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Eclipse:test screened

January 4, 2010

Early this morning we started receiving frenzied tips hinting that “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” had test screened for an audience.

The rumors sounded dubious, but Gossip Cop wanted to be sure. Our doubts were well founded.

Gossip Cop has confirmed that Summit Entertainment has not shown “Eclipse.” A source connected to the production tells us talk of a screening is “absolutely not true.”

The “testimonials” and other reports being passed among blogs today are not legitimate. No screenings have taken place, nor are the specifics about the release of a theatrical trailer accurate.

GossipCop Should we have added another movie to yesterday’s Kristen Stewart upcoming roles poll?

A lot of online speculation this week has the “Twilight” star set to assume the part of hacker Lisbeth Salander in a remake of the popular Swedish series “Millenium.” Rumors were picked up and (wondered about) everywhere, with Stewart supposedly “listed” for the role and considered Sony’s “only option” for Salander, despite interest from Natalie Portman and Ellen Page.

Stewart’s fans, though, shouldn’t get too excited about “Millenium,” at least not yet.

Asked whether Stewart was attached to the movie, a source close to the actress told us, “I believe that’s not true.”

Happy New Year we love u GossipCop!


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