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Kristen New Moon Red Carpet

November 17, 2009

looks like she is enjoying herself and the fans 🙂

boy was I wrong no red in sight and a long dress too completly not what I was expecting love her though what do you think

she looks gorgeous and her hair is amazing

that smile 🙂

full view its like spider weby puffy idk its weird and not something that i would have picked but i like it i love it on kris she can work anything

but it looks like shes having a good time no robsten pics yet i’ll keep looking

just some more kris hoping for better in the am ya know

I’ve been staring at this dress on kris for about an hour and I’ve changed my mind I like it Now I love it a lot this will always be what she wore to the NM premir and we will remember this night forever

posted by_Carlie

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  1. Dako permalink
    November 17, 2009 7:16 am

    OMG!she looks awesome, love her dress, shes wonderful!!!!!…but wheres rob??? i want ROBSTEN together in these pics 😦 *dying*

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