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Rob in Japan pics

November 29, 2009

I love rob’s funny faces but he looks a little tired here

I’ve seen this face before when he is trying to look tough lol 🙂

this one might be my fave it says something well a lot of things really its both bed room eyes but sweet at the same time idk rob is hot

thats my fave thing abt him he is more attractive to us well me when he isn’t trying to be when he looks kinda hurt in someway like we have to protect him I find that hot i hate men that go too far with it like I dont need anyone or anything ever such a turn off its nice to see yeah I’m human and i dont have it all together and sometimes I might just need al little help

is that the New Moon jacket? lol 🙂

I love it when he seems a little lost and clueless I’ll help you find your way rob 🙂


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