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Wellwisher check in

December 11, 2009

so Hi! girls what I want to talk abt right now how much I love you all<3

you r great and of all the robsten ppl out there we’ve got the best

I did say that I would need help and u didnt let me down so thank you

I want to spend my life bringing ppl joy and I think I’ve found a small way to do that  

 without u I dont think I’d have that so thanks I love you I  really do

also what do u all want from me I want to get a list going of things that you’d like to see in your robsten fan blog so that I can do them to make you all happy so throw anything out there I’m open to everything 🙂

I do realize that I should try harder

and you all know that its me (Carlie) right so at the end of post I’ll just do this now


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  1. Mari permalink
    December 11, 2009 11:39 am

    Hey Carlie, I think you’re doing a great job !!! I visit your site everyday, and i think we all have to be patient now that we are in the Robsten drought… 😦 at least we have great Robsten videos to keep us distracted right !!!! Rob and Kristen come out come out wherever you are !!!! Kisses from Brazil !!!

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