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Rob interview

January 11, 2010

TVD: In “Twilight”, the first movie of the series it was all about love, in “New Moon” it was all about pain. What is “Eclipse” all about?

RP: This movie is completely different. We fight a lot more than in the other movies. During the shooting of “New Moon” I didn´t have a lot to do, but for the third movie, I couldn´t barely save myself from all the stunts. Furthermore, Bella is a little bit unfaithful this time. So the audience will be able to watch a very interesting conflict.

TVD: You worked together with Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella, for the third time now. Does this make working together any easier?

RP: Kristen and I hit it off right from the beginning and we have been friends ever since. It´s really fantastic to work with her. She is very mature and incredibly professional. Because of her the movies gain more credibility.

TVD: And do you profit from this, too?

RP: Yes, because such a major project like the “Twilight”-Saga is pretty eerie, sometimes you really get scared. Especially if you´re starting to suspect that the audience will like the series and that you will probably become famous. If you´re able to walk this way together with someone who is as honest and as authentic as Kristen, you may be able to emerge unscathed.

TVD: The Saga brought you worldwide fame. How did your daily life change?

RP: It is really difficult to say how my everyday life has changed, because I´ve been working nonstop since “Twilight”. And on set it doesn´t make any difference whether you´re famous or not. You have to get up at five o´clock in the morning and when the work is done in the evening you´re literally not able to do anything anymore. You´re just happy that you can finally get some sleep.

TVD: Doesn´t being famous have any advantages at all?

RP: Oh yes, there is an advantage: You get to see the best toilets in the best hotels!

TVD: You´re considered to be a sex symbol. That does feel good, doesn´t it?

RP: The funny thing is that before “Twilight” nobody wanted to go out with me. Now everybody wants me. It´s like all the girls have changed their minds overnight! And of course they are expecting a proposal right away!

TVD: It seems that the “Twilight”-Saga appeals mostly to girls. What can guys get out of the movie?

RP: I´ve never been under the impression that I´m working on a girls-only movie. Everybody´s claiming that romantic movies are only for girls, but I don´t believe that. Every guy who has ever been in love or has been in a relationship can relate to these movies. And the “Twilight”-Series is even pretty realistic in terms of relationships. As soon as you fall in love, you´re very confused in the beginning. You even worship the ground this person is walking on! Then you realize your own flaws and fears and you try to find any reason why you shouldn´t be together. After going through this, you´ll hopefully find the right balance.

TVD: There is a huge worldwide interest for vampires at the moment. How do you explain this?

RP: Before I started working on “Twilight”, I have never been a fan of vampire movies. But I have been watching some older movies and it was the same way back then. I remember the time when “Blade” starring Wesley Snipes and Stephen Dorff came to movie theaters in 1998. Afterwards all of us were absolutely crazy for vampires! That so many vampires appear on TV, in movie theaters and literature right now is surely based on the fact that “Twilight” is such a huge hit. Trends do follow the money track.

TVD: Why are vampires so irresistible?

RP (laughs): I´ve been asking this myself in the past when I have seen girls going out with boys that were definitely not good for them. And this is exactly what makes “Twilight” so interesting. Edward Cullen is bad for Bella Swan and even her father tells her that she has to learn to stick with what is good for her. But reality is different. We just feel attracted to the dark side.


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