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Comedians Jack Dee and Ricky Gervais

January 11, 2010

Comedians Jack Dee and Ricky Gervais spoke on their ‘Grumpy Old Bastards’ TV show about what they think about Twilight.
Gervais had this to say “It’s brilliant!”

“Especially the acting. You can tell those two studied at the Lee Strasberg School Of Method acting. There’s something DeNiro-esque about Pattinson’s performances, and Kristen Stewart convinces just like Judy Garland in The Wizard Of Oz. When people ask me where the next generation of Brandos, Hoffmans, Pacinos are, I tell them to look no further than Pattinson and Stewart. I was so moved watching their performances, that I actually shed a tear.”
“I can only concur with what Ricky just said,” Jack Dee added. “I was so moved that my anus went into contractions. People complain that there’s not enough proper vampiring going on these days, but Pattinson and Stewart have it nailed. Robert is really scary in the movie, a bit like the Mike Tyson of old with fangs – although I hope he doesn’t bite Kristen’s ear off. And Kristen exudes an aura of potential illegal sexual activity. On the grounds that she looks about twelve years old. I bet Gary Glitter wears the DVD’s of these movies out.”
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were reportedly flattered by the tribute given to them by two of Britain’s comedy finest.

source viaPattinsonLife

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