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Question of the day: A Robsten Christmas?

November 28, 2009

we all know that a queit christmas at the pattinson family’s london home is in the works but it is still going around as a maybe

Robert Pattinson, and his “New Moon” co-star Kristen Stewart are still the most popular rumored couple of recent times. There is always some sort of story to read about them, such as quiet meets, or they’ve been seen holding hands.

And according to, there appears to be another bit of news about them recently. The latest news is that in between film shoots and other media commitments, the rumored couple has been making their Christmas plans.

The buzz now, is that Robert and Kristen are planning a quiet Christmas date at home, preferably in the English countryside somewhere. A source from OK magazine, says that Pattinson has even enlisted the help of his mom, Clare, to find a cottage.


I hope that this is true and that we won’t even get one pic from it so that means they can enjoy their time off together peacefully with out having to run from the paps

even tho we’ve talked abt this b4 what are your thoughts on the matter


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  1. RobstenLIVES!! permalink
    November 29, 2009 6:15 pm

    i HOPE they spend Christmas together! Rob wasnt seen leaving LA so im guessing he spent Thanksgiving with Kristen and her family. Now they have to switch it up for Christmas 😀

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