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This is why we are all in love with Kristen

November 9, 2009
E! online sat down with Kris and asked her about fame and hiding/running away from the goddamn paps its a crazy life to live but it seems like she is handling it all pretty well compared with all of these other stars out there but we all knew that our girl was special
I love how she knows that it is stupid to have to waste your life hiding in a hotel room but that she draws the line at hiding in a dumpster it is really kinda of sad how those are the only choices that you have but what can you do she knows that if she is rude to the paps shes not hurting them she is hurting herself because they don’t care about her one way or the other she is just another teen starlet to them but what ever she does comes back to us and if it comes across as her not wanting to have anything to do with us then what happens to her fan base she is such a smart girl and I love her so much for it
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