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New Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

November 19, 2009

New Moon is so on!:) in less than 23 hours I as well as many of you too will be sitting in the theater watching Edward break Bella’s heart and jake put her back together again before Alice returns and they go to save Edwards suicidal ass in italy what we have waited an entire year for what most of our entire lives have revolved around has finally arrived this is very special and important to me and I just really wanted to express that I’m getting to spend this day and night which will be the best ever with you guys of course and all of my friends and family so all of you should go out and make sure that you will share this time with special people and even if it is just you right now you will find other people who “get it” so don’t bottle your New Moon pride 2mrw don’t be ashamed or embarrassed wear your shirts with all the pride that you have in being a twilighter for life I’m wearing like a fancy dress to school with my burger king crown and my locker has been decorated with New Moon is epic posters all week so just everyone enjoy your selves and bask in the glory that is belonging to a twilight family this is our time so shine  

I know I haven’

t said this In a while but on this very special night I think That it needs to be said

Peace,Love,Twilighters Forever


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