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if Kristen participates, so will Rob!

January 17, 2010

It is your chance to come out and help the devastated people of Haiti…and guess who’s calling you! None other than the young heartthrob Robert Pattinson!

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Well planned by George Clooney who is all set to have a telethon on 22nd January 2010 to raise funds for the earthquake-stricken Haiti. The Caribbean nation was hit with a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.0 on 12th January’10 leaving more than one lakh people dead.

George Clooney must have thought it best to have the funds raised by a television program on 22nd Jan’10. And he found no one better than Robert Pattinson to do the needful by participating in the telethon.

E! Online reports that George Clooney would most probably call up Rob with the request to help Haiti in his own possible ways. Even the chance of including the other two stars of the Twilight, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, is not ruled out. Reports from E! Online say that the organizers might be contacting them all to participate in the telethon.

Though there is no news from Rob’s side on this, a representative of Kristen says that she would be delighted to come up with anything like this. And we know that if Kristen participates, so will Rob!

Speculations apart, we are sure that given a chance Robert will never ever lose the opportunity to help the devastated people of Haiti. And so will not the rest of the trio.

So are you joining Rob for this excellent cause?


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