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Official Remember Me Trailer-My Review

November 19, 2009

How much do I fucking Love Love Love Robert Pattinson

OMG! so much it is not even funny I think that i just died  watching this

and this for sure puts down all of the you only love Edward and you are getting rob confused with the character lies haters want to spread

this puts them all to bed because Rob is the best actor in the world and I love him I will support all of his movies to the bitter end because there is nothing better than just looking at him and then to hear him speak is just too much

like his acting is really good he like is not just being him self or all broody like he knows what he is doing and this is his calling and I hope that he does it forever just for the good of all of the girls and women in the world

rob is the very best thing that has ever happened to anyone anywhere and I am so very grateful for his being I love him

now watch this and tell me if you think I;m crazy or if you want to “bed ” him too lol 🙂

warning it is so fucking good I swear!

see I told you! 🙂

 now over the summer I had decided that even though I love Rob with all of my heart that I was going to hate this movie one because of the media making his life hell while he shot it and two because of all of the rumors about him “hooking up ” with Emilie

I also thought that Rob wasn’t acting and that he was just being rob instead of Edward well I was so wrong and I’m very glad of that

now before i go on any further I have to say that I love love love My Kristen and we all know that Her and rob are the real deal of course

when I first saw that rob was paired with her I felt like eww no shes a washed up devored ho and I hated her for looking so damn good with kristen’s Rob but now after having seen this I must take it all back she seems like a fine actress and looks really good up there that was actually some of the best casting besides rob and kristen together  I feel like I can believe her as robs Gf and that even thought the idea of him getting close to someone else nearly sickens me seeing them together as a couple on the screen makes me feel like this just may become the classic new york love story of our time I like this I can feel that I will enjoy this movie a lot a lot and with good reason not just because I love rob

It is going to be so fucking good OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I’m working on the forever part”

I’m dead

so thanks for putting up with my serious ROB Rant I’m off to go watch it again lol 🙂

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  1. VOTEFORROB permalink
    November 19, 2009 9:30 pm

    im impressed

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