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Rob leaving letterman + few details of Rob on Leterman tonight!

November 19, 2009

Robert Pattinson leaving letterman


Call it get­ting the “Late Show” early!

A friend in the audi­ence has given Gos­sip Cop great details from today’s Robert Pat­tin­son appear­ance on “The Late Show with David Let­ter­man.” Here are the high­lights besides Letterman’s retort, “Oh, bite me!”:

* Pat­tin­son wore a blue col­lared shirt and blazer.

* When Let­ter­man asks Pat­tin­son to what he attrib­utes the fan mania, he replies, “Still try­ing to fig­ure it out. Maybe it’s some sort of scent.”

* Let­ter­man asks about his early roles, and Pat­tin­son talks about play­ing a viking in his first film. It was a very small role, but he had his voice dubbed over.

* Pat­tin­son dis­cussed how girls AND guys go crazy around him. One large fella in par­tic­u­lar asked for Pat­tin­son to bite him, which he did… and the guy liked it.

* Let­ter­man asked about “bit­ing,” jok­ing about whether it’s safe with swine flu, etc. Pat­tin­son said it depends on your mood and what you want to get out of it in the end. He remem­bers that some­one handed him a child, and some­how he wound up (fake) bit­ing the baby in the head for a photo op.

* Let­ter­man showed the cover of Harper’s Bazaar (with Pat­tin­son and Kris­ten Stew­art), and asked whether they were dat­ing. Pat­tin­son politely said he’s been “cryp­ti­cally avoid­ing” this ques­tion, and Let­ter­man then jok­ingly cut him off with, “Oh, bite me!”

* They dis­cussed Pattinson’s Amer­i­can accent in his film work, and Pat­tin­son picked two words and said them with an exag­ger­ated “Amer­i­can” accent. The first? “Side­walk,” which drew a huge laugh. Then he said “candy.”

Our source reports that Let­ter­man and Pat­tin­son had a “nice rapport.”

Source: Gos­sip Cop

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