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New Moon Countdown-8 Days! :)

November 11, 2009

who has been re-reading? I have. I’m at 12. which is like half and i love it i mean of course i do but for some reason i had remembered the middle of NM as being boring but it’s not don’t skip past it b/c even tho rob is not there he is like in all of her thoughts and stuff and it just makes it better waiting for her to go save him

so basically just a reminder to re-read(and to really read all of the chapters)

make your premiere night plans (I tried on the dress im wearing its red and i love it)

and always rep ur NM pride

have you brought ur merch yet im wearing my new bracelets

im so excited i love them and i’ve been wearing them everyday this week to count it down make sure to find a way to show how excited you are

you know how i have a love/hate thing with hot topic but for the most part i like their things just won’t pay those prices so i got mine at target but visit Hot topic to see all of the goods

also get ready for more TV interviews and stuff next week they are coming to NY unfortunately im not going to any of the shows 😦 but how cool would it be to run in to them somewhere in the city lol 🙂 like they’d ever be w/o bodyguards but hey if you got the chance to meet r/k what would you do/ask just wondering

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