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laniey on robsten

December 19, 2009

Since promoting Twilight New Moon around the world, Pattinson has indeed kept it relatively low key. And when he is photographed it’s like a Twi-Hard feeding frenzy which then turns into an indictment of the paparazzi. Please. The photos are selling. And someone is buying. And he’s a major superstar. It’s all good.

As for the forlorn Katie M – I’m sorry, I wish I could provide you with some pictures of the Rob and Kristen reading poetry to each other but unfortunately they choose not to do that sh-t in public. Having said that, I can tell you that yesterday (Wednesday) at 2pm, Robert Pattinson popped in to Norm’s Rare Guitars in Tarzana by himself, no security, driving an inconspicuous vehicle, the staff seemed to be familiar with him, and they watched the door closely for cameras (none showed), and the few girls who were around naturally were foaming at the panties. He was very low key, he appeared healthy and well rested, and seemed quite specific about what he wanted, and relieved that he was able to shop undisturbed.

Later on at night, RP went out for a friend’s birthday party. Katy Perry was there too. Radaronline has now become public enemy #1 because they’re reporting that during karaoke, Pattinson and Perry seemed like they wanted to f-ck each other. Please. She’s been sharing a bed with Russell Brand. And as disgusting as he looks in those pants, Russell Brand knows how to please a woman. He’s not a boy. I’m just saying.

They’re also claiming that RP was drunk. Now this I believe.

Relax Twi-Hards. Your precious “Robsten” is not being threatened by Katy Perry.”


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