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They don’t get that I’m not that girl.

January 6, 2010

Kristen’s Interview In Glamour Spain – December Issue

An hour and a half late and with tangled hair, the actress runs to the Bel Air Hotel’s tea room like she’s running away from a riot on the streets. “This is completely unacceptable, I’m so late”, she apologizes. She slides and takes a seat, leaves her phone and a pack of cigarrettes on the table. She looks miserable and breathless.

She got lost in LA. “In the end I had to ask them” she says in disbelief. Them? “Yes, the frigging paparazzi”, she explains. “My life is insane”.


Since the release of Twilight, the blockbuster vampire movie, Stewart’s life is, without a doubt, insane. Magazines and tabloids write about her constantly, photographers chase her everywhere. They’re always waiting for her outside her house. Her parents’ house, we mean.
At 19 she just bought her own house on the San Fernando Valley, but she still considers her parents’ house her home. “I stay in the new house until I have no food anymore. Then I go to my parents’ house. They (the photographers) can’t knock on our door, but they can look inside the windows and take pictures, and they’re not breaking the law. I have to make sure I look the windows perfectly. Right now there’s like 15 of them there”, she explains.
While the paparazzi are referred to as “them”, the online bloggers and people who comment are what she calls “the people”. “The comments are usually worse than the bloggers. I know what people say about me. When I leave this interview I’ll go on Google and see myself with a lost stare, looking like an idiot”. But her life wasn’t always like that. Before November 21st 2008, the day Twilight premiered, and before legions of fans made Kristen a sudden star, this young actress was just a promising talent. A child actress that wanted to stay in the industry and be more mature.
Stewart mixes the sex appeal with a boyish touch of a girl next door, with the ease of someone who likes to have fun with fashion. This is arefreshing change of the corny actresses her age. Whether she’s playing a part or not, she feels more comfortable in jeans and hoodie, showing either her legs or her collarbone; her voice and mannerisms are so underrated. On the big screen she can come across as dry, not affectionate at all and sometimes it gives the impression that she’s not even acting. If her career had taken a different path, thes equalities could’ve made her the queen of indie cinema.
However, she was chosen to be part of a super production that, thanks to the legacy of the novels, drew a large audience that instantly trippled itself. “When I signed on to do the movies, I was told that there would be many fans, people who loved the books obsessively, and that it would lead to praise and critique as well. But they never tell you that when you live in LA, every second of you life is a show. It’s the Kristen Show, and it’s so boring!”, she asures me as she takes a bite out of sandwich that she holds with black nail polish.
Kristen uses the word “boring” a lot when she talks about herself. But she’s not boring at all. She has her own ideas and worries about herself and the world. She writes “I’m not a novelist, but I like words and the effect they produce together”, she comments. She reads fiction, these days she’s into Henry Miller. Plus, it’s hard to be boring when you’re smart enough to choose your own roles in interesting movies. Her performance as a sarcastic theme park employee in Adventureland was very moving. You’ll have a chance to see her as Joan Jett, a 70’s icon, in the movie The Runaways. She’s worked with directors like Sean Penn and Mike Figgis, and at 11 years old she starred opposite Jodie Foster, whom she gets compared to a lot.
She knows it’s not easy to talk about herself. It’s probably hard for her to do speeches about her vibrating life. Her tendency to hunch is what gave her the fame of ungraceful. When she picked up her MTV Movie Awards she said “I feel just as awkward as you thought I would”. She justifies herself: “You have to be funny, you have to be cute, you have to promote the movie, and God knows what else”. Kristen is very attractive: she has a luminous skin, green eyes, and an agile body. About her rejection to the ultra-femenine glamour she says: “I go out there wearing a trendy t-shirt and dirty hair and people say “What is wrong with her? She needs to go to the hair salon?”. They don’t get that I’m not that girl.

Thanks to twilightninjas and to twilightpoison . Check out the magscans on their site.

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  1. KristenRULES!! permalink
    January 6, 2010 6:00 pm

    Kristen is the best!

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