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She lit her cigarettes one after the other

December 31, 2009

She lit her cigarettes one after the other. Her legs in gray slim jean,s an all-to-large tee-shirt, and Converse shoes, she’s sitting astride an ancient chair, in a suite of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Kristen Stewart, 19 years old, is not one to greet you with a smile. She rather displays a sullen pout. Interviews are note really her cup of tea. Only the paparazzi are to blame, those who changed her daily routine in a shiny laboratory rat’s life.

At the time where “New Moon” is about to come out on the big screen (where she plays Bella, the heroine irrevocably in love with Edward, a 104 year old vampire played by Robert Pattinson), she is more than ever the target of the fans and the tabloids. Even her parent’s house is surrounded by the cameras! Her slightest look, wave to her movie co-star becomes a huge rumor of a passionate relationship on the cover of the magazines. The two stars can’t even travel together any more or arrive together on the set because they create riots! That’s why, Kristen Stewart, post-teenager, remains on the defensive and play even more the wild little cat. “I’m not really fine with all this craziness. This is absolutely wild, I can’t even go out of my hotel room,” she grumbles. “Nobody had ever warned me that my life would become a tiny show!”

However, the “Hollywood codes” are not unknown to her. Kristen Stewart grew up in L.A., in the San Fernando valley, knew for its cool attitude and its hot surfers. Since she was a kid, she bathes in the movie business, with a script supervisor mom and an television producer dad. At age 5, she begs them to let her become an actress. Her parents agreed and let her live completely her passion. She even continued her education by correspondence. And she had held her bet : at 19, she displays a filmography of a thirty year old person : 23 movies in already eight years of career! Okay, they were secondary roles, but with a lot of celebrities. It began with Jodie Foster, in “Panic Room”, 2002. They were lookalike : same cute nose, same green eyes, same fragile body. Kristen never stopped. She played small roles with Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid in “Cold Creek Manor”, and later with Robert De Niro in “What just happened?”. But above all, in 2007, she interpreted her hippie-like girl in the amazing “Into the wild” by Sean Penn. During the scenes in the desert, she stole the show to Emile Hirsch, hero of this sadly beautiful story. “Of course, I feel extremely lucky to have worked with Sean Penn. He makes you feel you’re the right person to play that role, and with that much confidence, you can only give the best of yourself,” she tells. “He speaks very little and let you free. But when he tells something, it’s so profound that it can almost project you through the room.”

How did she deal with Bella’s role in “Twilight”? “I wasn’t a fan, I hadn’t read Stephenie Meyer’s books,” she confesses. “but I immediately loved the character when I read the script. Bella has something that bewitches you. In “New Moon” she goes by a very dark moment. During the filming, in Vancouver, I folded in that dark atmosphere. I listened to “Shadoplay” by Joy Division and “Blow It All Away” by Sia all the time. This playlist was perfect with the movie’s soundtrack, imagined by Chris Weitz.”

Like her mythical character, (even Edward can’t read through her) Kristen Stewart is introvert and uncatchable. She’s the kind of person to play guitar alone in her hotel room (she just filmed a biopic on the rockstar Joan Jett and she played all the songs herself) or read books for hours. “Except foracting, my passion is the writing. It’s one of my English teacher who made me discover the words’ power. I enjoy writing so much. It has nothing to do with acting, where you don’t have time to philosophize! When I read a script, I scribble and write notes everywhere, and after I forget everything.” She always has a notebook where she writes down her thoughts. She called it her “thumbnails”. Her favorite author? “Henry Miller. He is dark, hard and serious and he speaks about him without ego.” Finally, it may be because she grew up in a glittery pool that she refuses that glittery culture.


Her life after “Twilight”? She hasn’t thought about it yet. Two others movies are provided to end Stephenie Meyer’s masterpiece. She says she works with instinct. Now, her next fantasy is to make a big trip: “I dream to go to Australia one day, where my mom comes from. Take a car, and go on the road. Over there, people are down-to-earth. There is not that absurde pressure of succeed or make you be someone. There is no right behavior or wrong behavior.”…



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