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Robsten:Ted C.

January 8, 2010


The Awful Truth -TedC. While the Nonsten-Robsten argument heats up with more supposed Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart love sightings over in the U.K., we don’t need to see antlike pics of them on rocks to know what’s going down.

We just want these poor overworked kids to get a vacation! (Apparently A.T.’s the only media outlet that feels this way, whatever.) But alas, that’s just never possible if you’re a part of the Twilight franchise.

You’d think that in between New Moon and Eclipse promotions, Rob and Kristen would get a little bit of a break, no?

Uh-uh. Nor is everything entirely rosy in Robstenland…

Although what we’ve insisted many times prior (that Rob and Kristen don’t really give an ef what everybody thinks of them) still stands, nothing of the kind exists for Robsten’s handlers, mainly the studio-esque kind.

“They are very aware of everything that’s said about Rob and Kristen,” insists Deep Twi, “and particularly right now. Just because [Rob and Kristen] are in between filming doesn’t mean we’re not following what’s being written about them now; it will be remembered.”

In other words, any outlet that cares to take a potshot at the couple—perhaps doubting the reason we’re not seeing Robsten out and about is because they were only a promotional tool—will be logged and literally filed away. Just as been done before with us.

“Their people are very sensitive,” insists another scooper, from deep inside the Twilight franchise, “and not only are they hyperaware about what’s being reported on Rob and Kristen—it’s the whole cast, too. It’s an incredibly protective bunch, like a family.”

(Oops! Good thing we made up with Nikki Reed, that babe we used to sometimes give a hard time to!)

Gotta say two things here: First, everybody should know that the protectors of Robsten who are being so bullish are doing so because they’re an item, get it? Secondly, we don’t actually tremble too much at the thought of Robsten’s guard dogs, really, ’cause we’re the ones who broke Rob and Kristen were sweet on each other in the first place.

Would be like preaching to the bitchy choir, know what I mean?

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