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What I’m thankful for

November 26, 2009

some one else who feels the way I do giving thanks to robsten and twilight

This ThanksGiving Day! I’m thankful for Twilight It was a year ago today that I fell for twilight and became a twilighter for life It had been a week since the movie had come out and I’d seen it and begged my mother to by me the book I devoued it all in one weekend and I’ve been hooked ever since


the hard part is over this year we can be thankful that they can be out in public together and it not cause a riot that it just is and that its not a big deal or anything I’m thankful for them and that they don’t have to be a part any more that their love can sing its name out loud and that they can spend a holiday in love and together just like how they are supposed to be and how they will be forever ūüôā

this year has been the very very best and it is only getting better 6.30.10 pound it but in any case I just want to take this time yto shout out¬† our Queen S. Meyer with out her we wouldn’t have meaningful lives or anything to do with our days so I’m so thankful to you Mrs.M we love you so much and hope that u enjoy ur thanksgiving with ur beautiful family I wan to shout out Robsten To Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson for being for being in love for sharing that love with us each and every day with out you we would not have a fave couple to believe in and route for everyday we would not have an example of true love to hold up as a model for our selves and we simply would not have any joy in our lives you two give us that each and every day I want to thank you both so very much for being our Bella and Edward

¬†we would not have twilight done properly with out you guys and no one would like it like we do if it wasnt for you no one could do edward like you do and not one other girl could ever be bella beautiful I love you guy s so uch I’mwishing u the very best thanks giving ever have fun with mama and papa stew Rob I know they love you it must be nice to get to jusyt relax and chil with family after working so hard for us this year take as much time off as u need u’ve earned it deserve¬† it have a great time u crazy kids

I want to shout out my wellwishers if it were not for you I would not even have anything to do at all you all give me lifre give me purpose thanks so much for reading our blog everyday and coming back for more there are time when it feels like why but then its u guys and I love you keep on being super stars ur amazing

and lastly but certainly not least my c0-blogger Ms. Sabrina¬†you know that I love you girl ur the fricken best I can’t even tell you how thankful I am for having you in my life for having met you this¬†year you’ve given me every thing I could ever want a best friend a sister and a¬†safe place to put all of my¬†Robsten/twilight lovin to good use ¬†I’m thankful for the love and support that you give me everyday and I’m wishing you an amazing thanksgiving and I’d like to toast to another great year

so to Stephenie twilight wellwishers and Sabrina I’m so thank ful for u all I love you so very much thank you and Happy thanks giving

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  1. RobstenFOREVER!! permalink
    November 26, 2009 8:22 pm

    im Thankful for Robsten too ūüėÄ

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