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My New Moon review!

November 22, 2009
New Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
Alright everybody other sites have been posting warnings and spoilers alerts blah blah but i think that if you havent seen it by sunday afternoon then you are not a real fan and if you live in another country yes this does suck for you but you knew that this was coming and there is not much you can do so there are going to be complete spoilers just letting you know now
I went to the midnight premier here in new york city Thursday night and I saw it again yesterday so now I can call my self well versed in New Moon the movie at first I had so many things to say it was all a mess in my head all I could do was scream but now that I have lived with it and slept on it I wanted to share my thought and feelings about each and every part
I give it 100 out of 10 stars I loved it it was amazing I saw it for the 2nd time last night and Tay was really good but Rob is a real actor I see him getting his oscar one day doing great serious work and Kristen too wow i was really blown away she is just so not a little hollywood tart shes going places and is going to do big things but of course we already knew that 🙂
I thought that it was good that some stuff was missing it moved the story along faster so that you did not get bored I’m glad that it was not all wolf pack but what we had of them was real cute and funny you got that they were a real family just as much as the Cullen
I wish we had more cullens everybody looked just great this time but they should have had more speaking parts I kno that there arent any in the book but still there was more to vote at the end
the letters to Alice was a nice touch b/c how else would we know what she was feeling out side of her head
kris pulled off the depression wonderfully i totally bought that she was dead inside also the parts about the hole in her chest it was only said once I think but there were some small parts where u saw her holding her self just rocking that was like wow real acting b/c u didn’t have to tell us we just knew what was going on
the part that showed the most talent to me was the jacob and bella break up  OMG! the rain the yelling it was just like how I’d thought it would be in the books  she honestly has no idea what has happened to her friend and he is truly messed up over what is happening to him I cried when he said I’m not good b/c of course that sent her right back to thinking about Edward and when he was like ur blood suckers are to blame I was like oh no he didnt even though I knew it was coming from the books
this is getting to be almost like a tay review but im getting to those other parts my fave part about the jake and bella stuff was when she frist gets him to do the bikes and he is all like age is just a number baby what are you fortythat was so hot Im sorry but I was like go jake he think he some body but he cute
and when he comes through her window to explain /apologize at first when he climbed up there it was corny like he was just showing off and then he stood there for a good 10 seconds so that we could just look at him like they knew the girls would scream or something just like they did when he first takes off his shirt after she crashes the bike there was a pause so that u could just stare the sort of beautiful was hot too b/c u can see her falling in to him with out ever letting go completely of edward like charlie says when he checks on her at nigh that u have to learn to love whats good for u I love charlie he is perfect for her dad he understands her b/c in a way she is just like him
back to the room part again kris played it perfectly by still being mad at him and pushing him away and then he got all like have u ever had a secret and he was really upset about it then she was like lets runaway and that was like woah why didnt I think thats how that was gonna go it seemed more bf/gf than bff but it fit and then the hug was so much more than a friendly hug in my mind i was going to far with that and then the dream with the voice over telling the story and she saw her dad dead that made perfect sense she didnt have to say how she thought that the wolves were killing humans it was fast paced but that made it more exciting when she saw him sleeping that was just how I imagined it
the wolf boys One I love sam but he is fat he had a belly hanging over his shorts It was so distracting I was laughing through the whole scene but when she slaps paul its the best part when I saw it in the trailer I didnt see how it fit but in the movie its worked so well and the fire that kristen brought to the bella character would have made her hit him then the wolf fight was hot emily’s scar was not as bad as I thought but u cant have too ugly people in movies u got the point that her face was messed up when they went walking on the beach I was a little disappointed that part was perfect in the book because of the misunderstanding but in the movie she already knew abt the wolf stuff  so the hypocrite thing wasnt as strong  
it was interesting how jake never promised Bella to take her cliff diving and she just got that idea on her own the part when charlie and harry are hunting in the woods when victoria is right behind them was a little confusing when I  first saw it b/c it had never occurred to me that she gave him a heart attack  the effects were cool when the wolves chase her but i was bored jake wolf is cool tho
when bella jumps it doesnt look fake at all I was so in to that moment its insane when she hits her head on the rock its like woah I didnt think about that  either but when she sees victoria in the water it makes sense that jake doesnt have to explain b/c they cut out thr afternoon on the couch part I kinda miss that but it was all in her head so there really wasnt a way to do that
riding home in the car “it’s a jacob thing” I found my self falling for jake so hard I was like kiss kiss and then I was expecting Edwards voice to tell me to be ahppy and he didnt AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
but the very best was the switch as soon as she saw the car she jumped out and was like that is carlise’s car and was all back in to her feelings about the cullens and hope that edward was back
I know that this is all about jake and the middle parts of the movie I left off the beginning and end on purpose I’m saving my NM robward review for its own special post be back later to gush all over my baby
tell me what you thought of taycob 🙂
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  1. muthoni permalink
    November 23, 2009 10:23 am

    you forgot to include the people who won’t get to see it at all and cherish spoilers because Scummit decided their country doesn’t deserve a release. Funny enough, alot of guys on FB are planning to get the movie; on Pirate! Sorry Scummit; not.

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