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How they fell in love_come,find yourself in my eyes…

October 19, 2009

This is the story so far, I put them together so you don’t miss any of the chapters.The next chapter will be up this friday 😀


How they fell in love_Chapter 1

Once upon a time….


There was a boy….



He was gorgeous.he was shy.He was easygoing and  funny.Who was known to all for doing the side role of a handsome youth in a popular movie.His character died in the movie and so did his fame. But he wasn’t unhappy. He did some other small parts in  other movies too. But nobody cared that much. But he was happy. He had a few close friends. They really cared for the boy, they hung out together,wrote lyrics and sang together. They were talented and so was the boy, He had a beautiful voice and his voice was different, something you never heard before…and he was handsome beyond description…he was one of a kind.   

And there was a girl…

Kristen Stewart


She was beautiful. She was head strong and tough. She didn’t take shit from nobody.    She started acting in American TV and movies when she was just eight years old. She met a nice guy when she was thirteen on the set of one of her movies. They started dating. Her boyfriend was an actor too. They were both young and in love. Nevertheless, they were best friends mostly. The girl thought she had everything….She was happy.         


Love at first sight….


The girl was already chosen to play the leading lady of a movie. She was there at the director’s place, during auditions for the part of her love interest in that movie. She was starting to get pissed because she had to kiss three different men in order to help the director make her decision. She was sitting on the director’s bed when the boy entered.

She looked at him and couldn’t look away. The boy stared back, he too couldn’t take his eyes off her. He knew the girl had already been cast; he had seen the girl in a movie just a few weeks ago. And he liked what he saw. He wanted to meet her in person that’s why he turned up for the auditions. He thought he had very little chances of getting that part because he was auditioning for the part of the most perfect and good-looking Vampire in the world. But he couldn’t care less about that after seeing the girl. Although he was a good actor, he messed up on his first attempt .He was nervous, he looked at the script and just read the lines aloud and then started laughing. The girl laughed out loud too. He felt at ease a little then. He tried again and that time it worked. Then to his surprise the director lady told him to do the kissing scene for her cause she wanted to check the chemistry between him and the girl. The girl smiled at him and asked him if he was ready. They said their lines and their lips met.


 They kissed as they never kissed before. Then as written in the script, the boy pulled away and said his lines. The director cried “That was great, you two” They both looked at each other and smiled .But both of them knew something big had changed in their lives from the moment their lips parted…..They had fallen in love with each other.

And…..the happy boy and the happy girl were not as happy anymore. Because they knew, falling for the opposite will surely make their life more difficult then it needed to be. The boy did not know if she felt the same way for him, he got to know that she already has a boyfriend and also he was warned by the movie organization not to get involved with her. Moreover, the girl, she was still a minor and she was in a relationship….a relationship that started to cease to mean much for her anymore. It was not like, she didn’t love the boyfriend .It was just that, She was in love with some one else. She was in love with the boy….


 Chapter 2



A couple of weeks later, the casting for the movie were complete. They started rehearsing. The boy was going through a very weird and wonderful time. He loved the fact that, the girl was always friendly to him. That, he could always make her laugh.


  And she too, realized that her mood always lifted whenever and wherever She was with him.  She could sit there all day, looking at him. Having a laugh every now and then, sharing thoughts on how they should ensue with their characters. And the best thing was that, they were completely honest with each other.

Time flew and a couple of  nights before they started filming the director walked in on them while the boy was making jokes on how his character supposedly sparkled when he’s out in sunlight.

 Both of them were on the sofa. The boy was sitting up, going through the pages of the first book of the saga. He had one of his legs up on the low coffee table, next to it. While the girl rested her head on the upper parts of his other leg. She was spent from a long day of work, and almost dozed off.


The director walked in. She took in the asleep girl lying across the sofa, with the script still clutched lightly between her fingers. The boy looked up at Catherine and smiled. He ran his fingers lightly through the girl’s hair

“Wake up, Kristen. I need my legs back, I’m no stone made Vampire” he said, teasing.

“Awww…huh?…. Shut the fu*k, Rob… I’m completely exhausted. SO stay still and stop bugging me for a while, won’t you? Thanks.” She groaned, her eyes still closed.

The boy couldn’t help laughing out loud. And  so did Catherine.


The girl finally opened her eyes to see who else was there.

“Hey Catherine” She greeted her, popping up on her elbow.

“Sorry. I’m useless” She smiled, apologetic. Then she turned to glare at the boy for not warning her. But his expression was amused.

Catherine shook her head, as if trying to clear it. She got a bit absorbed. A strong but strange kind of magnetism hovered in the air whenever those too were together. It seemed like, they gravitate towards each other. She sighed.


The girl sat up. Her striking green eyes darted from the boy to Catherine, Curiosity dominant in them. The boy shrugged.

 “Sorry. Kris dear, I know its been hard. I mean, It’s three in the morning, you two. Thank you both.” She whispered appreciatively.  

“So ’sup?”

“We made a few changes in our lines. We were using the book as reference. I was thinking of discussing them with you but Kristen was snoring.”

“Hey!” the girl elbowed him in the ribs.

“What am I going to do with you two?” She said, laughing.

“Now, I wanted to talk about something important’ she added, as she took a seat facing them.

“We start filming in two days. And from that day, you guys can’t be Rob and Kris anymore. You will be Edward, and you, Bella,’ she said looking at the girl.

“This friendship, this closeness that you two share, you’ll have to turn it into something stronger. Rob, you need to make yourself believe that she is the reason behind your existence .That you love her more than you want to kill her,’ And  Kris, “You love Ro-Umm… Edward more than your own life, that you’d rather die than staying away from this Vampire”


“BOO !”

‘Dude, you’re not a ghost, you are like, a monster,’ the girl teased him and snuggled closer.

Catherine smiled and went on ‘You two obviously share a great chemistry and …..’

‘Look,’ the boy interrupted, “I don’t know if I can pull it off , Catherine. I’m worried that, people are going to laugh at me”

“Cut it out, man,’ you’ll do fu*king great” the girl said, putting her arm over his shoulders.


“You’ll be perfect, I couldn’t ask for a better Edward” Catherine reassured.

‘Now, get some rest you two. We are shooting the “ballet studio” scene first. So there will be a lot to do tomorrow’ ‘Goodnight’ she added as she vanished through the trailer door. They wished her goodnight.

Suddenly the girl realized that she was alone, sitting so close to this gorgeous boy. That, she could feel him breathing on her hair. She wanted to stay there all night. This is wrong. I have to go back to my trailer, she thought to herself.

She got up and stretched her legs, picked her jacket off the floor. Then she turned to say Goodnight to him and froze.


 He was staring at her with so much intensity that cold trickles seemed to be running down her body. He got up from the sofa, throwing his book on the coffee table without looking away. It hit the table with a light thud. He walked over to her “You are my life now, choose ME….’ He took her face in his hands and kissed her lightly on the lips, She couldn’t move, she felt a curious sensation like someone was taking her heart out off her chest without even bothering to ask permission cause he knows that she won’t give him a hard time for it.

‘Take ME….Love ME…..because…,’ the boy whispered, their foreheads still touching. ‘I love you, Bella’

The girl pulled away, and shot him a mock glare.  

“Way to go, EDWARD’, ‘why don’t we save the ‘Embracing the character’ thing  for tomorrow.”

“Alright, I can live with that” he grinned but his eyes told a different story. There was so much…but the pain in them was overriding everything else. The girl couldn’t look at them anymore. She forced herself to smile after she pecked him goodnight. Then she reached for the door. But she turned to look back at him again and whispered

 “I love you too, Edward” loud enough for him to hear.

The boy looked up but she was out through the door already. The girl half walked, half-ran towards her trailer. Tears ran down her cheeks, glistening like pearls in the moonlight…..



Chapter 3



The boy was lying across the back seats of his car. With all the windows up and doors locked from inside. He has just run out of the movie premiere, he couldn’t take it anymore. He never liked watching himself in a flick anyway but this time the pressure was too much to handle so he decided to bolt.



Inside the theater, He was sitting beside his Mom. When the ‘saving Bella in Portland’ scene started screening, he told his mom “I have to smoke, I will be outside” and vanished through the doors before she could even reply.



He walked out, slowly heading for his car. A hundred thoughts were swirling in his mind at the same time. He wanted some peace. He reached inside his pocket for the keys, something other the keychain scraped against his fingers. He took it out, getting inside. It was too dark to see, he tuned on the lights inside his car. It was a picture of Kristen he had torn from a magazine a couple of days back. The picture was taken before twilight, she’s smiling in it, her hair lighter and shorter.


He kissed the picture, then turned it into a marble sized paper ball and tossed it out his window. ‘Kristen has a boyfriend’ he thought to himself, switching the lights off.

He dreaded this night for so long….Sure, she was with him during the shoot and the other promotional stuff. ‘But, what happens when it’s all over? She will go back to her boyfriend, that’s what’.

‘And, feeling this way, like someone’s stabbing me in the heart is ,once again, my fault. She never said that she wanted me. She loves me as a good friend….Just a good friend!’ he thought, striving to control a sudden rush of anger ‘But doesn’t she know thats not enough for me? Didn’t I profess my love for her, a hundred times already? She never took it seriously, thought I was joking, did she?  

All this time, I have been making a fool of myself when I was thinking she liked me back’ he deliberated, closing his eyes.


‘Obviously, I should have waited for her to say something herself. But, what was I suppose to think whenever she looked at me that way…every hug, every kiss, every touch…There was so much…much more. A stance, way stronger than just close friendship’


He was remembering their time together, when he didn’t need to think about the boyfriend. When he’d been Edward and she, his Bella. She’d never let him feel like she was just ‘In character’. She’d peck him now and then between shots, stick her finger in his mouth, hold hands, give him wet-willies, she would let her fingers twist in his hair and mockingly sink her teeth into his neck from behind during filming the ‘spider monkey’ scenes.

 Many nights, she would doze off, leaning against him with her head resting on his shoulders after a long, tiring day of work. He had been the one; she would call first when she wanted to share something. And, She was there for him too. The once, the pressure got to be too much and he nearly quit.

“It’s alright .You can do this, sweetie. And, If you quit, you know that I’ll follow. You don’t want us to walk out, do you?” she had said, taking his hands into her own.


And on the last evening of filming, He was there in his trailer, pretending to watch a movie while actually, crying over the fact that he wouldn’t be seeing her for weeks. She knocked on his doors after a few moments. He wiped his eyes with his shirtsleeves and let her in, she was teary eyed and puffy. She had been crying too. He opened his arms wide for her and she ran into them, sobbing quietly in his chest. He held her tighter, fresh tears swelling in his eyes again. A single drop escaped and landed on her left shoulder. She looked up at him. She had kissed the tear tracks dry and said, “I’m not worth it” He was about to argue but they were interrupted by another knock on the trailer door. It was Catherine; she came looking for her “Kris dear, Mike is waiting for you in the parking lot. He wants to take you out on dinner. You, better grab a jacket”

Kristen just nodded and shot a miserable glance at him before she left with her….He didn’t want to think about that anymore.


He lit another cigarette, trying to calm his nerves.

He was attempting to recall the laughs they had together for a change….On the very first day of shooting he tried and picked Kristen up from the floor, but had to set her straight on her feet pronto cause he pulled his groin. Although, he was in pain, he kept laughing. He had to get a butt massage before they could start filming later that day. Kristen still teased him about that. “You made me feel like a fu*king gorilla that day”


And the day, they were filming the kissing scene in Bella’s bedroom, he had gotten a little over ardent and the next thing he knew, he was on the floor, Kristen looking down at him from over Bella’s bed with a smug smile on her face.

Also the freezing night when they were shooting the ‘Prom’ scenes, he fell over right in the middle of the set. He smiled to himself. That was night he got to kiss her moist lips for the last time. He recalled with a sigh.


“Kissing the girl, who belonged to me, kissing my Bella……………Not Kristen” He whispered in the dark and sighed.



Chapter 4


“How are you enjoying your weekend, honey?”

“It’s really a nice place mom, you know, with lakes and clear blue sky and shit” I tried to sound excited….the last thing I need right now is mom worrying for me.

“Wow! A lake!” She gasped. “Kris do me a favor and send me some pictures, won’t you?” My mom loves nature.

“Sure mom, I’ll Email them as soon as I take th-” I broke off in mid sentence “Hey, you know what, I’m sending you one now, Wait…” I got up from the stone stairs, turned around and took a few steps forward. I forced a smile on my face and took a picture with my phone. I looked at it, A smiling me, with a crisp golden sky in the background. The image was beautiful; the late afternoon sun provided a soft, deep golden light that got assorted with my skin and gave me a strange glow. Good. This should be able to conceal the evidence of my recent sleepless nights that was prominent on my face. I took a deep breath and hit send.

I put the phone back on my ear again.

“Did you get it?”

“Yes dear, great view…..” She paused “… “Umm…Kris?”

Fuck! I was very familiar with that tone… “Kris, anything bothering you, honey? Is everything alright?”


I wanted to scream.Nothing is alright, Mom! Not a goddamn thing! My right hand is the only sane part of body right now, everything else wants to jump off a fucking cliff!

“No, Everything’s just fine, mom” But my voice shook a little. Crap! Some actress, I am!

“Come on, Kris…you don’t think I know my own daughter? You look miserable, you sound miserable…what’s going on?”


“I don’t know Mom, I wish I did” I sighed. “I am…caught between this…this vice confusion…I don’t know anything anymore, It feels like I don’t even know myself anymore!” I answered slowly, recalling the past couple of days in my head. Mike brought me here so we could spend the weekend away from the craziness and not to mention, there’d be a sick bunch of paps, stalking you everywhere .But, this beautiful villa, where we are staying right now, belongs to Mike’s grandparents. He thought It’d be perfect….and, it would’ve been perfect If only….I was here with someone I actually wanted to be with.

“Aww…honey, what can I do? How can I help?” she asked fervently.

 “I knew this would happen, and so did you, if I may say so”

“But, you stuck to your decision. I believe you have some new things to consider now, Kris. Honey, you’re not that girl that you used to be a year ago, things changed, and you have to take those things into account too when you make a decision this time because those are the things that completed you, made you who you are right now. Kristen, Rob is a part of your life now, and you, his. You can’t just came back and hope that everything would work exactly as before, Honey”

“Mom…I think, I should end things with mike, but I really don’t want to hurt him”

“He’s always been there for me… “Kristen?” Mike’s voice tuned in from behind.

“Hey babe, I’ve been looking all over for you” he kissed me on the cheek and sat beside me.

“Mom… I…” I tried uttering something, anything…but my mother cut me off 

“Kris, Its time, honey. Its time” “And remember, no matter what you decide, Its gonna be fine”

“I love you, mom. I’ll call you later” I was preparing disconnect. However, Mike tugged at my other hand “Tell Jules, I said Hi”

“Mom, Mike says Hi” I could hear my mother sigh and mutter something that sounded like ‘Poor kid’. I cut the line then. I looked at him; he was totally oblivious to any kind of tension that hovered like galloping black clouds in the atmosphere. How on earth am I going to break up with him! Fuck my life!


But I cant put it off any longer. Coming here with Mike this weekend was a huge mistake. Then again, this weekend has made me realize where my priorities really rested. Tomorrow I will go back to Van city; I have some ‘Jacob-Bella’ scenes to film the day after. Oh God! I hoped Taylor’s doing alright, that kid’s been working his butt off lately. Then I have a scene with the whole wolf pack. But they are filming Rob’s scenes separately cause Bella only visualizes him subconsciously and he has to work with the CGI team, standing inside a green box. That means I won’t be seeing him around as much as before. At least not until, we fly to Italy. Fuck my life, twice!!!


“What are you thinking about, baby? You’re lost somewhere, since we got here…”

“I’m fine, I’m just feeling a bit off color,” I blurted out.

Mike took my face in his hands and started to kiss me soothingly, I pulled away after a few seconds with a smile so he doesn’t get his feelings hurt. I knew kissing wasn’t a huge deal but something just didn’t feel right anymore. My lips craved someone else.


Mike looked at me, comfortable and satisfied. My insides gave a twirl. I hate myself! I don’t deserve anyone, I deserve to die…my dark thoughts were disrupted by a gleam of light that caught my eyes. I looked down instinctively; did it come from mikes hand? He was holding something between his fingers…that was throwing a strange synthesis of lights whenever he moved that object…
FUCK NO!!! Tell me Im dreaming…Oh man! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! This cant be happening… It was a fucking ring! KILL ME, NOW!!  Every part of my body screamed in unison.

“Kristen stewart?”

I gasped in horror, as he slid down onto one knee “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you” Mike said with poise. God! stab me now! I was praying, in my mind. I wanted to run and find a gun and shoot myself before I have to…

“Will you marry me?”

 “No, Mike. I can’t” I spoke quietly but every single word came out with an apparent ring to them.

I tried not to look him in the eyes. Nevertheless, I could tell, he was shocked beyond the deepest and darkest corner of hell.

“Why?” he asked, his voice calm. ‘I thought you said, you didn’t have any feelings for Robert pattinson’

“Why did you lie to me, Kris?” he asked as he slid the ring back in his pocket.

I had been lying to myself, Mike. I am in love with him” I said clearly, tears clouding my “vision.

“And, there’s nothing that can change it now” I looked at him. He eyes were locked on the setting sun. Twilight.

“Kris, just…” he was struggling to find words “leave me, now….just, go away” he finished with a sigh.

“I’m sorry, Mike” I turned and half-ran towards the villa. 



*          *         *           *              *            *               *          *          *           *          *

Chapter 5+6



“Miss stewart ?” The guy at reception dropped his book as he got up and reached for my keys. I could tell, he was dazed by seeing me here now, I was not suppose to be in  Vancouver till tomorrow noon, and my puffy eyes weren’t helping me much either.

 I don’t know how I got here… All I remember is garbing my cloths and shoving them in my bag pack. I drove for four and a half hours…It’s one thirty in the morning. I was dead on my feet. I took the keys from him, thanking.

I got into the elevator and hit third floor although, my room was on the second. My brain cells were screaming ‘what the fuck do you think you are doing? He is probably sleeping, you idiot!’

‘So? Its his fucking fault! He did this to me! He made it fucking Impossible for me to be without him’ I almost slammed into his door. I took in a deep breath, trying to calm myself…..

I touched the dark burnished wooden door, ran my hand across the smooth surface. I wanted to knock but I just couldn’t find it in me to face him right at that moment. And my mind was badgering me with too many excruciating questions.  

What if he doesn’t want me anymore? What will happen if he just tells me to fuck-off? What if it was just a little crush and he’d gotten over it by now? What if he doesn’t say what I want so desperately to hear right now…I didn’t want to think anymore. I turned around and stood there, my back leaning against the door.



‘I don’t know what to expect! No one can predict something as twisted as this situation I’m in right now. Two concurrent moments in one’s life are never the precise. They alter. One moment’s certainty shatters into a thousand pieces at the beginning of another. In our eye, the obvious things, do not always linger. This minute, they are here and in the next one, they are gone.


But people change more rapidly than anything else in this world. We rot after we die but we adjust every minute, while we breathe. We change with and without a reason. We change in mornings and afternoons. We change all the time. And there is an apparent possibility that Rob won’t take me back after all the things I’d done to him…NO! NO! He can’t… He won’t…


I could not feel my legs anymore. I knees gave out and I slid down, my back still leaning against the dark wood. It felt like I’ll never be able to stand upright again.

It was only then that I realize I was shaking, shaking hard. I put my head between my knees, loud sobs coming from my chest. I was vibrating so badly that sitting still felt like an impossible feat. I rested my head against the cold wood, the whole corridor seemed to wobble and blur in my eyes. It was deserted but anyone could walk in on me any sec and I seriously didn’t want to be the cover of every magazine tomorrow. But, I couldn’t  care less about that right now…I started to cry again. The tears welled up and then gushed despondently down my cheeks with each sob…All this time, I made him suffer, I made him suffer shoddily. He’s always a gentleman and I … I’ve been the monster. The selfish, insufferable monster who ruined everything and hurt everyone.

 All I did was to take, soak up his love. I hurt him. The first couple of weeks while filming New moon, he had been miserable. He didn’t hang out much, even with the rest of the cast. He was always back inside his trailer the moment that the director called ‘Cut’. He would vanish with Sam over the weekends and then come back with the same painful look in his eyes.

 And I was the reason behind his pain. Me… I have been the culprit.



I closed my eyes “Why am I here, now?” I sobbed, questioning myself. It felt suffocating…suddenly many things happened at once. Someone opened the door, I felt a curious sensation like falling backwards into nothingness and then two strong hands caught me from behind before my the back of my head hit the floor.


“Kristen?” Robs stunned voice rang in my ear. I opened my eyes to see his beautiful grey eyes looking down at me.

“Kristen wha…” he was trying to say something but my hand moved of its own volition. It reached out for him, ignoring every argument I’d had with myself for almost a year. I said his name. Those eyes turned to look at me. But what was that look in his eyes? Was it  pain? I couldn’t bring myself to think about it anymore. . . He understood, He took my hand and kissed it, scooping me up in his arms. He carried me inside, set me down on his bed and went back to get my bag pack from the corridor. Once he was back, he locked the door and his arms were around me again, his warm hand stroked against my hair. I felt contented at his touch.


“How are you feeling?” He murmured, his voice anxious.

“ Rob, I…” I couldn’t finish, tear continued to ooze from the corners of my eyes. He pulled my face against his chest, his lips pressed against my hair while I sobbed into his chest, ruining his shirt.

“ Shh, Sweetheart, shh” He whispered as he used his free hand to pull my shoes off.


“Im here, Its going to be alright”


Yes, He was there, Just where I needed him to be. I felt grateful that he didn’t ask me any question. He just held me, rubbing my back with gentle pats. Whenever I shuddered, he would hold me tighter and kiss my hair. I took a few deep breaths, trying to calm myself.


“Is there anything I can get you, Kristen? Would you like to eat something?” He asked his voice still anxious.
I grabbed a hand full of his shirtsleeve “No! Just stay with me…don’t leave” I couldn’t believe how desperate I sounded.


He pulled away to look at me, concern overriding his beautiful features.

“I’m not going anywhere” He assured me with a tender kiss on my forehead.

“Don’t you wanna know why I fell inside when you opened the door in the middle of the night?”

“Well, I felt like I heard someone outside my door but didn’t bother at first, but a few minutes later I heard you cry and came out to….” He said under his breath “And here you are” His warm fingers soothing against my cheek.

“Rob, I ended things with Mike yesterday,” I whispered.

“I kinda guessed that much” He said, his eyes not meeting mine “You don’t have to talk about it now, Kris”

“I want to. He proposed to me and I said no” His eyes turned to look at me.

“I just couldn’t imagine a future where you’re not a part of my life” I took a deep breath.


 “I am in love with you and I want you to love me back,” I told him but it sounded more like begging.

“I think, that can be arranged” he smiled peacefully as he took my face in his hands

“I love you, too sweetheart of course, I do” His mouth was on mine then. I kissed him back as I’d never done before. He pulled me closer, as the kiss intensified. We kissed until it left us breathless. He pulled away to rest his forehead against mine.

“I love you, Kristen. You belong to me” He whispered, his voice rough but pleased.

Come find yourself in my eyes_chapter 1


‘Kristen, you belong with me, I love you’ He whispered under his breath but every word was distinct in my ears. His voice had been rough but pleased in a way.

I couldn’t say anything. I just held onto him. He understood, he tightened his arms around me, kissing my hair.

I buried my face in his chest, inhaling his sweet musky smell. I wanted to stay there forever and never leave the comfort that his arms provided.

‘Kris, look at me, love’ he whispered again, his voice a bit strained this time.

I looked up, both of my hands still wrapped around his waist.

He looked down at me ‘Did anyone see you come here?’

‘No, Just the guy at the reception,’ I took the keys out of my jeans pocket and shook the chain before his eyes. He held out one hand, palm up. ‘But, he thinks I’m in my room’ I smiled meekly, dropping the keys there.

He checked the gold numbers engraved on the shiny black key chain.

“211? You’re in second floor?” Way to state the obvious, Rob, I thought, not registering what he was getting at……… Then I gasped, understanding. Reality hit me like a  planecrash the head.

‘What time is it?’ I looked around his room for a clock. I so completely lost track of time.  I’ve never been in here before, My subconscious mind kinda noticed that his room was bigger and better than the rest of the cast’s. Everything was pale, different shades of white and cream… ‘It’s almost 4:30 in the morning’ he answered, flipping his phone open.

‘I need to go, don’t I?’ I wasn’t sure if asked him or myself. Why does everything need to be so fucking complicated!

‘Yes, Sweetheart’ he said without meeting my gaze but, his voice gave him away. I took his face in my hands gently, It made him look at me, he had that pained look in his eyes again. My insides twisted as I saw the most beautiful eyes in the world, agony overriding everything else in them. I could fathom that anguish easily; In fact, the same thoughts were making me numb at the moment…staying away from each-other! No! I cant, anymore! I just got him……I hugged him even tighter.

 He whispered in my ear ‘I’m here love, And I will  be here, come find me whenever you need me’ he caressed my face. I liked the Idea of him being there for me. I took in a deep breath; I needed to supply more oxygen to my brain. He kissed me on my forehead once more and slid down from the huge snowy bed. I watched him silently as he ducked to get my shoes from under the bed and held them out for me. As I slipped my feet in, his hands were on my feet again

“Here, let me do it” he said, his long fingers already working on my shoelaces.

“You don’t have to do that, you know” I blushed “I’m not a fucking princess”

He smiled my favorite crooked smile “You are my Princess…And you won’t need a prince riding horses, when you have a vampire with a Volvo” He joked.

“No, you are much, much more beautiful than a prince could ever be” I said, smiling for the first time in what seemed like eons.


“A prince would look like an ogre next to you; you are just so breathtakingly………They should name a gender after you or something” I said.

 “Looking at you doesn’t do it, Staring is the only way that makes any sense…and trying not to blink so you don’t miss anything…And, all of that …and you are YOU” everything came out my mouth like word-vomit, A really embarrassing one.

“That didn’t make any sense, did it?” I knew I had to be blushing like a fucking tomato by now.

“No,” he grinned, “But, I get the idea” He was impressed.

 Fuck! I totally sounded like a Fangirl, I closed my eyes in embarrassment.

I felt his warm palm press against my left cheek, I put my hand over his and turned my face to kiss his palm.

I stood up, so did he. Our fingers still entwined. We walked over to the big cream leather couch, where he’d dumped my bag pack.

I picked it up and let go of his hand. He didn’t disallow.

“I’ll see you at breakfast,” I whispered as I opened the door, just could say ‘Bye’ to him.

I stepped into the bizarrely proverbial corridor where I’d spent almost 2 hours earlier.

‘I sure hope no one finds out about this’ I muttered to myself. I’d just taken less than 6 steps when a hand grabbed mine from behind. I turned and just caught a glimpse of intense grey before I was blinded by the force of his approach. His lips crushed mine and took me somewhere else; somewhere beautiful…My bagpack slid down my shoulders and hit the carpeted ground with a light thud, as I wrapped my arms around his neck wanting to bond with him. We kissed impatiently, straining to devour each other’s lips. If someone should come and witness us like this, both of our careers will be in jeopardy. But I just couldn’t bring myself to give a damn about that right now, and neither did he, judging by the demeanor of his lips moving with mine. I wanted that moment to last forever. He was one to draw back first only to whisper in my ear “I forgot to tell you that, I love you”

God! How can any one not love him! “I think, you just made it up to me. But…”



His name sounded in my head, never quite reaching my tongue because as I tried to speak he kissed me again. This time his kiss was a softer, gentler touch, a butterfly wing stroke of his lips on mine with a delicacy that tore at my heart, drawing out my soul and making me sigh my response straight into his caressing mouth. Just one kiss and he drew back again…taking my hands in his own “When you let go of me in my room, I felt a part of my soul leave with you, I wanted kiss that part goodbye before I let you take it away forever”

“I love you, too…with all my heart and that’s all I can think of saying to you right now” I said as his beautiful gray eyes searched mine to fathom the intensity of my answer.

“Your eyes never lie, do they?” his voice satisfied, by some newly discovered truth in them.

“ Not even when you thought you weren’t in love with me, you eyes always gave you out…the way you looked at me, there was so much… that kept me alive, even after dying a thousand deaths everyday. I love you, Kristen. You don’t know just how long I’ve loved you, how long I waited for you…” he kissed my hair.

“And, as much as I want to stay with you out here forever, you really should go and sneak back into your own room before we both get fired”

“I’d like to see them try and find a new Edward cullen without getting murdered by fangirls and twilight moms” I couldn’t help myself from laughing quietly at that thought.


“I’ll see you after a while,” He promised.


“Oh and about your soul… It will be safe inside me; I promise to take care of it forever”

 “Sweetheart, you should really leave while I’m still able to let you” he groaned as he handed me my bagpack… “I love you”




“Kris! Hello! earth to Kristen Stewart!!!”  Taylor was a waving his hands in front of my eyes.

“What is it?” I was a bit annoyed at him for disrupting my train of thought. I was going through my memories from the best day of my life.

“The Birthday boy is here to pick you up” he said, his voice amused.

Its 13 May, Robs Birthday. “Oh  I’m sorry, Taylor I was just…”

“Thinking about him? yeah,I know” He grinned.

“Shut it, shorty” I smacked the back of his head.

“Ouch! That hurt! And 1st of all, I’m only sixteen, let me grow first! and 2nd of all, look who’s talking!” We both laughed out loud.

“You ain’t coming?” I asked him as I shrugged into my jacket.

“No, Um… I  kinda have a date tonight” he blushed.

“Really? Awww… I want every detail when I get back” I smiled.

“You wish!” He grinned.

“Anyway, Have a blast tonight”

“You, too” I wished him good night and turned to go and find him….



Chapter 2



“Sam?” I tried to yell with a cigarette between my lips, He was in the other room.

“Yes?” he answered as he poked his head inside.

“Do you have a lighter or something I can borrow?” I asked as I tossed the empty matchbox out through the wide-open window of his apartment. I was actually hiding out in Sam’s place. My Mum was driving me crazy. My parents flew in from London to celebrate my 23rd birthday. I looked around the couch I was lounging on; the small room was smoky from all the cigarettes Sam and I just finished. My mother would have had a heart failure by now if I did this in my hotel, where they are staying right now.


“Robert, look at you… why do you look like a homeless person right now? Look at your hair! And when was the last time you washed this shirt? Its disgusting!” She had shrieked as she tugged at my shirt. My mother had walked in my hotel room this afternoon and started eyeing me from head to toe as soon as she was done hugging me for last six months worth.

“My lord Robert! Were you hallucinating when buttoned your shirt?” she looked like her eyes were about to fall off as she undid the rest of misplaced  buttons to do them properly.

“Yes Mum, I love you too” I had said, embarrassed.


 I was chuckling absentmindedly; recalling my afternoon with my parents when I heard Sam cry, “Catch!” Before my brain could register what he was talking about, something silver came flying into my sight and hit me just an inch above my left eye.


“Ouch! Damn it! Sam, are you trying make me go blind? Why the hell are you throwing things at me? I cursed at him, rubbing the place where the lighter had hit me. That is definitely going to leave a bruise.

“Sorry, man” Sam walked over to examine my forehead with a beer in his hand. I glared at him.

“Hey! In my defense, that was a pretty decent throw…you should have caught it,” he smirked.

“I had no idea you were throwing it! You could have warned me.” I was annoyed. Great! Now he’s having a go on my catching skills.

 “Stop whining man! I said I was sorry,” he said as he handed me another beer and made room for himself beside me.

“Why is our birthday boy so grumpy this evening?” he asked as he mock punched me in the shoulder.

“You wouldn’t be all ‘sunshine and rainbows’ after you’ve had to work your ass off for 12 hours and come back to find your mum waiting to harass you” I grumbled as Sam laughed.

“She found your wardrobe, huh?”

“Need I tell more? There is this one shirt she found under my bed, I think she is burning it right now, as we speak” Sam had tears in his eyes from laughing.


“Where is Kristen?” he asked offhandedly.

“Still filming, she has some final shots with Taylor and Ashley. She called me this morning, told me to pick her up at eight” I sighed “I haven’t seen her in last four days…I miss her like mad”

“Wait, I’m confused… I thought you said, you were on set today,” Sam asked, putting down the empty beer bottle.

“I was working with the second unit today while she and others were off filming in a different location”

“I was stuck with the CGI team, been inside and the green box all day. She did text me when she got back but I was too exhausted and decided to go back to the hotel,” I told him, regretting that decision as each throbbing minute I had to live without seeing her beautiful face, passed on.

“And, the last four days?” he asked, a look of concern crossed his face.

“I just got back from LA last night, had a meeting with Allen Coulter in Venice, CA recording studio”

“Who’s that?” Sam asked as he lit another cigarette.

“He is directing my next project, we’ll start filming in NY next month” I sighed. Another too painful blow hit me in the guts as I considered living without Kristen for eight long weeks while she’ll be filming in LA and I, in New York.

“You get to play Pierce Brosnan’s son in that one, right?” Sam grinned, “I fucking love him”

I am the main character in that movie so technically, he gets to play my dad” I joked as he rolled his eyes.

“Did you even watch the entire James Bond mo…..” Sam broke off in mid sentence as my phone buzzed. I quickly flipped it open, expecting Kristen. However, I was my sister; she called to wish me a happy birthday.

I sulked again as I checked the time on my phone. I cant take it anymore. I recalled the last time I saw her.We were at the new moon wrap and Eclipse kick off party….



“I love you,” she whispered in my ear.

“I love you, too,” I said as I gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

She sat there, huddled beside me. We smoked on the patio while others were enjoying the party inside. Ashley and Charlie came out a few times to drag us inside but Kristen said, “Ash, he’s got a flight to LA in 3 hours, I don’t want to spend a second of that limited time away from him”

Ashley shook his head and smiled “You do know; there is a guy hiding behind that tree over there with a camera, right?” she pointed her head in that direction.


I wanted to get up, find him and bash his brains out. However, Kristen said “Let them have a blast Ash, I don’t care, I’d already gotten a lecture from summit for changing hotels last night. I mean what more could possibly go wrong, if a few pictures of us sitting together do come out tomorrow?”

“And Rob will be gone by morning anyway; I bet they’ll shed a few tears of joy” Ashley smiled considerately and left us there.

 I looked down at this beautiful girl; she’s been constantly taking risks for me. Summit had put us in different hotels but last night she switched her hotel to where I was staying.

When I asked her why she did it, she had said, “We don’t get to shoot together till Italy and catching just a glimpse of you walking by, while I’m stuck with the wolf pack across the set, is most certainly not enough for me” she’d pouted her lips before I kissed them.


“Kristen love, I think we should get inside” I said as I tried to spot the pap Ashley was talking about.

“No, let’s stay here” she tightened her grip around my hand. “But, yo……..”

“Shh…” she hushed me. “Look at me, look into my eyes…” she demanded.

I looked into those beautiful green eyes…….

“What do you see? Can you see that, I love you more than anything in my life? Can you see that my, heart is trying to jump out of my chest cause I wont be able to see you till Wednesday?” her voice broke in the end.

It broke my heart and sent the pieces flying…I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her right there, I wanted to show her what she meant  to me…But all I could do was to give her hand a little squeeze carefully so that the pap couldn’t see and offer her an apology.

I truly hated my life right now.

“Kristen, you are my life now. I…” I broke off in mid sentence as Charlie and Jamie along with some other people came bustling through the door.

“There you are, man!” “Everyone’s asking for you, What are doing out here?” “Come on, lets get you inside, It’s kinda chilly out here, Isn’t it?” Jamie said as he helped Kristen to her feet. I was about to refuse but Kristen just stalked off without even looking at me. Fuck my life!


It took me a whole hour to get her alone later that night. We walked out the main exit. There was a limo waiting there, a man wearing a ten-gallon hat held out the door for us…all the flashes of cameras and the screaming was numbing my senses. Kristen got into the limo first, I followed.  As we sat across from each other, our legs met in a proverbial connected position. On the other hand, the flashbulbs continued to light up the car’s interiors instead of being blocked by a shut door, I turned my head and asked the driver who was still holding the door open, “Are we in the right vehicle?” I was confused.


The bulbs continued to flash, I began to realize that something was wrong, cause people kept looking at our feet rather than our faces. I looked down and found out the compromising position we were in, and I made a move to untangle my feet legs from hers. But she increased the pressure even more and clamped my feet between hers tightly.



I turned throw a questioning look at her and found her staring at me intensely; she had a half-crazed look on her face that tugged at my heart. Poor girl

I stopped fidgeting and sat still as the driver motioned to shut the door. I saw her gaze leave mine as turned to smile at the camera’s direction. I thought, she’d finally lost her mind.


“What was that all about?” I glared at her but she just smirked.

“I just showed them what they wanted to see” she whispered as she bent over to kiss me…


“Umm…Rob?” Sam’s voice floated in from what seemed like miles away.


“You really miss her a lot, don’t you?” he smiled “Well, lucky for you lover boy…Its almost 7:30, Go get her Tiger”





                    *         *            *           *          *          *        *       *


I was waiting for her, leaning against the Black SUV. My parents were sitting inside chatting away with Ashley.

I could not take it anymore. I was about to go and find her myself when I saw her… my feet moved spontaneously. I caught her half way; she slammed into my chest contentedly.

She planted a quick kiss on my neck as hugged me.

“Happy birthday”

“Thank you” I smiled down at her. “It feels so good to have you in my arms again, even if for a minute” I sighed in satisfaction.

“I’ve been sulking around all fucking week, I thought I was dying….. I missed you like hell, Robert pattinson” She whispered as she detangled her arms form my waist. I led her to the car and found Jamie bower already squeezed beside Ashley in the back seats. Kristen made room beside my mum as I got shotgun.


Just as we turned the corner, at least a hundred a flashbulbs went off on us at the same time. I had to cover my eyes with both hands. Since I was up front, got the full impact of  the blinding lights.

“Oh my…! Is it always this crazy?” My mother gasped in horror.

I laughed to myself  “Mum, Dad , Welcome to my life…..”


To be continued……….


Fanfic by _Sabrina (RobstenWish)

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