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That little Robsten thing we all need to hear about

August 16, 2009

That little Robsten thing we all need to hear about…


 i R0b & kris


This past weekend was a weekend of craziness for Robsten Fans all over the world. I personally know some people who even celebrated (Including me of course;p)

And why wouldn’t they?

Not a hell of a lot of Robsten for like three whole months and then suddenly out of nowhere Rob and Kristen got caught all over L.A with their lunch dates with friends, sneaking out through  back doors after concerts and rushing into cabs together and  multiple sleepovers at the same hotel.

Why, you ask?


Well, Its not that hard to figure out, Is it?

 Finally, I can proudly say that they are dating. Yes,deniers I said DATING. If you still think that Robsten is not for real then prove that they are not. Robsten is SO on. And this past weekend was just a trailer of what is coming next.

How can I be so sure?


Well….As we all know, Rob and Kristen were apart from each other, busy filming their respective projects. And all this time they didn’t get a chance to spend time together (If you don’t count the alleged visits Rob paid to Kristen in L.A over  weekends J)

And also I cant just Ignore the fact that Kristen decided to accompany Rob instead of spending time with her family after  long months of separation. This clearly proves that they are in a relationship which is obviously NOT just friendship. They’d rather spend time together than doing anything else apart.


You ask why they don’t just come out and confirm their relationship?


I’ll give you just one word “Summit Entertainment”.

They tried everything to keep Robsten from dating….Including their very recent and pathetic attempt during Comic-con 2009 (You think you can stop Robsten just by putting Taylor in between them? Yeah, keep on trying Summit)


And also…..

You really don’t want to go public about your lovelife when paparazzi are stalking you everywhere they can and not to mention Robsten is a constant on every celebrity gossip sites and mags where total crap about them is always available ( Rob breaking up with  KStew and  having an affair  with  his RM co-star Emily and Kristen getting pregnant)

The pressure is too much!




“I can’t say, because that would be breaking my promise to [husband Peter Facinelli], but I know who he[Robert Pattinson] is dating!” Garth said at TJ Maxx’s Save the Children event in NYC.( I don’t think I need to state the obvious here)

By this we can assume that most of the cast are in on the secret for a while now.

And also Twilight director Catherine Hardwick kinda confirmed Robsten  at  Ted.C’s the other day.



What can we do?


Just sit back and relax…..And do as Edward would say “let the chips fall where ever

They may” J



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