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2010! Changes and Goals :)

January 1, 2010

Good Morning Wellwishers Happy 2010! how is everyone’s year so far well i hope

first I just want to wish you all a very truly Happy new year  and I want to wish our beloved Robsten the best year ever all of the best things in the word let’s think abt everything great that can happen this year  more photo shoots hand holding may we dare wish for a kiss a ring no-no now I’ve gone much too far but we never know but I just wanna shout out our fave pair and wish them the very best first morning of the new year ever and a restful rest of ur vacay and a very successful work year! 🙂

 so this year I said that I was gonna be better at everything and I’m off to a great start already keeping up with all my tweets&tweeps it feels so good I forgot how much I love twitter and my twitter family I love you all much *hugs and kisses*

follow me @carliestuartson @robstenwish

other promises I made was posting everyday and so far I’m good on that lol 🙂 but one thing that I’ve been trying to do for a  bit now is get over a 1,000 views a day we’ve done it b4 but in the past couple of weeks not so much and in the new year I want to try to do that but I’ll need you’re help so u girls gotta tell everyone u kno abt robsten wish keep us going on twitter and keep checking for updates add us to ur fave tool bar just keep coming back it may be a lot but if everyone does a small part we’ll rock 2010! with all of the robsten goodness in the world my biggest thank you to all us wellwishers 🙂

also pics vids and fanfics yes I do know other than the fact that we are a family here those are the reasons that u keep coming back and I promise to keep those going

pics: I’m gonna do my best to always get you the newest pics first and in the best quality and biggest size (you can all help me with this by sending me tips and links to them too at like some of our superstar wellwishers have done before you girls are awesome thanks for rocking 🙂 love u <3)

you know my fave is commenting on pics and making up stories abt what could be going on in them that is something that we have to get better at COMMENTING!

I love replying to what you all have to say

you guys please comment on anything any post that you read I know you have thoughts and I love hearing them and all the other girls love ur funny comments so what ever you think just say it hey commenting is fun and easy just click and type 🙂 I wanna see at least 5 comments on every post ok girls thank you  

vids: this year I will make more of my own vids for you all I do love making vids I just have to take out more time for that I’m gonna use better songs and pics in them too 🙂

and as for posting other ppl vids I will credit I kno I don’t all of the time and I never mean anything by it I just forget so every vid that I post will be linked to the youtubers pg and again if any of our own wellwishers make something awesome sending it to me should be the first thing you do 🙂

and I’m only gonna bring you the very best vids I find I’m gonna watch every vid b4 I post it  and tell you what I think of it and get the comments rolling first I was bad abt that lat year sry 😦  but everything that goes up this year I will have personally enjoyed so that we can all honestly share in the robsten joy

and lastly but most most importantly I think are FANFICS yes I know we all miss them they are the best part abt wellwisher and I’ve let them fade away but I promise to bring them back they may not be long but I’m gonna do my very best to get u something every week I feel like it may be like little taste of robsten goodness and some will be like little short paragraphs that are just a moment in robsten history like take from a pic and then others will be just as short but a rolling story  that we keep revisiting how does that sound  are we all good with that

I’m so sure that I’m leaving out important things that I didn’t touch on  but thats all I can think of right now I’m sure I’ll be back with updates and let me know everything I missed  or just tell me what u what to see

thanks girls you know ur the best love u


Carlie ❤

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