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All tweets from the press conference_ The whole cast

November 7, 2009

Robert Pattinson

@celebuzz THE EAGLE HAS LANDED. ROB IS IN THE ROOM, Y’ALL!! #newmoon #robertpattinson #rpattz
@celebuzz Robert Pattinson is drinking a coke out of the bottle. Wearing a red plaid shirt and leather jacket.
@answerbitch #rpattz: Plaid shirt, leather jacket, stand-up hair.
@colliderfrosty after getting back from one on ones saw rob pattinson sitting alone and talked to him. super nice guy.
@HitFixDaniel Some guy named Pattinson is up next. Yall probably dont care, right?
@answerbitch #rpattz on #newmoon director: “He’s a saint.”
@HitFixDaniel He is like a saint. Hes one of the best people Ive ever met. – Pattinson is a big Chris Weitz fan.
@taryder Best for last rob’s here- who btw literally just ran into on his way into conference. He’s seriously so nice. More on that in a bit
@taryder Said he asked for kristen’s advice on how to play edward
@celebuzz Rob on the scene whr he comes 2 the light: I guess its kinda 1 of the clsest momnts Ive rly felt 2 ppls emotnl attchmnt 2 the char.
@HitFixDaniel Its not Edward youre playing. Its a manifestation of Bellas loneliness and desperation. – Rob on being an apparition
@taryder He’s gorgeous! Hair perfectly wild, leather jacket and red plaid shirt underneath. @theawful truth agrees w/ me of course
@taryder Rob said he’s had like 3 days off since Jan 14. “I’m on set all the time!”
@celebuzz How has regular life changed for Rob: I don’t know what that really is like bc I have not had a sustained period where I’m off. #newmoon
@HitFixDaniel Pattinson says that hes had three days off all year long, so he doesnt know how the outside world has changed.
@elguapo1 #newmoon Rob is now talking. Said he’s always on set but feels like the same person after the fame.
@taryder Says hes still exactly the same since before fame which isnt exactly a good thing. Hardly!
@elguapo1 #newmoon said the breakup scene was hard to do.
@celebuzz Would Rob fight Taylor? “Maybe if I had some kind of weapon” Hahah! #newmoon
@taryder Rob says its a fact edward would in in fight v jacob. “That’s what the books say!”
@HitFixDaniel I think its actually a *fact* that Edward would win. If I read the books correctly. Rob on Edward vs. Jacob
@HitFixDaniel Looking at Taylors martial arts videos from when he was like 9, I wouldnt want to do anything. Rob vs. Taylor?
@celebuzz Rob seems very confident answering questions, and his hair is only moderately messy today. 🙂
@taryder Rob says he shares being self-righteous with edward as well as being obsessive and posessive…he says in some ways about his privacy
@taryder Rob says he can’t listen to anyone else which is why he doesn’t have a publicist. Do u love this guy or what?
@HitFixDaniel I do not believe that my hair would do what Robs hair is currently doing. Nor am I certain Id want it to?
Rob says he shares being self-righteous with edward as well as being obsessive and posessive…he says in some ways about his privacy
@celebuzz Robert Pattinson connected to New Moon the most out of the Twilight series. #newmoon #robertpattinson #rpattz
@theawfultruth Rob says he connected with new moon the most bc it humanizes edward most
@hollyoutbreak robert pattinson nice guy
@HitFixDaniel Youve just got to remember that youre being paid. – Rob on distinguishing between on-screen love and off.
@celebuzz On Rob’s appearances in New Moon: I was so worried that it was going to be random scenes. #newmoon #robertpattinson #rpattz
@celebuzz Who is ready for DVD extras? Rob said “There have been loads and loads of the apparition scenes cut out.” #newmoon
@celebuzz Robert says his heart has never been broken like Edawrd’s when he has to leave Bella. #newmoon #robertpattinson #rpattz
@HitFixDaniel Rob says that loads and loads of apparition footage we shot and have been cut out. And hes happy with that.
@answerbitch RPattz: “I really haven’t done that many romantic things in my life … I mean, I’ve watched Titanic.” #newmoon #rpattz #robertpattinson
@taryder Robs laughing bc he can’t think of a romantic thing he’s done. Says he hasn’t serenaded anyone bc it takes a lot of balls lol
@celebuzz Rob on serending someone: You need to have so much balls to do that, Jesus Christ. #newmoon #rpattz #robertpattinson
@celebuzz Robs most romantic move: I put a rose on a girls locker when I was 15, or maybe I was 14. She thought it was someone else, and he claimed it
@celebuzz Rob’s favorite vampire: I really like Wesley Snipes, I think Wesley Snipes is great (Bladerunner) #rpattz #newmoon #robertpattinson
@celebuzz Recently some magazine reported that I was pregnant, without a hint of irony or anything. I don’t even know what 2 make of that one. -RPattz
@HitFixDaniel: “I really like Wesley Snipes. I think Wesley Snipes is great.” – Rob struggling with his favorite movie vamp
@taryder I just asked weirdest thing he’s read about himself: “that I was pregnant!” Tons of funny bites from him
@celebuzz Robert Pattinson – I’ve got to stop being so self deprecating bc people are starting to believe it. #newmoon
@HitFixDaniel: “I’ve got to stop being so self-deprecating, because people are starting to believe it.” – Rob
@colliderfrosty i asked rob the last question. about breakind dawn. he said plan is to film in fall of 2010!
@HitFixDaniel Rob says he things Breaking Dawn is tentatively scheduled to begin shooting next fall. But he isnt sure.
@taryder He also said he’s going to try to be less self-deprecating in interviews bc pple are starting to believe it
@jenyamato Wow~ Rob says Fall 2010 is set aside to film Breaking Dawn!
@taryder And its a Wrap folks!! Wow I’m tired. And my thimbs hurt
@HitFixDaniel Thats all, folks. WHEW. Thanks for following along

Kristen Stewart

@elguapo1: – #newmoon Kristen is here!
@taryder [Kristen] Says tabloids are like shows w/ false realism. Doesnt bother her and she doesnt take it personally
@celebuzz K: The whole rumor/tabloid stuff –its so obviously false 2 me evn b4 I became a part of it, so once I was the star of it, its like a show
@celebuzz K: It’s like a soap opera. False realism. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t take it personally.
@celebuzz Kristen on Bryce Dallas Howard: Bryce is scary. She’s really oddly sweet as well, so it’s funny to see her switch back and forth.
@celebuzz KStew on Taylor Lautner: Even seeing him walk around on set was a different experience. Hes become a different person. Hes really grown up.
@celebuzz Kristen Stewart on Taylor Lautner: I know Im using this grammatically incorrect, but he’s the FUNNEST guy I’ve ever hung out with
@taryder Kristen says she thinks she’s a boring person, u won’t find her at clubs/bars unless its an event. Love this girl
@celebuzz Kristen Stewart: I’m never going to a biker. I’m scared of cars. Taylor rode motorcycles really well. #newmoon
@elguapo1 #newmoon Kristen said shooting the break up scene was very difficult.
@hollyoutbreak Kirsten Stewart: in Brazil this guy was chasing after us. One guy kept screaming where is robert?
@elguapo1 #newmoon Kristen says it’s awesome that girls look up to Bella. Guapo bring you da Twilight!
@hollyoutbreak Kristen Stewart sometime fans have have problems seperating them from their charachters
@theawfultruth : Dont worry ks says twi fans arent scary at all! She is afraid of crowds tho in general
@hollyoutbreak Kristen stewart: End of flming was in Italy you could feel the energy and I can’t turn off until the last moment. Favorite moment was when the film wrapped
@taryder omeone just asked thr Rob question..gave loveable non denail denial again
@celebuzz Kristen: I think Bella is a good character 4 girls 2 look up 2. #newmoon
@hollyoutbreak Kristen Stewart: what I love of eclipsee is the different level of love. Bella is honest. Loved playing with Jacob & edward all 3
@taryder In eclipse KS says she loves the tent scene w/ jacob and edward…loves scenes w/ the three of them
@celebuzz K: I’m very protective of Bella. I feel a shared ownership.
@elguapo1 #newmoon Kristen says Eclipse is great. Bella is content. The effects are better. Look for a big battle. Can’t wait to do 4th film.
@celebuzz K: I can’t wait to do a fourth one.
@taryder KS isn’t allowed to talk about Breaking Dawn start date or if it’ll be two movies, they skipped the guy who asked it
@celebuzz Kristen doesn’t know when they will start filming the 4th movie, nor whether Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies.
@hollyoutbreak Kirsten Stewart: Bella acknwloges bella doesn’t know immortality. Big thing for Bella is change.
@jenyamato Kristen says Eclipse’s tent scene has her lying literally between Edward and Jacob
@hollyoutbreak Kristen Stewart New Moon: In terms of approching parts it just happens. I got to know Joan Jett as a person and through photos
@elguapo1 #newmoon Kristen says she wasn’t trying to imitate Joan Jett. Wanted her own impersonation.
@answerbitch Overall initial impression of KStew pressor: Very psyched about the franchise, “protective” of character — and cool hair
@hollyoutbreak Kristen Stewart New Moon: is she worried abnout youger audience that bella giving bad idea to kids
@celebuzz Kristen Stewart: I really feel like if you feel like you need to do something then you need to do it. And by it I mean anything. #newmoon
@celebuzz KStew: Be extreme. Go for it. I think that thats the point. I know this is a movie about immortality and mortality, but you only live once.
@elguapo1 #newmoon Kristen says it’s ok to try anything girls. Just admit if you make a mistake. Worldy advice.
@HitFixDaniel “I know what it’s like to be broken up with, but I don’t know what it’s like to be broken up w/by a vampire.”
@HitFixDaniel “I totally understand why people have a hard time separating ourselves from our characters.”
@HitFixDaniel “I don’t know” – K-Stew on a start date for “Breaking Dawn” and whether it will or won’t be two movies.
@HitFixDaniel KStew: I know what its like to be broken up with, but I dont know what its like to be broken up w/ by a vampire
@taryder Asked Kristen if she’d like to work with Rob again after all the Twilight films
@taryder Her answer…..posted later 😉 can’t give it all away via twitter!

Kristen 1st article – about Rob Celebuzz
2nd article – K.Stew’s So Over Gossip: “It Doesn’t Bother Me” E!Onlibe
Interview – Audio Here


@elguapo1 #newmoon The Cullen family is up next!
@celebuzz Ashley Greene just asked Kellan Lutz if he wants to sit on her lap. Haha.
@taryder Just ran into Ashley she’s making her way to room, she’s one of my faves so nice. Said she’s hanging in there w/ all press! Looks great
@taryder Kellan just said he loved me…any Emmitt fans out there? The feelings mutual, he’s so hotttt!
@celebuzz Ashley Green looks drop dead gorgeous in a blue and white striped dress
@celebuzz Ashley Greene herself did all of the crazy driving that Alice does between Forks and Italy to save Edward.
@celebuzz I think Catherine [Hardwicke] was thrown into this just as much as the rest of us. – Nikki Reed #newmoon
@celebuzz Nikki thinks Rosalie and Esme tear apart mountain lions together at night (when they aren’t sleeping). #newmoon
Forgot 2 say, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and Elizabeth Reaser are here 2 represent the Cullen family. Where’s @peterfacinelli ?
@Nikki Reed says theres no mystery anymore about actors. She wouldn’t mind slipping under the radar, but casting depends on exposure.
@taryder Kellan, Ashley, Nikki, and Elizabeth all together….def can tell kellan/ashley are close and nikki/elizabeth are
@answerbitch Ashley Greene says favorite style influences include Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O; says wardrobe took her input on that in re Alice’s style
@taryder They all gave long responses to our question about how they balance letting public know about their private lives and keeping it private
@celebuzz Kellan Lutz : Meeting Michael Bay was so cool.
@theawfultruth gonna say it…Nikki Reed is gorgeous!
@celebuzz Kellan Lutz on getting pale makeup: I didn’t go to the beach that much so I probably saved an hour in the chair. #newmoon
@celebuzz Nikki Reed was obsessed with the Spice Girls when she was little! So cute!!
@elguapo1 #newmoon Cullen’s say the fans are the best
@celebuzz Kellan is obsessed with candy and animals. He went on a safari in Africa and says he can’t go back to a zoo.
@celebuzz Elizabeth Reaser loves True Blood. 🙂 #newmoon
@taryder Question they’re all most sick of being asked: “do you know Rob?”
@HitFixDaniel “Do you know Rob Pattinson?” – The unanimous question the other Cullens are sick of answering.

@taryder Elizabeth says Nikki is most maternal on set. They’re for sure the new besties
@celebuzz Question: What do u wish ur character could do? Kellen: Stunts Elizabeth: Have sex Nikki: Smile Ashley: My character does lots of cool stuff
@answerbitch Cullen family presser over; Nikki Reed more maternal than Elizabeth Reaser. #newmoon
RT @HitFixDaniel Pictures do not do Ashley Greene justice. She’s *stunning*.


@answerbitch O hai Volturi!
@celebuzz For the Volturi we have Dakota Fanning, Cameron Bright, Jamie Campbell Bower and Michael Sheen.
@celebuzz Jamie Campbell Bower has the HOTTEST accent. Dakota has a bling-y ring in the shape of a cobra. Cute!
@HitFixDaniel Dakota Fanning is wearing a ring featuring a giant cobra. Awwww… She’s all grows up!
@hollyoutbreak: dakota fanning New moon: What was the highligh tplaying jane: The costume and get to play evil charachter
@HitFixDaniel Dakota Fanning enjoyed playing an evil character. Which is odd, because I’ve thought *all* her characters were evil.
@hollyoutbreak Dakot fanning New Moon: finshed filming the eclispe
@celebuzz Michael got Aro’s voice from Stephenies line saying he had a voice like feathers. Thought of ChildCatcher from Chity Chitty Bang Bang.
@HitFixDaniel Ive been observing vampires for sometime now,but I finally got to have my own fangs. But we dont have fangs -Michael Sheen
@celebuzz Michael Sheen: It’s quite thrilling to have Dakota Fanning call you master. #newmoon
@HitFixDaniel “I woudn’t say we’re evil necessarily. We’re the government. Not everybody likes the government.” – Jamie Campbell Bower
@HitFixDaniel “It’s quite thrilling to have Dakota Fanning call you ‘Master.'” – Michael Sheen. Ummm…
@celebuzz Jamie Campbell Bower: I wouldn’t say were evil. We’re the govt and not everyone likes the govt, which is fine. #newmoon
@celebuzz Jamie Campbell Bower: We’re there to keep evry1 in check. Without us it would be cmplte anarchy, Vampire anarchy. #newmoon
@colliderfrosty on stage right now are the volturi. Michael Sheen is just awesome.
@celebuzz If Dakota could have any super power she would want to read peoples minds. Jamie CB would fly. Cameron would want every power.
@HitFixDaniel In real life I would like 2 have the power 2 look like Im three centimeters to right of where I actually am.-Michael Sheen
@celebuzz Michael Sheen would want to appear 3cm to the right of where he actually is.
@celebuzz Dakota Fanning on Jane: She doesn’t use her power for good, which is another thing which is interesting to me.
@celebuzz Dakota on red contacts: Its rly scry. I think it makes ne woman look automaticlly evil. U get used 2 it after a while n u can c pretty good.
@HitFixDaniel “In real life I would like to have the power to look like I’m three centimeters to the right of where I actually am.” Sheen
@taryder Volturi cast up now….they are hilarious!
@celebuzz Michael Sheen’s daighter has Twilight and New Moon posters all over her bedroom. He says she put one pic up of him out of pity. LOL
@HitFixDaniel The awesome Michael S. tells story of being accosted trying on jeans. His daughter is a “Twilight” fan has his picture up.
@celebuzz Dakota Fanning says she is obsessed with baby names, and she loves names in general. Been planning her childrens names since she was 4.
@HitFixDaniel Ive been planning my childrens names since I was four. – Yup. Dakota Fannings all grows up.
@elguapo1 #newmoon The Volturi are up now. Michael Sheen is cracking jokes. Funny guy.
@HitFixDaniel I lose days with my Lucien figure and my Aro figure just fighting… And then they have tea parties. -Sheen
@celebuzz Dakota Fanning got to be a homecoming princess at her high school this fall. #newmoon
@HitFixDaniel “For me, at least, that’s one of the goals as an actor, to have an action figure with a pull-string.” -Cameron Bright
@HitFixDaniel Dakota Fanning would like to emphasize that she was a Homecoming *Princess* not Queen. Shes only a junior.
@celebuzz Dakota Fanning is the only Volturi actor who actually got to film in Italy. The rest of the filming with Volturi was actually in Vancouver!
@HitFixDaniel The awesome Michael Sheen tells a story of being accosted trying on jeans.

Chris Weitz, Melissa Rosenberg, Wyck Godfrey

@celebuzz Sitting down now is Director Chris Weitz, Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and Producer Wyck Godfrey
@colliderfrosty up next on stage is screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, director Chris Weitz and the producer
@celebuzz Melissa on Taylor: I wish I could take credit 4 when Jacob takes his shirt off, but theyre n the book, and it seemed unwise 2 take them out.
@HitFixDaniel: “They’re in the book and it seemed unwise to leave them out.” -Melissa Rosenberg on the myriad topless scenes.
@HitFixDaniel They cant afford t-shirts given the amount of time they turn into wolves and their shirts burst – Weitz on the Wolfpack
@HitFixDaniel It made sense to be unashamed of the emotionality of the piece. -Weitz.
@HitFixDaniel “It made sense to be unashamed of the emotionality of the piece.” -Weitz.
@HitFixDaniel You dont want too much Edward, because you lose the really important sense of missing him. – Weitz
@celebuzz think the crucial difference b/t the book and the film is that when Bella hallucinates Edward she also sees him. – Chris Weitz #newmoon
@celebuzz Chris Weitz says the way Edward looks during the hallucinations is like a candle flickering. – #newmoon
@colliderfrosty they’re talking about how they kept Rob in movie even though he wasn’t big part of book.effect they did in movie was cool
@HitFixDaniel That was a brief possibility, but I was always convinced that he was going to be able to do it. -Weitz on recasting Taylor
@celebuzz Chris Weitz on Soundtrack: I generally think it’s been one of the best soundtrack albums ever created. #newmoon
@HitFixDaniel I genuinely think its one of the best soundtrack albums thats ever been done. – Weitz. Its very indie.
@HitFixDaniel I hate slo-mo. Normally. But… -Weitz. Theres a *lot* of slo-mo in New Moon.
@colliderfrosty Chris Weitz is talking about the slo mo in the movie and why he used it. Also about being careful not to make Jacob too appealing
@HitFixDaniel “It was simply because she wasn’t available at the time we were set to make the movie.” – Wyck Godfrey on the recasting of Victoria
@celebuzz Producer Wyck Godfrey on Rachelle: It was simply bc she wasn’t available when we were set to film the movie and we found out too late.
@taryder Vampires don’t appeal to Chris its the characters. Especially bella + chance to work with cast especially KStew that made him want to do NM

Wolf Pack

@answerbitch #newmoon Looks like the Wolf Pack is up next. Let’s hope for some shirtlessness and … dammit. They’re all clothed. #newmoon
@celebuzz The Wolfpack is here! Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Bronson Pelletier, Kiowa Gordon.
@HitFixDaniel I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to identify the individual members of the Wolfpack. I may go radio silent for a bit…
@celebuzz All the boys just started saying “Sexy time!” It’s so true – these guys are HOT!
@celebuzz Alex Meraz – We had about 4 months of training. It’s hard.
@celebuzz These boys are all playing off each other -they really r like brothers. Hard to catch a quote. Chaske is def the leader onscreen and off. 🙂
@celebuzz Alex Meraz – As representatives for Native Americans in this frachise we have responsibility not to be a bad image. #newmoon
@celebuzz Alex Meraz – It’s time for us to change Hollywood’s take on Native Americans.
@celebuzz: Chaske is def the leader onscreen and off. 🙂
@answerbitch Wolf Pack actors reveal the music that helped them get in character: Beastie Boys, natch. Not a joke. #newmoon
@celebuzz The wolves listened to a lot of Beastie Boys and 50 Cent while they worked out together. #newmoon
@HitFixDaniel “We were extinct except for Adam Beach.They were going to put him in the Smithsonian.” wolf on Native Americans Hollywood
@celebuzz Chaske Spencer on the wolfpack: We’re like a rockband. #newmoon
@celebuzz All 4 of the wolves here have tattos that had to be covered. They are thinking about getting the actual Quileute wolfpack tattoo together!
@elguapo1 #newmoon The Wolfpack guys have talked about getting the wolfpack tat a perm one after the films.
@celebuzz The wolves haven’t seen the film yet, they wanted to wait until it was done with the soundtrack added and everything.
@celebuzz While the Cullens are lightened, the wolfpack is actually bronzed and made darker for the film. #newmoon
@celebuzz Chaske Spencer on cold outside while filming – You could cut glass with our nipples.
@celebuzz Alex Meraz on being shirtless – Its like a costume. You wear it, you don it, you own it.
@answerbitch Much talk of nipples at the Wolf Pack conference. They have padded off to dens unknown. Up next: No idea.

Taylor Lautner

@answerbitch Taylor Lautner presser up next. I’m declining to call him #taytay. Also will be outraged if he is not in fact six feet five. #newmoon
@celebuzz Taylor Lautner is in the room!
@answerbitch Taylor Lautner: Not only NOT SHIRTLESS, but also wearing a jacket on top of a shirt. Not cool
@taryder Woman just announced team Taylor’s coming through…he looks HOT in a grey blazer, white tee and dark jeans. He’s most friendly so far
@HitFixDaniel Enter, Taylor Lautner. I remember the press day for Shark Boy and Lava Girl.
@HitFixDaniel Definitely not. – Taylor Lautner on whether steroids played a role in his buffification.
@celebuzz Taylor on maybe losing the role:I knew where my character went in New Moon and thats what I tried to stay focused on. #newmoon
@taryder Omg tay is so charming and adorable! Blushing at scene when he takes shirt off when bellas bleeding
@celebuzz Taylor on Jacob’s transformation: I become a completely different person.I’m dealing w/ my issues and it’s really hard for me.
@celebuzz If there was a role I really loved that required me to LOSE 40 pounds I would do it. – Taylor Lautner
@celebuzz Taylor Lautner ate beef patties, raw almonds, sweet potatoes to gain weight. Over 3200 calories a day!
@HitFixDaniel Lautner says he ate more than 3200 calories/day. Says the challenge was putting something in your mouth every 2 hours.
@celebuzz Taylor Lautner gets embarassed when he watches the movie and Jacob first takes off his shirt to stop Bella’s head from bleeding. #newmoon
@elguapo1 #newmoon Taylor is wearing a grey suit with white button shirt. Looking dapper!
@hollyoutbreak Taylor Lautner: Wire work was compciated
@elguapo1 #newmoon Taylor worked out 5 days a week. Over 3,200 calories a day. Eating every 2 hours. Which is normal for a weight gain workout plan.
@celebuzz Taylor Lautner is not sure about getting the Quileute tat with the rest of the pack. #newmoon
@hollyoutbreak taylor Lautner: I try to stay away from reading about himself. Story said he wouldn;t take off his shirt again
@hollyoutbreak not true
@taryder Just asked Taylor what’s the funniest/weirdest thing he’s ever heard about himself: he says he stays away from reading bout himself but…
@elguapo1 #newmoon Girls, Taylor denies ever saying he wouldn’t take his shirt off ever again. He’ll do it if the role requires it.
@celebuzz HOORAY! Taylor would be willing ot take his shirt off for another role if thats what it requires. He says he never said never.
@hollyoutbreak Taylor Launtner: No way to prepare for twlight fame. Felt pressure
@hollyoutbreak Taylor Lautner: Look at the posters with his face is strange to look at. It comes with the job
@celebuzz Taylor Lautner gets embarassed when he watches the movie and Jacob first takes off his shirt to stop Bella’s head from bleeding. #newmoon
@hollyoutbreak Taylor LAutner: Great to work with Taylor Swift movie called Valentines Day
@hollyoutbreak Taylor Lautner: Will not tell if we his dating Taylor Swift
@elguapo1 #newmoon He said he had fun working with Taylor Swift on Valentines Day. He said I’ll leave it up to u to decide if he and Taylor r dating
@taryder Guy just uncomfortably asked Taylor bout Swift if 4 publicity: “funny thing is u see every move I make, so ill leave that for u to decide”
@HitFixDaniel Taylor tells us weve seen his every move, so we can judge for ourselves if hes dating Taylor Swift
@HitFixDaniel: “That’s very interesting. I wasn’t aware of that countdown.” – Taylor learning there’s a countdown to his 18th birthday.
@hollyoutbreak: Taylro LAunter: Fans move him. when they crry, have fun, amazing
@elguapo1 #newmoon Said it’s sweet when girls cry if they meet him but he’s not sure what to say when it happens.
@HitFixDaniel Thats a good question. -Taylor responding to who would win between Shark Boy and Jacob. [It was?]
@answerbitch: Pet phrase for Taylor Lautner: “Oh boy.” #newmoon #taylorlautner
@celebuzz The entire cast is so close, and it would be a nightmare if we weren’t. – Taylor Lautner
@hollyoutbreak: Taylor Launter: close with Bryce Howard, and rest of cast. Great People Bryce Howard Amazing
@hollyoutbreak: Taylor LAutner: CLose with Kirsten Stewart & ROb Pattinson
@hollyoutbreak Taylor LAunter: Elcipse was his favorite book. Excited to film the movie. Great scene in Eclipse with bella and edward
@celebuzz One of Taylor’s fav Eclipse scenes is when Edward has to let Bella sleep in the same sleeping bag with Bella so she doesnt freeze to death.
@celebuzz The entire cast is so close, and it would be a nightmare if we weren’t. – Taylor Lautner #newmoon
@theawfultruth Taylor loves tent scene in Eclipse too w/ edward and bella! He says eclipse is “visually stunning”
@theawfultruth just want to pinch tay-tay’s cheek and give him a hug. adorable in grey blazer and jeans
@celebuzz There couldn’t be a better end to my teenage years. I am spending time doing what I love and spending time w/ people I love. -Taylor Lautner
@celebuzz Taylor Lautner says Robert Pattinson does a lot of boxing in his time off. #newmoon #taylorlautner @robertpattinson #rpattz
@celebuzz Taylor and Rob have argued between themselves who would win in a fight, Jacob or Edward. Taylor says that it’s still up in the air. #newmoon
@HitFixDaniel I don’t know bwn me and Rob. He does a lot of boxing in his time off, so it might be a good matchup.” Lautner v. Pattinson?
@answebitch Taylor Lautner on seeing his “wolf” on screen for the first time: “I was blown away.” #newmoon #taylorlautner #teamwolfpack


All the tweets are collected by RPLife. *HUGS* Thanks!!!

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