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Morning Wish!:)

November 11, 2009


Good Morning Wellwishers

I wish Rob and Kris strength to prepare them selves for the media frenzy

are you all still jazzed about Robsten being official  what am i talking about of course you are i’ve decided that we have now entered a new level of Robsten something real and much more serious we are out in public for all of the world to see we are not just in our safe little world of robsten love anymore so that means haters we must be strong and fight them off our biggest hater will be the media i can already see these pics all over the nightly entertainment shows  and who knows what they will say or how they will spin it or something like that so i want to just take some time to soak in the pure joy that we all feel right now in the new dawn of robsten before it gets touched and becomes dirty this song goes out to our rob and kris where ever you are right now remember to live your love song

if you didn’t know i love country music and this guy has amazing hair oh and the song is great to the lyrics are fitting i think enjoy 🙂

God bless them and their union to last forever 🙂

(they will make it b/c they are different from other hollywood stars what they have is real and so truly special there is no doubt in that) wishing them love

see what I mean 😦 sigh well really its not that bad but still

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