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what I’m doing is wrong

January 8, 2010

you know that I’m not supposed to be doing this but FANFIC!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! yeah don’t get too excited it is like a paragraph but I did promise enjoy 🙂

Rob stands in pajama bottoms looking out of the window at the ocean and morning sun he turns as he hears his queen awake “Good Morning, my sleeping beauty” Rob greeted his love as he crossed the room to Kristen’s side of the bed “Good morning” she replied groggily as she sat up and stretched he brushed her hair back off of her face before he kissed her forehead, cheek and finally lips they both smiled at each other than and kissed again he took her hand “what are you doing up so early” Kristen asked checking her watch on the night stand that read 6:13 “would you like to go to the beach with me”just from his expression u could tell he had thought up a plan “what no! It’s freezing what are you talking about why” “no not in the water just to you know take a walk or whatever lets just be out side look it is beautiful” he pointed out of the window she looked at him like he was crazy then looked out side and smiled “oh I haven’t been up this early voluntarily in… ever and surprisingly I’m not even tired I have all of this energy like I just want to do something something like the things I miss in the mornings like a sun rise and breakfast ” rob said they both laughed knowing how him being a late sleeper kept him from those things she was still laughing when she said”well clearly it is too late for the sunrise” the sun was up and flooding their room as much as it could from the side building blocking “but it is not for breakfast” “sounds good breakfast of course we’ll pick some up on the way” “thanks love sounds kinda fun” she half smiled still debating “oh ok I guess it could be fun but u gotta let me get dressed first” “well you don’t have to “she cut him a look then smiled and gave him a quick kiss as he helped her out of the bed letting her hand slip away from his half way a cross the room to the bath room wearing just one of rob’s old t-shirts he called “darling” she turned “you’re beautiful” she sighed and just looked at him for a short while marveling at his gorgeousness and bare chest she whisper a thank you then and smiled before taking a look in the mirror and grabbing her tooth-brush
_Carlie Cullen
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  1. Robsten permalink
    January 8, 2010 10:08 pm

    But there are a lot of other pages who post fanfics…why don’t u and Sabrina go on, cuz seriously these are THE BEST ones i’ve ever read!!!!

  2. Aylin permalink
    January 9, 2010 1:41 am

    these are definitely the best!!! 😀 I need mooore! 😀 Keep it up please.


    Aylin xoxo

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