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Everything that I’m Thankful for

November 26, 2009

Everybody enjoying ur day so far I know I am  in addition to this just being a kick ass year in general a huge help was robsten of course so I made an appreciation vid enjoy here please comment and tell me what ur thankful for this holiday

made by_Carlie 🙂

happy turkey day all and I’m thankful for all of the friends that I’ve made here my twilight family all of us fine wellwishers who came with us on this epic robsten journey I’m thankful for cat H. for being a match maker from the gods lol 🙂 for their date nights when we get pics that we all know rob is spending his thanksgiving with his in-laws lol and that they are together today giving thanks for each other I’m sure I’m thankful for paris and the vma’s and of course the KOL concert there is so much but that seems like the main points anything else I missed to make this list an epic win as if it wasn’t already please comment and let me know

happy thanks giving all

i’m wishing robsten a great one too

not by me but still great lets keep the good times rolling

posted by_Carlie

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