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Robten sighted at Bobby long concert last night

September 8, 2009
Manip done by Ellashy

Manip done by Ellashy

From Malicious Mandy:

Rob, Kristen (both in ball caps) stayed mostly in back room watching from doorway. Kristen mostly sitting and Rob leaning in the doorway.

Noone bothered them or snapped their photo or invaded their privacy. I actually walked by them a few times to go outside for air or to the bathroom and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Nikki and Paris were inthe same area as Rob and Kristen but came out once to the dance floor.

Near the end a few crowded outside and two taxi’s pulled up.

They backed into lot close to back door.

Papz lined up. Fans crowded around.

Door opened and out came the crew…. it happened so fast I was in a daze…

Nikki, Paris, Liz hopped into furthest cab apparently, I wasn’t really paying attention because the cab in front of me had doors open.

Rob, Kristen and her manager hopped into that closest cab.

Manager in front seat.

Rob on right side and Kristen on left. Both crouched, covering faces, ball caps on.

I was shoved and someone stepped on my toe – it was chaos.

Lot’s of flashes, I’d guess 8 paparazzi but I can’t even be sure.

Lot’s of fans though…. one paparazzi was cursing all the fans cameras and flashes LOL “you guys and all these cameras”

BAHAHHAHAH – from a paprazzi this is amusing!

One girl (who I have seen around frequently, she dates one of the autograph hounds… and gets autographs herself) shouted that Kristen was a bitch!

I was so shocked!

She was at the back of the cab I was by the side door (Rob’s door 😉 tee hee) so I didn’t see what happened exactly after that but I guess some fans pushed or hit her ? all I know is i heard her then say she would “punch you out” or something… LOL no clue…

Then the cabs pulled out… the papz ran and chased after.

It was over.

You can read her whole account HERE.
Im really sorry guys, But I wont be posting those pictures on my blog. I feel guilty for even looking at them. Those paps made Robsten UPSET! They didn’t want to be photographed 😦
If  you want to see them then please visit
I know Im gonna lose viewers for this but I run this blog because I love Robsten. And I want them to be happy.
I hope you guys understand 😀
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  1. Annabelle permalink
    September 8, 2009 4:30 pm

    I would never leave this site just because you didn’t post the pictures! I think that you made a very good choice, and I’m proud to be one of your readers. I totally understand the guilt too. I always feel bad for looking at pics of any of the twilight gang, because I know that they were probably taken by dickwad paps. Thanks for being so considerate of the stars.:)

  2. sKel permalink
    September 8, 2009 6:24 pm

    100% agree with you.
    All we want is to know that Rob and Kristen are happy.
    Photos or no photos, it doesn’t matter.

  3. Ellashy permalink
    November 5, 2009 10:31 pm

    Hey Just letting you know, that manip was not done by me, so whoever did make it
    please dont be pissed at me.

    • November 6, 2009 1:31 am

      Sorry! I found it on your site,thought u made it. And Im not pissed.It looks kida cool 🙂

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