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50 days to go till New Moon

October 2, 2009
Hey my count might be a little bit off   But we are rounding 50 days to go till New moon! who is excited ?
I know, I am ! Can you believe 100 days to go was the TCA’s and now we are here !
we’re in the final stretch now so enjoy this last little bit of the ride!
 I can’t wait to see it I know that it will be just effing amazing but im not trying to bring anyone down or anything but Im like gonna miss this when it comes out …I  have been a twilighter for a whole year and in this year, I made new friends and reached out and talked and made contact with all theses ppl that I would have never known if it weren’t for twilight so it is just gonna be like a big deal, so in this year of waiting and getting ready for the movie…. we all have come to get here and found something to do with our time,put all of our twilight love to good use.
So any way,I took the long way around to say  50 days to go and what are your big plans for the day?
 Tell us in the comments section 😀
And, This vid the song is not on the soundtrack but I loved it from the summer time and thought that it should have been so…There you go…Enjoy 😀
Video courtesy: dazzledbyEC
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