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GoodNight Wishes!

November 18, 2009

In the lack of Robsten news today we should never go with out our fix so  enjoy these vids to have sweet Robsten dreams

the song fits I like the twinkly sound making it more magical, more fairy tale like because we all know that only in a fantasy land(or out of the country) can Robsten let their love be out in the open

as I watch these I’m getting a little down like what if we don’t have any more robsten love pics after this I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it but I guess fan fics will help pass the time until eclipse press all the way in june I won’t take the press tour days for granted next time we should all just make videos of all of the pics we got in the past two weeks so that these days will live on and last forever history in the making we are the force behind this phenom so lets take credit

my wish for Robsten is that even though it will hurt us not to see them for a while they find a way around the paps for the next few months like they did during eclipse so that they can just live their lives and not have to hide ans sneak around all of that mess is truly just horrible

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