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best Robsten moments

January 7, 2010

MarieClaire.UK made their own Best RobSten moments spanning from 2008 to 2009! Enjoy! Are they or aren’t they?
One of the most memorable images of the year, this was the shot that reignited rumours the world famous couple were an item. Excited Twilight fans had been speculating for months, but Robert and Kristen went to great lengths to keep any relationship secret. The are-they, aren’t-they pair had always denied they were a couple, but this intimate shot of them holding hands as they step off a plane begs to differ, and marked their first public display of affection since rumours began circling.

Kissing games
The cheeky pair caused an almighty stir at the MTV Movie Awards in June this year when they collected their award for Best Kiss. They faced tough competition, beating off the likes of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and Freida Pinto and Dev Patel to clinch the award. But a standard acceptance speech wasn’t enough for these two. Oh no. The teasing pair came an inch away from recreating their steamy winning kiss on stage – much to the delight of an ecstatic audience – only for Kristen to pull away at the last moment and declare into the mic ‘Thank you so much!’ Phew!

First steps
Attending the London premiere of the first film in 2008 Robert and Kristen get their first true taste of Twilight fame, as thousands of screaming fans turned out to see them walk the red carpet. But the pair looked totally at home together as they posed for photos and signed autographs. Director Catherine Hardwick said of the pair: ‘Robert and Kristen have this amazing sexual chemistry between them – we could see it in the audition. That’s why we cast them, you can’t create that.’ Was this a sign of things to come, perhaps?

Too close for comfort?
Everywhere they go Robert and Kristen cause a stir, and it was certainly no different when they attended the HVB Youth Event at the Olympic Hall in Munich in November 2009. The pair stood oh-so-close, sharing a private moment on stage after Robert was seen leaning in close to whisper in Kristen’s ear. This little episode was certainly one to set tongues wagging.

A red carpet moment
We’re not quite sure what’s going on here. A little lover’s tiff on the red carpet, perhaps? Or a private joke between the pair? Either way, Robert and Kristen only have eyes for each other as they stand face to face on the red carpet at the Rome International Film Festival in 2008. Sporting a huge grin, a smug-looking Mr Pattinson is clearly as pleased as punch to be there with his stylish co-star.

Smouldering stars
With an endless round of events to attend, the vampy co-stars have had plenty of time to practice their red carpet appearances and posed like absolute pros at a fan event in Madrid in November 2009. But despite his relaxed stance, Robert kept a firm arm around Kristen’s waist as they smouldered for the cameras.

Nicely neutral
Still on the promotions trail for the first Twilight film, the coy-looking pair pose for pictures on the red carpet, this time before the premier in Germany in 2008. Looking surprisingly at-home in each other’s arms, we’re not sure if this just a friendly co-star pose, or if there’s more to Kristin’s trademark smouldering smile than meets the eye!

All grown up
Ditching their trademark casual style and going for something a little more grown up, the Twilight pair look every inch the glamorous couple as they posed on the red carpet at the 2008 Twilight premier in Los Angeles. Since bursting on to the scene as Bella and Edward, they’ve become a firm fixture in Hollywood, and with two – maybe three – films left to go, we’re sure they won’t be disappearing any time soon

Tanned and toned
Looking far healthier than their pale and pasty on screen personas, a relaxed Robert and Kristen walked the red carpet at the summer 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. We can’t help thinking they pose more like friends here – this was before rumours of a relationship had surfaced. Plus, Kristen took then-boyfriend Michael Angarano along to the premier, so we know love can’t have been in the air just yet.

Stars in stripes
Looking rested and relaxed, Robert and Kristen attend a Twilight photocall at the Crillon in Paris in December 2008. The couple returned to the hotel a year later for second event, but was it as more than just good friends? They went to great lengths not to be pictured together, but were reportedly seen sneaking out for dinner during at the exclusive Costes restaurant.
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  1. RobstenFOREVER!! permalink
    January 7, 2010 4:39 am

    does anyone else notice that they usually (not always) but usually have the same shade of hair color around the same time? they are so in sync 😉

  2. Aylin permalink
    January 7, 2010 10:42 am


    have you seen the new pic of them on Isle of wight? check it out Go Robsten ;D

    • January 7, 2010 11:23 am

      thank u honey bunny again super points for u ur the best I am up early this day tho so I’m on it lol 🙂 have a great one love u ❤

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