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More Rob and Kristen Rumors

December 31, 2009


More Rob and Kristen Rumors


Kristen Stewart has reportedly began piano lessons because she wants to make music with her boyfriend and New Moon co-star Robert Pattinson, who plays the guitar.
“She thought it was really romantic — anything to be closer to Rob,” a source tells the National Enquirer.
Meanwhile, another insider says the couple is set to elope in London or Vancouver. “They really want to get married and are going to do it once all the Twilight craze dies down,” says the source. “Rob and Kristen are looking at eloping to London or Vancouver, since that’s where they fell in love.” transworldnews


For those who are big fans of The Crow movies, ‘The Crow: Innocence’ will be the next Crow movie in 2011 and will be better than ‘The Crow: Wicked Prayer’ because that one sucked so bad. The three male actors that were chosen to play the lead role are possibly, brace yourselves:
Taylor Kitsch, Rob Pattinson, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Salary of star-boy from “Twilight Saga” are almost equal to the budget of several towns around Vancouver. As Canadian weekly issue “The Georgia streight” informs Pattinson has bought the car Shelby of 1979 year for more than $1,5 million.

The reason why the car is so expensive is that it is coloured with the best vampire pictures and its interior is unrecognizable. It has been unexpected even for Pattinson himself to see the car so modified. Within the steering wheel there is a ruby and the front panel is upholstered with the snake skin. The clock is made in vamp style. There is a badge of the bat of white gold on the back part of the car. But we name only a few…

It seems that “Twilight Saga” movie has brought Robert Pattinson so much money that he is not even able to waste it right.

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