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Body language :)

December 10, 2009

Cosmopolitan analyzes Rob and Kristen’s body language.

1 .- The real and obvious

2.- Hot attraction is there?
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart say they are just friends, but our body language expert has detected signs that suggest there is something more between them.

3. They try to keep it occult
They are hiding the hands, a signal that could be hiding something else. Their positions reveal the bond between them. He protects she with her arm and she took refuge under his shoulder.

4. Hips don’t lie
Their bodies are touched often at the bottom when they pose together on the red carpet, which indicates that there is a sexual connection. Here Kristen, also pressed her chest against Robert, leaving little space between them.

5. Hot even when they are separated.
The chemistry between Robert and Kristen remains visible even when separated. In this photo, the body of each is inclined at an angle to the other, including the area of the feet.

6. Their bodies are synchronises.
Robert leans all of his body towards Kirsten and places his hands on her lower back , this been the typical adoration position of a couple .She assumes a position of seduction, leading to him his left leg, suggesting a strong emotional appeal.

via Twifans.
thanks Robstenation
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