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Taylor + Kristen= As if!

August 16, 2009

There are better chances of Edward turning into a Werewolf ……..

before Taysten happens!




I don’t know exactly how much summit pays some certain gossip mags and sites to write crap,but this is getting absolutely ridiculous!!

Apparently, Rumor has it that K&T are the new Twilight couple.    

OH! Please! Taylor and Kristen!!!! Even thinking about it is making me feel nauseated (Now I realize how poor Seth felt when Jacob kissed Bella ;p)

Summit must think we are stupid but we are no brainless Newborns.


As we all know Kristen is obviously hanging out with Taylor (especially in front of the flash) because her and Rob want to keep their relationship under the wraps.And not to mention the fact that Robsten probably had to endure a lecture from summit after their recent activities during the crazy Robsten weekend.


Give the poor girl a brake…

Just think how embarrassing it is for the Twilight saga’s leading lady…people, at least  try and link her up with some one who is not younger then her   


And what did Taylor ever do to you


In the recent pictures of Twilight cast outings, Taylor is the man…sorry! Kid who’s in focus with Kristen Stewart because he is the leading male in “New moon” but It is CLEAR that Tay is not in love with Kristen.The relation they have is warm and close FRIENDSHIP. Nothing else,people!

As Kristen, herself claimed the bond between her and Taylor as “Lamely cute”


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