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Our friendly neighborhood Gossip Cop on “single” Robert Pattinson rumor.

December 31, 2009

Our friendly neighborhood Gossip Cop on “single” Robert Pattinson rumor.

Thank God we have Gossip Cop in town!The “single” Robert Pattinson rumor is all over the net it was time for some action from our friendly neighborhood and beloved Cop! 

This is getting ridiculous.
According to British OK!Robert Pattinson “still insists he is single, despite persistent rumors he is dating Kristen Stewart.” The story quotes the “Twilight” hunk as saying, “Almost everything that come outs [sic] about my private life is false” and “While I am filming, I live practically like a recluse in a hotel.”
Sound… familiar?(Sigh.)
At no point does the piece – posted today – acknowledge that the quotes come from the (already) much discussed Pattinson cover story in Italian Vanity Fair.
Earlier this week Gossip Cop revealed where theseVanity Fair comments originated – from a series of separate interviews, some of which were conducted months ago.
We learned this because we took the time to check facts – something OK!Perez Hilton, and countless other major outlets failed to do in their haste to announce the would-be Pattinson bombshell.
Instead, they reprint his quotes, often without attribution or context, perpetuating the notion that his “I am single” line is newsy.
It’s old news. In fact, as Gossip Cop reported, Pattinson said those specific words at Cannes… last May.
This is precisely why we do what we do. Many outlets led with “Robert Pattinson still insists he is single,” and then used quotes that are seven months old. A lot has changed in that time, and their readers deserve to know the truth.


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