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Top 20 twi-blogs

January 4, 2010

I got an interesting email today from I just thought I’d share

Are you like many of the millions out there that can’t get enough of the Twilight saga? Check out these Top 20 blogs and fan sites to read, up to the minute, reports on Robert Pattinson (Edward), Kristen Stewart (Bella), and Taylor Lautner (Jacob). Watch clips of Twilight and New Moon. Stay up to date on the upcoming Eclipse movie to be released June 2010.

  1. View trailers and download music, widgets and more on this site.
  2. Watch great videos with your favorite Twilight stars like Taylor Lautner on SNL.
  3. This is the official website of the author of the Twilight series where you can find out when her next books will be released.
  4. Mad about Robert Pattinson? You’ll love this site.
  5. Find answers to your burning Twilight questions from the author herself on this fab fan site
  6. Love New Moon? Check out the New Moon Parody on the Hillywood Show.
  7. See deleted scenes from New Moon on this site as well as information on related genre such as Vampire Diaries.
  8. Hear a recent interview with Robert Pattinson on Ellen.
  9. Tune in to this site to see the New Moon Trailer and other movie facts.
  10. This is an international site containing great Twilight art and other fan collector items.
  11. Need to find that quote from New Moon? This is the site to search the Twilight saga books.
  12. This is a fun site with a broader scope of the Twilight saga such as delving into how the wolves were created to be more “human”.
  13. A fun site containing Twilight wallpaper, contests and more.
  14. Get the latest nominations and awards for the Twilight saga and stars.
  15. If you can’t wait until New Moon comes out on video check out several different trailers on this site.
  16. Follow your favorite Twilight stars in their interviews around the world.
  17. While this site has a lot of Twilight information on it they specialize in following actor Robert Pattinson.
  18. Check out the latest interview with Billy Burke (Charlie) as he talks about his new baby and how that changed his perspective as playing Bella’s father.
  19. Go to this site to find many links to all things Twilight.
  20. Get your daily dose of Twilight on this site as it gives a broader scope of the actors from the Twilight saga such as Dakota Fanning (Jane).

check them all out 🙂


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  1. January 5, 2010 8:35 am

    Happy New Year to All of you guys.

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