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Mr.&Mrs.Pattinson and even Mr.Lautner

November 29, 2009
Rose of
Random Thoughts.

1. Watched New Moon.
5th time?
Not that the number counts…
because it will surely change before it
is out of the theater.
But I was thinking about Kristen and Taylor.
How good they are in this movie.
How good they are together.
I really never gave much thought to
Taylor in Twilight.
His role was minimal…
and I honestly doubted
whether or not he could pull off
New Moon Jacob.
He did.
And then some.
Taylor is good in this movie.
He not only looks fantastic
(I mean, seriously… WoW)
But the emotional scenes with Kristen?
Yeah… I got a bit teary.
I especially liked the end…
When he says… “Bella”.

And the way he looks at her…
He is the perfect Jacob Black.
I have to give CH kudos on her casting.
And honestly… Giving her praise hasn’t been easy…

Just goes to show what a great actress Kristen is…
She has chemistry with both of her leading men.
They both think the world of her…
And only have wonderful things to say about her.

thanks rose
🙂  you’ve got me beat I’ve only seen it 3 times but in any case I had these exact same thoughts about our Kristen and Tay I was quiet impressed with him honestly

b4 I had seen NM I was mad at him for being so I am so hot Im the new rob blah blah but now that I’ve seen him in interviews and his work in the movie I want to apoligize for thinking badly of him and say that I take back anything negative I’ve said and that I respect him

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