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December 11, 2009

so this vid is of poor quality (the sound not the concept)

but I love it which is why I’m posting it  this is one of my fave songs right now and It does fit Robsten as it is abt a dream and robsten is so perfect they are like a dream and it is even more perfect b/c its real

thw whole other couples thing doesnt really fit but the song and robsten go really well to me so I want to ask anyone with free time on their hands if you could please make us an awesome vid using ur fave robsten pics and this song 🙂

I do remember asking b4 if anyone wanted me to post their vid

it doesnt have to be this but here is a new challenge for all u robsten youtubers out there

also there was a comment abt where to sent ur vids/fanfics if you wanted me to post them

u can alwasy link it in the comments or just email me at

so get the feel of what I’m talking abt here and go forth in making an awesome robsten vid

I think that it is always the best way to pass the time

and who can say that this isn’t fun 🙂

posted by Carlie

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