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I’m so glad that we don’t have haters here!

November 22, 2009

Our friend and sister in the twilighthood Rose of posted her feelings about NM being over and Missing rob and stuff like that I thought that it was sweet and honest as I had just gone thorugh the same darkness and had some of the same feelings myself 2 nights ago  the tiltle of her post was will robsten spend the holidays together which she didn’t get to talk about until the end and all of these comments came back negative effing haters who are just plain mean

this was a comment

 “I have a question do you think about where your friends(real life friends) are going to spend their Christmas/Thanksgiving holidays? I highly doubt it.

Don’t you think it’s unhealthy to think about where an alleged couple is going to spend their holidays? How can you care so much about 2 people you don’t know? I can understand the Robsession or the obsession with Kristen but obesssion with couple? Seriously? Do you also think about what they whisper to each other when having sex? I’m scared to hear the answer…

I bet you don’t even know where your son/daughter/best friend is going to spend his/her thanksgiving this year…”

horrible just horrible I hate them who ever said that

this is what I said to her to try to help

Rose I love your blog and all ur thoughts and feelings I have a lot of them too
first i just want to say that everyone who freaked out over ur title needs to stfu
i do wonder how they will spend their holiday and no i dont know where my real life friends will be yes I do think about what they whisper to each other and who ever said that im sure is a loser who cant even get any one to shag her fat ass and thats why ur jelaous
sorry for the outbust that just needed to be said Im right there with you on the haze boat I journal everyday and since I’ve come from the midnight premire of Nm I havent felt the need to write a single thing like I dont know what I feel I still Love rob even more after seeing NM and we need to start a remember me countdown I feel like a part of me is missing knowing that he will be away from us for so long but im glad he is getting a well deserved break whoever said that kris carried the movie was spot on I have a new respect for tay now but this was kristens show all by her self and boy did she shine i’ve seen it twice now and i plan to again I cant bring my self to watch the crappy youtube ones it feels kinda sad for a reason ai dont know why or how to explain you’ll feel better soon hun go out side enjoy something else for a bit then come home to us ur twilight family its always better when you’ve been a way b/c then u miss it and know why you love/need it so much _Carlie

I tried I hope that when she reads this she knows that this is just one or two stupid people who need to be kicked out of our world and that we all love her and appreciate her thoughts and feelings

I just needed to say that 😦

Posted by_Carlie

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  1. RobstenFOREVER!! permalink
    November 22, 2009 10:25 pm

    the haters can suck on it HARD! theyre just jealous. But to answer the question, i kinda do think Robsten will spend the Holiday together, or if not, in the same state/city. theyve known each other for over 2 years now, i think they should be spending Holidays together by now

  2. gabe permalink
    November 23, 2009 3:20 pm

    well.. consider those haters are all blind by their own hate

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