrieked.

“Bella…” Alice started impatiently, three different brands of gladiator heels dangling from her hands.

But Angela cut in ”I think Bella might be right there, Alice. I mean we both worked with Mike with many other models but the way he looks at Bella is different. Creepy, even. It’s like he is in love with her or something and that too in a very heterosexual way. Not to mention the fact, I just saw Mike outside, worshipping Bella’s new EW outtakes when I arrived” She chuckled heartily.

“What? Did those pictures already arrive? Why didn’t he tell me! Ohh… That idiot…” Alice stormed out, slamming the door behind her.

I couldn’t help myself from feeling sorry for Mike. Pissing Alice off is not a wise thing to do. Period.

I sat still for the next couple of hours as Angela put body shimmer over every visible surface of my limbs, transforming my hair into a fluffy brown bush and sticking as many individual fake eye-lashes humanely possible. Then Alice returned and there was a ten minute row on either ‘Honey.25’ or ‘Watermelon touch’ lip-gloss would make my lips look more “kissable”. Grrr! These two fucking fuckers are gonna fuck the fucking fuck outta my fucking already fucked up life!  Fucking bitches!


It’s been three days since I came back from Forks. I love my NY flat. It’s calm, chic and comfortable. I have this Ebony and Ivory theme going on here. Walls, curtains, cabinets, Bed sheets and fur carpet in my living space (Where I and Brownie both like to ‘roll over’ and ‘play dead’) are all impeccable shades of ivory. And my wooden floor and most of the furniture are burnished dark brown. Just like the fucking old days. Brownie and I were relaxing on my black lather couch in the afternoon, watching Simon insulting random singers on American Idol auditions. I was so pissed when Adam Lambert lost last season that I threw a fucking popcorn bowl at my flat screen. And people think I hate gay people.

 /~  O Baby can’t you see I suffer…… O Baby, can’t you hear me moan… you caught me under self-pretences…How long before you let me go..~/


My cell phone rang out, playing ‘Supermassive Blackhole’ by Muse. It’s Alice’s favorite song so she set it as her ringing tone on my phone. I checked the time on the dining space clock. Its only 4:43. I’m not supposed meet her till eight for dinner tonight. Or did I forget something?

“Bella?” Alice’s wind-chime voice tuned in. I couldn’t tell if she was pissed or not obviously. But she always has been good at hiding her imotions.

“Hello Alice” I greeted her tentatively.

“Hey there, whatcha doing?”

“Oh, just watching Idol auditions. Some guy in a chicken suit just got a ‘NO’ from the judges” I said.

“A chicken suit? Seriosly?” Alice laughed “Which reminds me, canary yellow is in fashion again, we should get you a couple of tops and a pair of chanel pumps. They will go wonderfully with all the Black junk you always wear”

“I do not fucking wear black all the time” I frowned at the black hoodie and my black jeans I was wearing at that moment.

“Liar, Liar, Black hoodie on fire!” Alice sang.

“Shut it bitch” I goaded. Now that I’m sure I haven’t forgotten a trial or a shoot, I can afford to be rude again.

“No, seriously. I’m getting you some canary yellow stuff tomorrow”

“What the Fuck is this? The Bee movie? Black and yellow! Hello!” We both laughed.

“Funny. Now listen, the reason I called is because I need your car for a couple of hours”

“My car?” that threw me off guard a little. I drive an ash Audi TT. Why would Alice want my fucking car? She already has two fabulous cars of her own. Not to mention, one of them is a fucking Porsche 911 Turbo (canary yellow).

“Bien sûr” I said “When do you want it?” I asked, having no idea what to say.

“Now” she said.

“Are you coming over to pick it up?” I was confused.

“No, Mike is on his way. I’m having him deliver the photos from the Nina Ricci shoot to your apartment. He’ll be there in a few minutes. Just give him the keys to your Audi”

“OK. Do I get to ask why you want my car?”

“Not yet” Alice teased.

“Fine. Do I still get to see you tonight?” I was wondering if tonight’s plan was still on.

“Of course, Bella” Alice sang excitedly “We’ll have a wild night out tonight. Where can we go…let me think…” But I already had an idea.

“Speaking of ‘wild’. We’ll go get something to eat first and then I’m taking you to Zafrina’s party. We’ll have a great time. Her parties are always brilliant and fucking fun” 

“What?!? No..NO, Bella! There’s nothing ‘fun’ about those parties!” Alice was screaming so loud, I had to hold the receiver away from my ear.

“Of course there is. That woman throws Wild parties!” And when I said ‘wild’ I meant it in the literal sense.

Zafrina is a African supermodel. She was born in some village near the Amazon. Somehow she made it big into the fashion industry in the 90’s. She is just celebrated her 40th birthday last month. But with catlike eyes against her rich brown skin, long sleek limbs that just goes on and on for days and her 6.7” height puts her way beyond the reach of most young and sexy models of our time. Zafrina has a reputation for throwing feral parties. She says it makes her feel at home. Each party is planned around ‘Wild’ themes. For example, for her last birthday party she transformed a club into a jungle. The waiters were dressed in animal fur and a just piece of lather covering their privates. The females were wearing cheetah print skirts and short vests made of straw. They had jewelry made of bones and teeth, sporting body paint all over them. There were some tribal entertainers who whipped themselves violently and breathe fire out of their mouths. And that’s not even all of it! There were two Royal Bengal Tigers roaming around moodily all over the place. We were told the tigers were highly trained but people didn’t dare go near them. I on the other hand was intrigued by the beauty of such creatures, I went and patted the tiger and people around me were gawking at me open-mouthed as I scratched behind its ears like it was Hello Kity rather than vicious man eating beast. Alice called me ‘senseless bitch’ in spite of herself. I just didn’t get what’s the fucking big deal was. I mean at the end of the day, it was just really an oversized cat!


“oh no, Bella, there is no way in hell I’m going to one of her parties again” she retorted. “I shudder to even think what kinds of animals she’s bringing this time”

“I’ll make you change your mind before midnight” It was my turn to chime happily.

“Don’t hold your breath, you fearless bitch. Even if you murder me, my dead body wouldn’t set a foot in that place”

“We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?” I was already scheming ways to get drag her ass to that party in my mind when I heard my door bell.

“Hey Alice, I guess ‘la argot joyeux’ is here. I better go and answer the door before he flees”

‘Don’t call him ‘Argot’ you don’t know that. Le connaissez-vous?’   

‘Je ne le connais pas. see you tonight’ I smiled, every word dripping with sarcasm. 

‘Dépêchez-vous donc’ Alice reminded me. 

‘Bien sûr. I’ll be at La Maison’s at eight sharp’ I cut the line.

 I scooped Brownie up in my arms and went to face Newton.



7:00 pm

Yahoo Chat intercepted from Bella to Alice…

BloodyMarieSwan: OMFG! Alice, u sneaky little bitch, I can’t fucking decide either I luv or hate u more right now!

Alice908able: Does dat mean Mike dropped your car off?

BloodyMarieSwan: He sure did! I luv my new interior. I luv the orange seats; I luv what you had them done to my steering wheel, I luv the matching alloys. Everything. Is . Fucking. Perfect.

Alice908able: Consider this as your belated New Year’s present.

BloodyMarieSwan: Thanx. But there was NO need to spend 20 grand on me. I hate u 4 dat.

Alice908able: But I didn’t spend 20. I just spent 17. So you are welcome, Bella.

BloodyMarieSwan: Un-Fucking-believable! Now I’m definitely making you go to that party tonight.

Alice908able: We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?

BloodyMarieSwan: Ha! I’ll drug you if I have to.

Alice908able: I’ll have Zafrina remind me not to accept a drink from you tonight

BloodyMarieSwan: Zafrina? Does that mean you are going?

Alice908able: Yes

BloodyMarieSwan: What made you change your mind?

Alice908able: Zafrina called, she promised me there’ll be no wild beast present tonight.

BloodyMarieSwan: WTF?!? I was hoping I’ll get to see Sasha again.

Alice908able: Who is Shasa?

BloodyMarieSwan: Shasha is the beautiful tigress I played with, last time.

Alice908able: Bella, sometimes I feel that you have some kind of serious mental disorder that you don’t know about yet

BloodyMarieSwan: Why would you say that?

Alice908able: Why wouldn’t I? You play with giant man-eaters, once you strolled around a party with a lustrous great snake wrapped around your shoulders, you jumped into the sea from a frigging yacht because you felt like swimming, and you took my Porsche for a ride and threw a cupcake at a cop just so you could test for real if a 911 turbo is actually faster than a cop cruiser!

BloodyMarieSwan: Oh cheer up Alice,

1st of all, Sasha is a trained cat.

2nd of all, If Britney spears can do it, I can.

3rd of all, that yacht was full old rich jerks and I always wanted to swim in the oceans of Hawaii

And 4th of fucking all, I didn’t get caught, did I? That stupid car never stood a chance against the Turbo.

Alice908able: Seriously Bella? He could have called for reinforcement. You seriously gave me a heart attack. I had to change my number plates. Do you have any idea how much trouble Mike had to go through to get a new licensed number plate?

BloodyMarieSwan: Oh come on Alice, the NYPD don’t set choppers on your ass just for a cupcake-assault. And that was the only thriving job Newton has ever done for us that’s worth the assload of money we both pay him every month.

Alice908able: LOL you do have a point there

BloodyMarieSwan: See, I told you. You worry too much

Alice908able: Hey, I was just saying you’re right about Mike; I’m still dead on about the stupid stuff.

BloodyMarieSwan: Fuck me

Alice908able: You are irrational, volatile and reckless. You are dangerous, Bella. Even to yourself.

BloodyMarieSwan: Fuck you

Alice908able: I’m serious, Bella. I think we should see some one. You know, there are a lot of reputed therapists in Manhattan.

BloodyMarieSwan: Fuck them.

Alice908able: Alright, It’s 7:15 now. I’ll see you in a bit. And we’re not done talking about this.

BloodyMarieSwan: Ok. I’ll meet you at La Maison’s. Fuck you twice.

And Thanks for today.

Alice908able: Love you Bella, take care of yourself. You are the only one I have.

BloodyMarieSwan: Since we’re having a big fucking Oprah moment in here…. I love you too, bitch. Now get your ass dressed in something sexy for tonight’s party.

Alice908able signed out….

 BloodyMarieSwan: You are the only one I’ve got, too.

BloodyMarieSwan signed out….


I logged out and closed my laptop shut. Brownie snuggled closer to my side. Looking up, sensing something had upset me. He rubbed his nose against my elbow and gave my hand a lick. This was his way of consoling me. I ran my fingers across his neck.

 “Its ok, Boy. I’m OK. It’s just stupid Alice … making me emotional…I hate her… I love her…she is my sister” I muttered to my dog.

“Come on Boy, we’ve got to move. Bella needs to get ready real fast. Alice is gonna kill Bella if she’s late again. Good boy”

Brownie barked, licked my hand one more time and jumped off the couch, strolling happily into the kitchen. 

I hurried off into my room to get dressed. I heard movement of furniture issuing from the kitchen followed by Brownie’s excited barks.

“Yes, you can have the leftover pizza but get off the fucking dining table first!” I bellowed as I scavenged my closets for something to wear tonight. I would’ve gone out in a pair of chic denims and my Black hoodie but after the ‘Hoodie on fire’ jab from Alice today, I’ll have go with a dress. Black is out of the question. Alice was right though. I do wear too much black shit. I never realized how many black junk I own.

 I took all my ‘Non-black’ party items out, stood in front of my floor length mirror and held them in front on me one by one.

“Nah… Too trashy….

Too prom night…

Too long…

Too hard to walk in….

 Too boring…

 Too many frills …

Blah this one is black…

Too wedding cake-ish…

 Too flashy…

 Um, nah white is too common…

 Too short…wait is this a dress or a top?….

Oh this one is black again…

Ahh! “This” I whispered as I picked out a vivid scarlet one “is just perfect for tonight”

Half and hour later, I was fidgeting in the backless, thigh length scarlet dress with a bikini like neck line as I got out the elevator of my fucking place. It was already 8:45 p.m. Fuck! Alice is going to skin me alive.

I saw my neighbor from the 7th floor, Benjamin, pacing impatiently in the lobby.

He is a friendly young archeologist, hardly of twenty four/five who fell madly in love with another Egyptian archeology student, Tia during one of his tours of the ancient pyramids. He came back to Manhattan with Tia and just three months later they got married.  

“Hey Isabella” he said without looking up.

“Hi Ben, bad day?” he looked up and made a face that clearly said ‘you think!?’

“What? Your wife finally ditched you? I knew she was too pretty and smart to be with a retard like you. Good for her!” I joked as I ransacked my purse for my car keys.

“I wish” he smiled in spite of himself “she’s upstairs, probably rummaging through all the drawers, looking for a receipt to a pair of two hundred dollar shoes she wants to return and which she’ll never be able to find because I accidentally threw it away” Ben told me under his breath.

“Wow! You’re fucked, Dude” I said, shrugging into an Ivory Armani knee-length trench coat.

“It’s not my fault. Why do you girls buy things that you know, you are going to return after a couple of days?” although that was meant to be a rhetorical question, I answered it anyway “Because we are girls”

“And as much as I’d love to stay here and witness your bad day get even worse, my ass was supposed to be in front of Alice at La Maison an hour ago. I’m seriously dead beyond words. I don’t even know if she has already left the restaurant, having waited enough for me but I’m too fucking scared to call and ask” I shook my head in apprehension.

“Wait, is your friend Alice, a pixie like girl with short spiky hair?” Ben asked suddenly.

“Yeah, that’s her. Have you seen her?” my eyeball swept the lobby frantically.

“She is outside in the parking lot. I just saw her arrive five minutes ago” he turned his head in that direction.

“Fuck my life!” I half walked-half sprinted towards the parking lot, my stilettos making awful ‘clutt-clutt-clutt’ sounds on the marble lobby floor.

“Good night, Ben” I yelled back at him. “The truth shall set you free” I heard the subdued ‘ting’ from the elevator and Tia screeching “BEN!” the next second, as I left the building.

I ran into the parking lot, preparing myself for death by strangling or a stiletto heel through my heart. I turned around the corner, towards my car and saw Alice, leaning against my very recently moderated Audi TT. She was deeply engaged with her iPhone.

As soon she heard me, She said “Bella, did you see what Katy Perry was wearing at the Haiti relief function ….?” she trailed off and squealed happily after a sec “Oh my god! Victor just mailed me, his new collection is ready!”

“I can’t wait to see what he’s come up with this time. Remember his organza and Georgette layered dress from last seasons fashion week?” Alice fished up a lightpen from her coat pocket and poked the screen for a bit longer “ Ahh… yes! I could die in this dress and feel no pain” I was gaping at her, confused. Does that mean she’s not mad at me? Or the storm just got postponed a few minutes because of Victor’s new collection?

“Umm…. Hey Alice” I greeted her but it sounded more like a question.

“Hey Bella” she said, finally darting her eyes away from that wretched phone.

“Bella! You look …devastatingly beautiful! I pity the men who glances you tonight” Alice came to hug me and examined my dress through my unbuttoned trench coat.

“Are you wearing the Scarlet ferragamo?” she asked as she took a step back and leaned against my car again.

“Yes” I answered, still fucking confused at her behavior.

“Isn’t it supposed to be backless?”

“It is” I confirmed, grinning crookedly in spite of myself.

“It’s heart-breaking” she cooed.

“Umm… Alice?”

“Yes. Bella?”

“Why the fuck aren’t you screaming bloody murders at me that I didn’t show up La Maison’s?” I asked.

“Oh, I didn’t go to La Maison. I had a feeling that you were gonna be really late so I took a warm bubble bath, took my time to get dressed and came straight here. I just got here a few minutes ago”

“You had a feeling?” I gaped at her, bewildered. Alice has these wild intuitions time to time. And oddly enough they all come true in the end.

“Why the fuck didn’t you call and tell me about your fucking premonition? I would have been able do things with out fucking killing myself every minute!” I was pissed.

“Hey! You are the one who’s late and I had another feeling, that if I had told you about it then you wouldn’t have make it outside your apartment at all, tonight”  she chimed in an offhand tone.

“Well, thanks a fuckload for not telling me then” I said, sarcastically “Get in, I’m driving” I told her as I got in, myself.

 “And, Where the fucking hell is your car? How did you get here?” I looked around for a sight of her silver BMW M5 (Alice doesn’t drive her Porsche when she’s just out and about in Manhattan, Especially since the cupcake incident)

 “Oh, Mike dropped me” she shrugged “He has a date with Eric in the city anyway so he offered me a lift, I took it. And I wanted to go on a ride in the ‘improved’ Audi, anyway” she winked as she slid into the passenger seat.

“Yeah, thank you for my new “Bling-Bling” steering wheel” I smiled as I honked my new stone studded horn.

“Wasn’t orange a brilliant touch? It goes so well with your glossy ash paintjob” she said, stroking the lather orange seats as we hit the highway.

 “Oh, almost forgot!” she squealed, opening her Louis Vuitton clutch “Mike got you a present, too. He gave it to me because he was too scared to give it to you, himself”

Alice fished out a small round squishy thing from her bag.

“Is that a fucking doughnut?” I stepped on the break hastily, almost missing a red light.

“It’s a doughnut keychain” she handed me the squishy ring. There was white cream script on the fake chocolate icing ‘Cops like me better’ Alice and I both laughed simultaneously. That guy has some nerves.

“Well, I like it. It’s cute” I laughed “It was very nice of him”

“I got to say, he did seem very pleased that you didn’t hit him when I sent him to you today” Alice snickered at some private joke.

“Did he, now?” I fished my blackberry out of my pocket.

“Eyes on the road, Bella!” Alice warned in a stern voice “Who are you texting now?” she asked, suspicious.

“Oh it’s nothing, just thanking a friend” I smiled my best innocent smile for her.

 ‘Hey Mike, Thanx. I hope ur rite abt the cops tho. I realy dnt wnt u havin 2 change number plates again 2morrw coz dis tym I’m throwing a doughnut. Cheers.

❤ Bella



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    Ummm… hey guys, FFN just froze out on me today so I will update the the 2nd chapter as soon as possible there. Thank you for reading 🙂

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    Lovin it, cant wait for the next chapter. The attitude reminds me off Kate Moss’ lipstick fananza at an award ceremony. “Im gonna get the fuckin swat team on you bitch! IVE lost my fucking lipstick!” lol. I adore the title too…x

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